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I'm Literally a Mess

So I’ve got a bone to pick-mostly with myself, but nevertheless, it’s a bone, and I’m picking it.  With myself.

Ok, so I’m assuming you know that I have a YouTube Channel, mostly because I believe I’ve discussed it everywhere on this blog.   712 more words

The Unedited Truth About The Girls With Daddy Issues

It’s easier to grow without a father than to grow with a father who isn’t a father to you.

Our daddies play a crucial part in our life. 954 more words


In certain seasons in our lives, we may find it harder to love ourselves… and we may wonder: “who would love this version of me, if even I find it hard to love?” The reason we wonder is because we ourselves find certain people easier to love than others during different seasons in THEIR lives. 357 more words

Stinky Face

A note to my four children:

No matter what….

I will always love you.

Whatever comes your way, I’ll be supporting, loving and praying for you. 1,617 more words

All My Flaws

Last night I broke up with someone and felt incredibly guilty about it. The person I broke up with is a kind man who has many qualities I admire and find enormously attractive. 514 more words

The Machine

He was quick and efficient. He was smart and unemotional. He was a machine. If you were to speak to Jeremy or see him walking past you on the street, you would never assume what he could do or what was going on inside. 842 more words

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