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These Foods can be part of a healthy diet

It is usually assumed that cutting certain foods from your diet will automatically make it healthy, or help with weight loss. However, if you’re solely focused on what you shouldn’t eat, you could be missing out on key benefits and nutrients and the pleasure of eating foods you really like that aren’t necessarily as damaging to your diet as you may think. 410 more words


Chocolate: A Defender Of Body And Soul

There are now even more reasons for chocolate lovers to rejoice! As more amazing research news comes in about chocolate, the substance is moving from a bad-for-you candy to an important health food. 863 more words


Cocoa vs. Cacao...What's the Difference?

When I tell people that I use raw cacao in my smoothies, homemade chocolates, and other chocolaty recipes, many times they look at me confused and say, “You mean cocoa?” Nope! 581 more words

Healthy Eating

The Chocolate

The health benefits of chocolate depend upon the type of chocolates you choose – and how many.

The Healthy Insides

Most of the health benefits with dark chocolate relate to cardiovascular disease. 303 more words


Vitamin C Deficiency

Everyone knows that if you are sick, it’s a good idea to take Vitamin C. For those with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, bruising and bleeding (nose-bleeds/hematomas) is an everyday event, as well. 909 more words

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

Tea, citrus products could lower ovarian cancer risk, new research finds

According to new study from the Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, consuming tea and citrus juices could correspond to a lower risk of developing ovarian cancer. 135 more words

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