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Lift Protien Water by Atkins

Always looking for ways to get more protein in, many say these are a great flavored water $2 for a 4 pack at big lots

20 grams of protein

Sleeved Life

The Right Cup for the perfect figure!

It always seems to be quite boring to explain to people how we really smell; I specifically mean the difference between the Ortho-nasal (through the nose) and the Retro-nasal (through the mouth) olfaction… Until… 60 more words


cucumber & lime honey water

Have a spa moment at home with this refreshing cucumber & lime honey water! The trick to is combine the honey with some hot water in advance to get the honey to integrate quickly into the drink without you breaking a sweat stirring or shaking. 59 more words


10 Point Profile: Dessie Jackson

Our weekly artist profile. This week we feature mixed media surrealist Dessie Jackson.


Weekly Artist Profile

Easy (and Tasty) Use for Leftover Mint

A few weeks ago I saw an interesting idea on preserving extra mint. Unfortunately, I’ve lost track of the blog I first saw this posted on but I’ll be sure to update you if I re-discover it. 204 more words


Drink Smarter: Beverages 101

That one soda you drink everyday and that extra latte each afternoon adds up. Sugary beverages are one of the biggest reasons people have trouble losing weight, keeping the weight off or simply living a healthier lifestyle. 357 more words


Water, Water, Water  

Water is undoubtedly the elixir of life. It is tasteless and colorless, but prevents and treats quite a number of health issues. Most of our health problems, such as high body temperature, kidney problems, urinary tract infections, skin problems, and many other ailments, are related to inadequate consumption of water. 374 more words

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