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A Dinner For Nike

One of the things that has been most exciting about my role at Flaunt Magazine is the ability to tell full stories here. For 10 years I’ve been interviewing creatives. 324 more words

Things I Liked

Me x Kobe Bryant x Dear Basketball

Whenever I interview someone who’s incredibly well known and popular, my goal is an obvious one: Find something new out. Most people know this person’s general life story and highlights. 582 more words

Things I Liked

Writing About SZA and Recovering from Ugly Duckling Syndrome

Hey there. Want to read this thing I wrote about connecting to SZA’s music, being a recovering ugly duckling and happily making it to a confident place? 349 more words

Things I Liked

Backstage with Charlie Puth

Here’s one reason why interviewing celebs and people who are interviewed often sometimes sucks: Their guards are especially heightened and they’re used to enduring awful “journalists” who ask mundane, unenthused, or worse, thirsty questions. 214 more words

Things I Liked

We've Seen This Before Before: Kim Kardashian Takes A Cue From Beyonce For Shoot

(SL) – Kim K borrowed Beyonce’s style from her 2013 Flaunt Mag cover for makeup line photoshoot. Past or Present? What say you?