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Three ways to flavor water.

Whats the point of buying flavored water, and you can totally make one at home??

I get it, I have fallen into this addictive category of buying flavored water, which tastes heavenly, that’s if you haven’t really tried it out. 388 more words

Flavored Water

What Makes A Sport Drink?

Have you ever walked into a store to buy a pre-workout beverage and been overwhelmed with all the choices? There are “smart” waters, “vitamin” waters, flavored waters, coconut waters, watermelon juices, old fashioned H2O and sports drinks. 1,083 more words


Five Things Friday 4/17/15

Happy Friday, everybody! This week has been a busy one for me, but I have the day off today! Hopefully I can get some down time before I work another long shift on Saturday. 477 more words

Anorexia Recovery

Drink More Water

Drinking water is so important!! But lets be honest, how many of us drink as much water daily as we should? Probably VERY few of us, or none! 165 more words

Drink More Water

4 Important Tips To Make Your Fitness Journey EASIER!! (NEW BLOG POST)

Hey yalls! I hope everyone is having a great Spring Break or week thus far! I know I am :) Summer is just around the corner and I know many of you are jumping on the “fitness wagon” and want to get tight and right for the beach. 693 more words

Pomegranate & Herbal Sparkling Tea

Yesterday afternoon I was so tempted to make cocktails for clients, but it was only 3:30 pm and I knew that they would not start drinking that early, sooooo I wanted to come up with something that still felt as special as a cocktail without the alcohol. 336 more words


Naturally Flavored Water

Spring break is less than a week away and along with sunny beaches, beautiful weather, and warm water is heat and dehydration. Say goodbye to soda, and juice, lets try water! 384 more words