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Are you in search of silverware for rent in Santa Rosa CA? PTErentals has flatware for rent and silverware for rent to  add to you event. 17 more words

Peony Love

You cannot imagine how excited I get over the peonies that fill my garden with their vibrant blooms for a few short weeks this time of year.   227 more words


stuff I want - eating and drinking edition

Julio was digging through our silverware drawer and sort of mumbled ‘we need new forks is what we need..’ and he’s right. If only we could go back in time and re-register for our flatware and dishes. 83 more words

Stuff And Shopping

Silver Plating, An Overview

Microns: Amount of silver deposited on the metal to be plated, thickness. One micron equals one millionth of a meter. The lower the micron the lesser the amount of silver plate. 236 more words


For the Girls

In the last post, I confessed to not being able to leave a dining table top bare, and these azalea filled chicks took over the center.   269 more words


black on black on black

yes all black errything

let me get my checkbook for this david adjaye chair from knoll.. oh wait its like 10k

paint my house black please… 33 more words


My Musings - On Moving

While it is perfectly fine and acceptable to go on and pack up your stainless flatware, for a move, because you know you can use plastic utensils until the big day, it is also equally important, when you buy said plastic utensils, to double check that the box of plastic flatware actually says “Knives, Forks and Spoons”, and not simply “Forks”. 7 more words