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The Flavor of Childhood: Sweet Medicine

Even if you were more partial to the taste of purple Dimetapp cough syrup or the fake banana flavor of some prescription whose name I can no longer remember, you know the flavor of pediatric amoxicillin. 321 more words


Flavor Your Summer

Get creative with your baking this summer using extracts and flavoring oils! Just because a recipe calls for Pure Vanilla shouldn’t stop you from trying something new. 466 more words

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Easy Root Beer Ice Cream

Today I discovered that simple ice cream can be made from a combination of milk, sweetener, and flavorings. This version is root beer and vanilla flavored. 84 more words


Artificial Vanilla Flavoring

There are now many ways to create a vanilla extract replacement.  This post. however, is going to talk about one of the more disturbing.

To begin with, the amount of vanilla flavoring used in foods today far outstrips the amount of actual  vanilla beans that can be grown, so an alternative to vanilla beans had to be found. 398 more words


Seven Stories About the Science Behind Fast Food

I am a pizza apostate. Not only do I use a fork and knife whenever I eat pizza, I also sometimes bypass my normal slice joint for the siren call of deliciously buttered-and-garlic salted crust that only Dominos can deliver. 1,558 more words


Study finds toxic chemicals in e-cigarette flavorings

One study in 2016 found about two-thirds of teens were using e-cigarettes for the “sweet and fruity flavors,” rather then the nicotine.   We are barely into the new year and the latest study has found that the toxic chemicals in the flavorings are damaging to male fertility, even when nicotine is not present. 395 more words


Are Natural Flavorings Really Natural?

Are Natural Flavorings Really Natural?

It is important to understand that just because natural flavors come from something natural, does not necessarily make them healthy. For instance, strawberry flavor does not always come from strawberries or blueberry flavor from blueberries. 149 more words

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