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As You Were

One of the biggest challenges we face as people is the urge to change others. They don’t do things like we do, they don’t fit our mold. 790 more words

The Continuing Relevancy of the Fear of a Black Planet

As I was listening to Public Enemy’s magnum opus (I do believe that is the official Son of Byford stance), I found myself reflecting on how certain songs and prophetic observations made on the album still hold sway in American society today. 1,591 more words

Public Enemy

Bedtime Tales: Groupies Telling Crazy Stories About Sleeping With Celebrities

Groupies Spill The Beans On Celebrity Hook-ups

Who doesn’t like groupie tales? Some people have taken to Reddit to tell tales of their times getting chopped down by celebrities from Lil Wayne to Justin Bieber. 24 more words


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#MoneyMondays "Wesley’s Theory" & Financial Literacy from Kendrick Lamar’s New Album "To Pimp A Butterfly"

When Kendrick drops a track with a weird title and makes it the intro, you always going to wonder if there’s more to the title and the song. 597 more words

Genius Individuals

Oh And Happy Birthday William Jonathan Drayton Jr.

Aka Flavor Flav…remember this one?

There’s Not A Minute To Spare


ConverseχInverse Featuring Kayla Wheeler

ConverseχInverse is the result of Adam Tedesco attempting to interview people he admires, entirely in verse.


What is Truer than My Life can Be 

The truth and I are like not BFFs… 1,105 more words


Flavor Flav is at a Penn State basketball game taking photos with James Franklin

YeeeaaaaahhhhBoooy! #PSUnrivaled #107kStrong @FlavorFlav pic.twitter.com/FwLtkIUJh4

— James Franklin (@coachjfranklin) January 17, 2015

55-year-old musician, reality TV star and wearer-of-clocks Flavor Flav showed up on ESPN at the Purdue-Penn State game in State College Saturday.

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