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My Favourite Decorations: BLOGNY 2016

As we all know, I love my flat.

The fifth negative of flatting with your friends is ringing really true right now: I miss them!! I am super excited (and honestly relieved) to announce we are doing a second year of flatting together. 943 more words


Making a home

Being a young adult who is also a student means that money isn’t something that can be spent without careful thought (at least for me anyway). 497 more words


That time I burnt the house down

They say when you turn 21 you have reached adulthood, ready to be given the key to a future full of opportunity. I celebrated my coming of age by inviting friends and family to a party, as you do. 850 more words

What I Have Learnt from Flatting

If you are confused by the title and more specifically the word ‘Flatting’, that is probably because you do not live in New Zealand. ‘Flatting’ is the New Zealand equivalent to living with roommates, housemates, etc. 767 more words


All About Me... Lottie's World

Strangely enough… this is not the first time I have ever written a blog. When I was in Year 12 at school, my “progressive” Media Studies teacher required we all do our homework on a blog. 673 more words

Don’t become the flat mum

Living in a grungy flat is bad enough, but being the flat mum is no one’s cup of tea.

This is what Kathleen Roberts, 20, discovered when she left her family home in Dinsdale for the first time to go flatting and start studying in 2014. 288 more words


Which Home is Where the Heart is?

Hello amigos,

If you read the title and thought, *eye roll* “not another broken home post pondering which parent’s house you should hang your favourite One Direction posters at then you will be happy to retract your eye roll because this isn’t it. 671 more words