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530. Shared accommodation

Claudia and her three friends all shared accommodation in a rickety old house that they rented for a song. They were students. Claudia attended the Nanny School. 131 more words


Living the Student Life: Tips

Despite the fact that I’m nearly starting my third year of university, it wasn’t until a few months ago that I was able to experience the ‘real’ student life… 1,444 more words


there are three t's in FrTTaTa

m hazey. M A to the Hizzal.

last night I cooked my first flat dinner. It was a FREE ta taaa.

I didn’t cook it in it a saucepan. 161 more words


Leaving Home

Moving out of my well-meaning but over-bearing parents’ home was always something I’d dreamt of. My fantasy was simple. No screaming matches over the standard of my room’s cleanliness, no black and white morals shoved down my throat, and a life where I made my own rules. 971 more words


Writing a Letter to 18 Year Old Me

Dear 18 year old me,

Here is some things I want you to know before you embark on your first year of university.

The main difference between high school and university is anonymity. 347 more words


So about that updating once a week thing...hehe ;)

Hey guys, so I’m really really not sticking to my updating once a week schedule am I…hehehe. Oh well right! No one reads this blog anyway so I don’t see why it matters :P But anyway guys, I’ve still been pretty busy, I need to start applying for jobs again at some point now that we’re past new years…I should be able to find something to give me more than 7 hours a week, because the money that I’m currently getting just isn’t enough to get by every week…not when I think about all the things I’m wanting to get….LIST TIME! 388 more words

Stay Sun Smart!

Hey Everyone :)

So today was a much better day for me. I got to go into town with Mum which was really good because it meant getting out of the house. 425 more words