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How I Learnt to Love Myself

Everybody has those days of self-doubt, right? Sometimes you wake up thinking, “Why am I not good enough?” or ‘Why am I not pretty enough?” 551 more words



When you present imperfection beautifully, you expand the collective understanding of perfection.


Police Shoot Homeless Man In Los Angeles


Police Shoot Homeless Man In Los Angeles

This video is making headlines and I felt compelled to write about it. This situation is complicated as are most situations involving recorded police shootings. 321 more words



      Against all odds and possibilities I found perfection. It was easy to see at first–at least I thought it was. Then I realized that it wasn’t perfection. 236 more words


Self-Improvement - A Poem

We were going really well until

You disappeared – not with a bang, but with

Cessation of all contact, like the drill

For Arctic warfare: why the sudden rift… 186 more words


Empowered to Face our Temptations and Beasts

The sermon I preached last Sunday on Mark 1:9-15 at Community Lutheran!

The first Sunday in Lent is always the Temptation of Jesus in the wilderness.   1,776 more words

O, How the Caged Bird Sang

There is an emptiness inside of me that opens up when I am alone. And this is what the voice inside my head has been saying to me lately: 970 more words