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Mistakes Are My Favorite

“I owe no explanations for my flaws. I don’t have to justify my mistakes, my past or my insecurities. I am growing and learning. Let me live.” 170 more words

Why We’re Looking At Body Positivity All Wrong

I hate my body. I have an unflattering beer belly (not from beer, probably from pizza), massive boobs that are too big for my short frame (although boys don’t seem to mind this one), and extra weight in my cheeks, giving me the permanent appearance of post-wisdom teeth extraction chipmunk-face. 974 more words

Rebuilding Thyself

Believe that you can.

Dump the negative, stock up on positivity.

Smile often, frown no more.

Embrace your flaws, don’t hide and stand tall.

Feel free to fly, dream and shine. 27 more words


Insights: How Personality, Quirks, Foibles, and Flaws Factor Into Dementias and Alzheimer's Disease

This is the second post of a series that provides insights into the behaviors we often see in our loved ones as they – and we as caregivers along side them – walk through… 1,629 more words


The Worst

At times I feel the stinging doubt
Of what I can’t foresee
I wonder if you’ll still exist
When you’ve seen the worst of me… 50 more words



“Freedom begins with owning your flaws and disowning your fears.”

Heart Transplant