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Stik Figa - Flaudgin

Another taste of what I failed to bring you last night, thanks to the Solar management for putting on last weeks show because we flopped. 73 more words

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Stik Figa - Flaudgin (music video)

Take a spin through Topeka, Kansas with Stik Figa in his video for “Flaudgin,” a carefree joyride through the blue-collar Midwest. Back when I was going to school in Kansas-City Missouri, it was a big difference between Kansas-City Kansas and the natives wouldn’t hesitate to tell you that in a heartbeat either! 7 more words

Stik Figa - "Flaudgin" (Official Video)

Topeka, Kansas slang for fronting or posturing.

Solid, humble, honest, and refreshingly down-to-earth rap business.

“I’m chilling in the cut/Can’t spill what’s in my cup/Cuz it’s cranberry-vodka, dawg, for real, it costs too much.”

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