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Oh And Happy Birthday William Jonathan Drayton Jr.

Aka Flavor Flav…remember this one?

There’s Not A Minute To Spare


ConverseχInverse Featuring Kayla Wheeler

ConverseχInverse is the result of Adam Tedesco attempting to interview people he admires, entirely in verse.


What is Truer than My Life can Be 

The truth and I are like not BFFs… 1,105 more words


Flavor Flav is at a Penn State basketball game taking photos with James Franklin

YeeeaaaaahhhhBoooy! #PSUnrivaled #107kStrong @FlavorFlav pic.twitter.com/FwLtkIUJh4

— James Franklin (@coachjfranklin) January 17, 2015

55-year-old musician, reality TV star and wearer-of-clocks Flavor Flav showed up on ESPN at the Purdue-Penn State game in State College Saturday.

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Thursday's Video Battle:Nikki D vs Yo Yo

Keeping it hella inconsistent with the post here….

First female rapper signed to Def Jam…feat a cameo from Flava Flav

Now let’s head on over to the left coast for this next one


Public Enemy Announce Deluxe Editions of 'It Takes A Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back' & 'Fear Of A Black Planet' | Music News

Public Enemy Announce Deluxe Editions of ‘It Takes A Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back’ & ‘Fear Of A Black Planet’ | Music News… 975 more words


My clock necklace is magic!

I woke up again today to a cold and dreary morning. I drank all the coffee and just couldn’t seem to get jumpstarted. I put on my clock necklace and headed to school. 75 more words

Yeah boi!

Some mornings I just don’t have the energy to get out of bed in the morning. On those days, it’s important to look first inward, then outward to find strong role models and positive mantras to really get you over the hump. 226 more words