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Kolache Poha | Flattened Rice with Coconut, Tamarind and Jaggery

Poha/Pohe, a glorious food made by steaming and rolling rice. It is very popular in Sth India, Maharashtria and Konkan regions of India. It also forms the basis of great snacks for those times when you just need to graze on something rather than have a full  meal. 299 more words


Flattened Rice With Extra toppings

Today is Makar Sankranti and it has been a tradition to eat flattened rice with curd. So here is what I did extra to make my platter more appealing. 88 more words


Vegan "Burger" Patties

I am sometimes disappointed with made from scratch vegan patty recipes. It seems they often either lack flavor or have an imbalance of flavors (too much of one herb or another), and they tend to be either too mushy or they fall apart during preparation. 219 more words


Atukulu dosa or Spongy dosa

Here comes my second post as a part of the Attulu (Crepe) fest!

Last weekend, I tried this super spongy dosa which literally melts in the mouth. 316 more words

Easy cooking ideas for Singles # 11- Poha or Seasoned Flattened Rice

Easy cooking ideas for Singles # 11- Poha or Seasoned Flattened Rice

Today’s easy cooking idea for singles is very popular all over India. It is a simple, easy to make and light on the tummy and weighing scale, dish.  505 more words


Winter Squash Patties & Mixed Greens

My stinging nettle patch, which died back this summer, is getting its second wind. I cooked some along with Swiss chard and beet greens from the garden. 90 more words


Naachni(Finger millet) Ladu

Forgot all about these ladus I prepared last week. Minimal resources of naachni/raagi/finger millet, ghee, jaggery, flattened rice, nuts and cardamom packed into these spheres. These will be a part of our breakfast for a couple of weeks. 183 more words