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Which Home is Where the Heart is?

Hello amigos,

If you read the title and thought, *eye roll* “not another broken home post pondering which parent’s house you should hang your favourite One Direction posters at then you will be happy to retract your eye roll because this isn’t it. 671 more words

falling, flailing, failing, FLATTING

hey guys

I got overwhelmed that I posted two photography posts in a row and then forgot how to speak english. Also I was busy hustling in my real life (to dispel any confusion hustling in the sense that I was writing assignments and applying for jobs rather than making money by illegally selling drugs) 1,544 more words


Flatting: On Living With Your Best Friends

I live in a nice little flat with three of my best friends.

When we first decided to flat together we read countless articles on nightmare situations: bitchiness, pettiness, arguments, best friends turning into these die-hard enemies We were warned by hundreds of anonymous people not to flat together because we would regret it from the start. 869 more words


Just annoying

To my flatmate,

You annoy me. I think you know that by now. You’re just too eager to communicate about everything. Like everything. That’s the way you are and nothing’s wrong with that. 69 more words

The awkward limbo

I have found myself in an awkward limbo. Not of the drunk, bend-over-backwards to fit under a makeshift barĀ (aka a broom being held by two even drunker people) variety. 829 more words


Living Alone- Pros and Cons

I live alone. I love it, but it does have its downfalls. If you are thinking about the living alone vs. having flatmates, then let me fill you in on some things to think about. 876 more words

Househunting Struggles

Since I have been super delayed on all of these posts, I figure it’s time I share the adventure we went through back when we were househunting (even though it feels like FOREVER ago!). 1,065 more words