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Pecan Flavor Extract

We will be going to the city tomorrow to learn what we are confident will be the excellent results of last week’s CT scan. There won’t likely be time to write a post, so I’ll go ahead and mention a small project I began this morning. 173 more words


Pomegranate Molasses

Mention of ¬†pomegranate molasses is ubiquitous these days and it has piqued my interest. Yeah, I’m a late comer. Last night I was determined to learn what the fascination is all about. 172 more words


5 Tips for a tastier and jucier burger!

  1. Cook extra flavorings: Gently cook garlic, onions and chilies to smooth out their flavor and let them cool slightly before mixing them into the meat. Toast any spices, aromatics and seasonings over medium-low heat with one or two tablespoons of oil until they become fragrant.
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Week 19: Science Makes Sense-Organic Chemistry-aldehydes, ketones

When my mother was young, the perfume that young women of her time would crave for was Chanel No. 5! ¬†I remember my sister getting her first whiff of this exquisite perfume at a wealthy girlfriend’s house and raving about it. 603 more words


Powdered Kale

Although I’m a lifelong vegetarian there are several vegetables that I don’t care for all that much. I include them in my diet on occasion anyway for their nutritional value, prepared in ways my palate deems acceptable. 358 more words