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Sustained Release Vita-C Plus Kaya Dengan Bioflavonoids

Ramai yang setuju vitamin C sangat bagus untuk kecantikan.

Semenjak vitamin lama menghilang, kini ia muncul dengan wajah baru dengan khasiat yang bertambah-tambah gitu. Antara kelebihan vitamin C baru ini adalah bioflavonoids. 267 more words

Set Kecantikan Kulit

Cold sores - (Boutons de fièvre)

Cold sores

Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus. Honey is rich in flavonoids and phenolic acid, compounds shown to combat the virus in laboratory tests. 125 more words


Happy heart day!

I thought long and hard about posting a recipe of some yummy, somewhat decadent treat since most of us associate Valentine’s Day with sweets. However, I decided a few tips on helping your heart stay healthy might be a better way for me to show some love. 312 more words


New Study Suggests Dietary Compounds Help Prevent Breast Cancer

New research from Taiwan and US researchers lays out many arguments in favor of using natural dietary substances to help prevent breast cancer. The researchers looked specifically at natural phenolic compounds in the diet, a large class of organic molecules made up of a benzene ring with at least one hydroxyl (OH) attached to it. 473 more words


Health Benefits of Chocolate

This may be my favorite post I’ve written thus far. Why? Because it is a whole post dedicated to all of the reasons why we should all eat chocolate daily. 1,567 more words

Make Chocolate a Part of Your Healthy Diet

It’s rare to find anyone who doesn’t like chocolate. Most people love that smooth velvety texture and unique taste. The three main choices are dark, milk, or white chocolate. 276 more words