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Masala Poha/Flattened Thin Rice

This recipe is very quick and easy to make! It can be eaten as a snack or  for breakfast. It is extremely delicious. The combination of the spices and flattened rice with onions, lemon, cabbage and coriander make this snack perfect! 63 more words


Poha (Maharashtrian style)

Pohe/Poha/Flattened rice is the quintessential breakfast and snack dish in any Maharashtrian household. It is very healthy, and a great comfort food. It is served with freshly grated coconut and lemon wedges. 510 more words


Sweet Aval/Poha Breakfast - Refreshing Mornings!

Sweet Aval/Poha Recipe: This is one of those easy to make recipes with very few ingredients and requires no cooking at all. When I know for sure that my lunch is going to be heavy, I try to balance it with a lighter morning. 226 more words


Veg Muffins

What should I make for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner?That’s the biggest question I guess most of us women encounter daily. Then be it, it’s for any meal of the day. 438 more words


Delicious Snow Flakes!

Flattened rice is an easily digestible form of raw rice and is popular across India. These flakes of rice swell when added to liquid, whether hot or cold, as they absorb water. 23 more words


Chura Poha (Flattened rice with green peas)

I had heard about this recipe from a friend cum colleague. It’s a regional dish of “Varanasi”, a city in northern part of country, also known as the spiritual capital of India. 285 more words


Kanda Batata Poha/Flattened Rice with Onions & Potatoes

Poha is a popular snack which originated from Maharashtra & Madhya Pradesh, has now become famous across India. It is perfect as a breakfast or snacks and taste even much better with a hot cup of tea or coffee. 294 more words