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Something Old Becomes New Again: Victorian Style Lamp Repair.

Shopping at Yard Sales and Flea Markets is something that Tom and I really enjoy doing in summer. So, when Tom found  these two beautiful dismantled lamps tossed in a box at a yard sale, he had to have them. 619 more words

Thrifting- From Fans to Frames

So far this month we have struck gold at the local flea markets and thrift stores. As a family we head out with a list of things we are looking for. 535 more words

6 Reasons to Visit Your Local Flea Market

You most likely don’t need another reason to visit your local flea market. There’s a whole host of them. We found 6 great reasons of why you should spend each weekend scouring the local swap meet for unique finds. 450 more words

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Jumble Sale "Flea Market" To Be Held In Mombasa - Bahari Beach Hotel

Some people call it a car boot sale, swap meet or jumble sale, the event is held to give participants the opportunity to sell and buy used goods. 288 more words


What's new Scooby Doo?

Well… Let’s brag a little bit ;)

We are working hard on our brand and our images… We found amazing ideas to complete our current shop, based on creation and handcrafting… We got our first review (5 stars!!!) on Etsy :)))) We got 50 more followers on Instagram in 3 days and reached another hundred visits in the shop… 111 more words


Bahari Beach Hotel To Host "Flea Market"

What Is a Flea Market?

Also known as a Swap meet, a flea market is a type of bazaar that rents out or provides space to people who want to sell/barter their merchandise. 266 more words

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