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Chocolate: Brain Food or Just Wishful Thinking?

We are in the midst of exam time and I have seen a few graphics around with the caption “chocolate increases brain function and memory”. To all those stress eating it seemed to be the perfect outcome. 978 more words

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Flavonoids reduce risk of developing ovarian cancer.

Flavenoids are active compounds found in tea, red wine, apples, grapes, citrus fruit and juices. A study by the Department of Nutrition at UEA’s Norwich Medical School has investigated 171,940 women aged between 25 and 55 for a period of 30 years. 182 more words


Brainy Choconutmeg!!!

I’ve written about the gloriousness of chocolate many, many times, including its health benefits. If there is one belief I have in life, it is this: chocolate is an elixir of happiness. 134 more words


Calendula Oil

Marigolds bring much colour to the garden, mine have only just stopped flowering even now as the year ends and a new one begins. They are faithful friends who are not gone for long, returning year on year. 245 more words


Plant Chemistry Quiz

Unless they’re food on the table or part of captivating scenery, plants are under-appreciated. Even fewer people care for the intricacy of their biochemistry or realize how in tune they are with their environment. 1,067 more words

Plant Chemistry

Tea with Ainee Tea Chings and the Alphabets of tea, flavonoids in tea make drinking tea good for health

Tea with Ainee

Teatime with ainee is picturing of tea with words as they conjure haps’ a stronger image if done just right!

Alphabetizing of my teas; tea 101 style… 314 more words

Pine Bark Extract 200mg 100 Capsules 95 OPC Flavanoids

6) Repot your young miniature plant once in every two years until its growth slows down. Then, repot your mature pine bonsai once in every three to four years. 313 more words