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Watermelon-Mint-Lime Water

When hot weather comes around, I usually crave watermelon. It’s so refreshing and it’s good for you too. And I discovered that watermelon is also great for making flavored water! 232 more words

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Sparkling ICE

Are you addicted to sugary sweet soda but are trying to maintain a ketogenic diet?  If so then your options are slim.  Most major brands make diet and more recently zero calorie options, but BEWARE of these as nearly every one that I’ve investigated uses aspartame as its artificial sweetener.   114 more words


Independence Day Infused Water

Need something new to showcase for your 4th of July Party?  Make your guests Independence Day Infused Water – With Watermelon stars, Blueberries and Strawberries!  This recipe in particular results in a great center piece, as well as a delicious beverage for all ages!  163 more words

Avoid Waste With Infused Water! - Make Popsicles!

Everyday we see more and more people looking for ways to reduce waste when making Fruit Infused Water.  Often those who criticize for excessive waste, are just unaware of the alternatives.  166 more words

Lemon Water - IL-LEMON-ATI Is Real!

Lemon Water is the original infused water!  For thousands of years lemons have been used to enhance beverages around the world.  Why have people taken such a liking to lemon infused water?  198 more words

Lemon Cucumber Cilantro Infused Water Recipe

Lemon Cucumber Cilantro Infused Water Recipe :

  • Add half a lemon, thinly sliced
    ** (Try removing the lemon rind prior to infusing IF you want to decrease bitterness but get all the lemon flavor!)**
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Pineapple Sugarcane Infused Water Recipe

This recipe is extremely simple to prepare!

  • Add half pineapple  diced into 1″ cubes
  • Add 3 Sugar cane sticks ( break them in half)
  • Add contents to ~90 Oz water and refrigerate for at least 12 hours…
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