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Not a Perfect Mom: Or Why I Love/Hate Pintrest

I have a love/hate relationship with Pintrest. On one hand, it is amazing. Where else can I spend 10 minutes hiding on the toilet and come out with great craft ideas, recipes, knitting ideas, all the things? 502 more words


To The Girls I Left Behind

You guys won’t probably see this and I don’t know how I’ll be able to convey the things I want to and how this post would end up so bear with me as I try to put some of the things I don’t have the strength to utter out loud into words. 524 more words

Feel good friday: embracing our quirks and flaws!

Morning little web makers!

I’ve taken a big leap in the world of blogging and have set this post to go live without me pressing the publish button. 716 more words


We Are All Cracked Pots

A comment this morning made me remember this fable. It is one that I have shared with Ben many times. I hope that you enjoy it as much as he has over the years.  329 more words


Rad the Pawn (Part 3)

“Who are you people?” Rad exclaimed, as Annet lunged at him.

He barely dodged the attack; his momentum carrying him into the wall. The impact sent him crumpling to the floor in a daze. 804 more words



I don’t think I ever looked at myself, consciously thinking about my weight, until I was sixteen. I went sixteen years without noticing that my legs jiggle when I walk, my arms when I dance. 341 more words

The Seven Secrets

Quick question: How many secret passages into Hogwarts?

7 right. Everything in Harry Potter is 7.

So there are four that Filch knows about, one that was blocked by a cave in, one that ends up in Honeydukes and one under the Whomping Willow. 217 more words

Harry Potter