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Wine for Dinner



Yesterday was a fairly hectic day in the middle of a fairly hectic week/month. I had a ticket to see a play in the evening and debated giving it a miss as I was too hungry and tired to go, and it was late, cold, raining and generally miserable outside. 92 more words


Daily Post: Orange

via Daily Prompt: Orange

I’ll be honest, when I first saw today’s Daily Prompt–orange–my thoughts immediately turned to our current President and his slightly orange skin tone. 405 more words

Ear Issues [Show Notes]

Episode 92 – Ear Issues

PSA:  Please don’t stick things in your ear any larger than your elbow…and that includes your finger.

Outer ear = the part that you can touch… 616 more words


Cooked Food Causes A.G.E.ing

Back in chemistry class, we learned that when heat is applied to a molecule, the molecule’s structure changes.  In essence, the original substance, with heat applied, becomes something else.   310 more words


What’s all the Hulla Boo about the Cuppa?

Beep Beep Beeeeepppppp……went off the alarm yesterday.

A few minutes later…

Good Morning mom…is the tea ready? Went off my sister,barely being able to open her eyes. 409 more words


|| Super berry smoothie ||

This is hands down my favourite smoothie recipe! It turns out perfectly every time and it gives me a little pep in my step to start the day. 131 more words