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Just annoying

To my flatmate,

You annoy me. I think you know that by now. You’re just too eager to communicate about everything. Like everything. That’s the way you are and nothing’s wrong with that. 69 more words

The awkward limbo

I have found myself in an awkward limbo. Not of the drunk, bend-over-backwards to fit under a makeshift bar (aka a broom being held by two even drunker people) variety. 829 more words


Living Alone- Pros and Cons

I live alone. I love it, but it does have its downfalls. If you are thinking about the living alone vs. having flatmates, then let me fill you in on some things to think about. 876 more words

Househunting Struggles

Since I have been super delayed on all of these posts, I figure it’s time I share the adventure we went through back when we were househunting (even though it feels like FOREVER ago!). 1,065 more words

3rd Wheel Flatting

In progressing to my second year of university studies, it is considered a rite of passage to move in to a flat. Harder than you expect. 518 more words

Moving cities meeting a stripper, acting a drunk and losing someone you have a connection with...

This post is going to involve me being my most honest thus far on this blog, if after reading this you choose to judge me, than by all means judge away. 2,488 more words

Why Do I Let Strangers Into My House?

This morning pre-work, I went to Tank to get an All Berry Half Tank[1]. Sitting outside, with what I can only assume was a Tropical Warrior Full Tank, was an old flatmate of mine – circa 2011. 718 more words