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Lemon in My Water

Now that Anthony and I have a Brita to enjoy filtered fresh tasting water, I have filled a separate pitcher will half a lemon sliced, a full lime sliced, half a cucumber sliced and two full sprigs of mint leaves. 233 more words


Naturally Flavored Water

Drinking enough water a day is something that is very hard for me to do… and I’m sure I’m not the only one. I try to drink as much water as I can but I never reach 8 glasses (which is the amount of water recommend). 282 more words


Flavored Water

For those who dislike water and those who can’t stop drinking it!

Fruit & vegetable infused water is known for belly slimming, anti-bloating, craving control, mood boosting and the list goes on. 81 more words

Quick & Easy

Cherry-Lime Infused Water

I love cherry limeades from Sonic.  Love, love, love them.  Actually I love almost anything cherry flavored.  Yum!

I was craving fresh cherries the other day. 259 more words


Fruit infused water we made this weekend. ♡

We had some apples and strawberries so I decided to make a detox drink. :) This one is my favorite because not only is it yunmy but the apples give you a lot of energy and the lemon and strawberries help your skin glow. 86 more words


Pinterest Obsession: Flavored Water Recipes

I drink a lot of water. Plain water, fizzy water, water with lemons, tap water, bottled water, just water. Mostly because we don’t buy pop/soda and while I can’t claim that I’m the healthiest eater in the world, at least I can say I’m drinking enough H20. 125 more words


Tips to stay hydrated

Well hello,

In the Netherlands it gets pretty cold and that makes us all want to get cozy and comfortable in front of a fireplace. Most of the time with cups of tea, hot chocolate or any type of coffees. 629 more words