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We are born with delusions. We think that the world is ours at birth, that we are meant to be served. Only through time and guidance do we learn to act properly and become productive citizens of society. 383 more words


Enjoy it. . .

Your glee. . .
your grief. . .
your anger,

Enjoy even
your blind, misplaced faith,

your fear, your laughter, and your tears, 365 more words


The Charms and Flaws of Hannah Fidell's '6 Years'

Back in February of 2015, I got a screening invitation for a movie called 6 Years. Though I was intrigued by the poster, I couldn’t make it to the screening. 953 more words


A Perfect Life (Part 2)

When I used to teach, I often had welts on my legs from bumping into the desks. These were easily covered with dress slacks and disappeared within a few days. 477 more words

Tuesday's Thought

Imagined ugliness vs. legitimate ugliness

I have a great deal of empathy for people who suffer from BDD ( Body dysmorphic disorder). I am not downplaying how debilitating and dangerous BDD is for sufferers. 259 more words

Transgender & Mental Health Issues

Balance of Fear

When your palms get sweaty, and you nervously wipe your brow that you just dried 5 seconds ago. It’s parting your hair excessively, not because it’s in the way but because you need something to do with your hands. 196 more words

I'm Looking At The "Wo"man in the mirror.

I am very excited to do this blog post on something that I’ve always thought about as a woman.  I want to first give you some context on where this blogpost is coming from… 722 more words