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Trypho returns to unseat King Demetrius II (1 Macc 11:54-11:56)

“After this happened, Trypho returned. He had with him the young boy Antiochus who began to reign and put on the crown. All the troops that Demetrius had discharged gathered around him. 133 more words

Her Essentials

247 Days Left

She chose the long-sleeved shirt even if it was nearing July. With her windows thrown open to allow the breeze to flow through the room, she packed all her essentials in her bag: her lighter, mints, perfume, lip gloss, cell phone and nailpolish. 104 more words


The fall of King Demetrius I (1 Macc 10:48-10:50)

“Now King Alexander assembled large forces and encamped opposite King Demetrius. The two kings met in battle. The army of King Demetrius fled. King Alexander pursued him and defeated them. 68 more words

Jonathan in the wilderness (1 Macc 9:32-9:34)

“When Bacchides learned of this, he tried to kill him. But Jonathan and his brother Simon, and all who were with him, heard of it. They fled into the wilderness of Tekoa and camped by the water of the pool of Asphar. 77 more words

The meeting of Nicanor and Judas (1 Macc 7:29-7:32)

“Nicanor came to Judas. They greeted one another peaceably. However, the enemy was preparing to seize Judas. It became known to Judas that Nicanor had come to him with a treacherous intent. 113 more words

Suspects identified in Harrisburg shooting

HARRISBURG, PA (WPMT) Police have identified two suspects in an early afternoon shooting in Harrisburg. It happened at 1:25 pm at a home in the 600 block of Dauphin Street. 165 more words


Woman Fleeing Checkpoint Critically Injured In Crash

PLACENTIA (CBSLA.com) — A woman was critically injured early Saturday morning when she crashed her vehicle after fleeing a SUI checkpoint, Placentia police said.

The crash occurred at 1 a.m. 89 more words