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Thank You

Dear You,

There comes a time in everyones life when they think they finally found “the one.” Well, that time for me has come, but of course, I was wrong. 838 more words


When You Call Me "Pretty"

“You’re too pretty for him.”

“You’re so pretty, any guy would be lucky to have you.”

“You’re so pretty, you should be more confident.”

These “compliments” are not so positive in my opinion. 739 more words


Fix Me

My wife has this little bump on her nose that I think is just adorable. I think her nose was injured at some point which is how she got it. 259 more words

Fatal Flaw

Achilles had his heel

Oedipus, his pride

And Odysseus, his hubris

These stories each end in demise

That’s why they call them tragedies

My tragic flaw… 6 more words

Unrequited Love


what is it about an act of silence and being alone that scares us?

she wasn’t afraid of silence, 
never one to break the silence, nor fill it 
44 more words

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