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Easy (and Tasty) Use for Leftover Mint

A few weeks ago I saw an interesting idea on preserving extra mint. Unfortunately, I’ve lost track of the blog I first saw this posted on but I’ll be sure to update you if I re-discover it. 204 more words


Drink Smarter: Beverages 101

That one soda you drink everyday and that extra latte each afternoon adds up. Sugary beverages are one of the biggest reasons people have trouble losing weight, keeping the weight off or simply living a healthier lifestyle. 357 more words


Water, Water, Water  

Water is undoubtedly the elixir of life. It is tasteless and colorless, but prevents and treats quite a number of health issues. Most of our health problems, such as high body temperature, kidney problems, urinary tract infections, skin problems, and many other ailments, are related to inadequate consumption of water. 374 more words

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Drink up! 5 natural flavored water recipes included

If you know me at all, you are aware that I have my Camelbak with me wherever I go and I am constantly refilling it. I believe that drinking water is the most important thing you can do for your body and I think water solves almost every problem. 364 more words


Do You Hate the Taste of Plain H2O? Try This.

Most have probably heard that being healthy and looking your best includes eating well, getting plenty of sleep and drinking lots of water. I have a tough time with all three of these from time to time. 384 more words

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The magic drink to start your day

So WHAT could a magic drink be? XXXL espresso? Green smoothie? Juice? Close- but no…

Ok, so let me back up. I know I talk A LOT about morning routines, how I start my day, what gets me going, etc… because let’s face it, getting going in the mornings when you have a laundry list of responsibilities for the day can be hard sometimes. 367 more words


Healthy Fruit-Infused Water

It is hot here in Maryland and I am trying to quench my thirst with something healthy, no calories and with ingredients ready to hand – infused water.  811 more words

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