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Chicklets in the Kitchen: Mint Water and Homemade Butter

I thought it’d be fun to share something different this month. Two things, as a matter of fact.

In the summer months I make flavored water. 631 more words


A Refreshing Mix-Up

Confession: I feel like I’ve been so dehydrated this summer! Which is weird, considering the boatloads of water I drink. But don’t you ever get tired of drinking something with no taste? 122 more words

Good Eats

Staying Hydrated During Hot Summer Months Crucial For Seniors

(SPONSORED CONTENT) – As temperatures remain in the 80’s and 90’s across much of the Western United States, concerns for seniors and those more vulnerable to dehydration continue to grow as well. 582 more words


What's in YOUR Water?

Companies have been battling for decades now to be the front-runners of drink sales in the United States. From soda and energy drinks to bottled water and juices, the drink industry is a competitive one- especially in the United States where we LOVE our options. 347 more words


Cherry Spearmint Water

On my last post, I preached the importance of drinking water. I mentioned adding packages of flavor to water no longer makes it water. But infused water, especially with the right infusers may make water more appealing to those that do not like the “taste” of water. 258 more words


I was VERY Hesitant To Post This...But Here It Goes! (MY STORY)

I was very hesitant to post this blog because it’s so personal but I figured that there maybe someone out there that’s struggling with depression or an eating disorder. 775 more words

Watermelon Lime Ice Cubes

Well, I think we have finally reached those dog days of summer. It’s so hot that you break a sweat walking from your house to the pool. 306 more words