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Daily Reminder: 

  1. you are important no matter how you feel right now.
  2. things will be better.
  3. you will not always feel how you feel right now.
  4. tell yourself you’re beautiful until you believe it.
  5. 57 more words

Flaws to Define

What is a flaw?

If you search it on OxfordDictionaries.com, you will find the following definition:

~  A fault or weakness in a person’s character ~ 781 more words

Inner Monologue

5 Tips To Living A No Ordinary Authentic LIFE

What IF:

I was to ask you to take a look in the mirror right now, what would you see in your reflection?  Answer honestly.  Do you like what you see?   700 more words

If I Was Gone

If I was gone, people would notice, a funeral well attended

Tears would be shed,  regrets told in earnest

a house would be sold, possessions disposed of… 131 more words

Wake Up Gurl!


Low self confidence,She walked out,

No self appreciation,

Flaws, imperfections ?

She majored them,

Until one day he came in,

Told her it isn’t that way, 62 more words

Made for Me

With hands and legs bound,
tied, secured to the bedposts
your body is mine-
to adore,
to worship,
and use,
at my discretion.

I love watching your chest… 107 more words



I like to consider myself a student of life and the human condition. I have a tendency to immerse myself in the acquisition of all the available information on whichever subject has captured my attention at that moment, whether its a disease, how people live and interact with one another. 263 more words

Woman Of A Different Status