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Moving cities meeting a stripper, acting a drunk and losing someone you have a connection with...

This post is going to involve me being my most honest thus far on this blog, if after reading this you choose to judge me, than by all means judge away. 2,488 more words

Why Do I Let Strangers Into My House?

This morning pre-work, I went to Tank to get an All Berry Half Tank[1]. Sitting outside, with what I can only assume was a Tropical Warrior Full Tank, was an old flatmate of mine – circa 2011. 718 more words

What The Fuck Is The Problem With This House (A Memoir. Not Really. It's A List.)

Probably a rant-y post but I thought it was the sort of kinda-funny rant-y post. Read at your own risk. 791 more words


Log entry number 31: I’ve got eggs but they’re going to expire soon so all my meals lately are so different– boiled egg, poached egg, half-boiled egg, sunny-side up egg, scrambled egg, you name it. 86 more words

I Forgot To Categorise This

Week 2 of Meal Planning

We’re almost at the end of the week and I managed to stick to my meal planning again! It’s been working out very well, and I’ve been saving so much money. 353 more words


"Can't Be Fucked" Nachos

Ever have those days when you can’t be fucked? Where the last thing you wanna do after a long day of uni/work/sleeping off your hangover is spend two hours in the kitchen cooking a meal you’re not gonna hate? 368 more words



So manchild is in his own flat now and originally this blog was going to be a kind of diary recipe book which he could refer to when he wanted to know how I cook things. 60 more words