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One bigger boob and other flaws.

Wow has it been that long since I wrote here?  Well I’m still kicking and I had some thoughts to pass along this week.

I was thinking about flaws.   582 more words




Chocolate, blueberry, vanilla pie,

Tarts and macaroons;

Cheesecake, mousse and rhubarb.

It was all her world consisted of,

It was all that she desired;

All that she loved. 192 more words


Have you ever met someone who seems really great but you can tell they also harbor bitterness?

Who, deep down, yearns for not only recognition but also validation to make them feel whole, complete, and at peace? 302 more words

Hidden in Plain Sight

“I am not really myself. I am someone else. When others see me to talk to me, they are talking to a stranger. Not me. I am kept hidden away, safe from discovery or attack, behind the cover of my masks. 1,942 more words

One step ahead

Once I saw the world through your eyes,

I ceased to believe the reality of mine

and started existing in yours.

I believed in yours and you… 45 more words


Prince Charming Who?

Maybe he was stuck in a tree while on his way to rescue you? Beats me.

One of the things that plays around my mind on those late, slepless nights is this: Why am I not in a relationship? 695 more words