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Flavor Boost | Candy Apple

Do Not Vape Without Dilution

Candy Apple DIY Vape Flavoring Concentrate By The Sauce LA

Flavors: Cotton Candy+Red Apple+Grape+Pear+Gummy Candy

The Candy Apple Flavor Boost is here! 90 more words


Food Nanotechnology: A Safe Innovation for Production and Competition?

Nanotechnology is an enable technology that  has the potential to revolutionize agriculture, food systems and medicine. Nanotechnology, technology that  use nanometer  (10-9   m)/sub- microscopic-scale materials, holds great promise to provide benefits not just within food products but also around food products. 379 more words


What is Flavor Boost?

Flavor Boost is the concentrated base of The Sauce LA in-house flavors. This isn’t e-juice. It is pure flavoring that you can use to boost  37 more words


Red Chili Paste (without seeds)

The garden, which I pretty much abandoned back in August, is still producing peppers despite a long dry spell and zero maintenance. A small collection of assorted ripe red peppers inspired me to make a red chili paste for use in cooking. 247 more words


Wild Hickory Nut Syrup & Hickory Nut/Banana Pancakes

Over the last couple of days I shelled a little more than a pint and a half of the wild hickory nuts I’ve been gathering on my… 356 more words


The Flavor of Childhood: Sweet Medicine

Even if you were more partial to the taste of purple Dimetapp cough syrup or the fake banana flavor of some prescription whose name I can no longer remember, you know the flavor of pediatric amoxicillin. 321 more words


Flavor Your Summer

Get creative with your baking this summer using extracts and flavoring oils! Just because a recipe calls for Pure Vanilla shouldn’t stop you from trying something new. 466 more words

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