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The Flip Belt

It’s inevitable that we must carry essentials while out on a run. House keys, maybe an ID card, perhaps a credit card too (just in case), possibly bus fare and then obviously your cell phone. 111 more words

Fleet Feet

Golden Gate Park

Run along John F. Kennedy Drive and it will take you through all the park monuments, past the Conservatory of Flowers, down towards the Academy of Sciences and out towards Ocean Beach. 68 more words

Fleet Feet

Who are we?

We start our morning runs at the Panhandle and end them looking out towards Ocean Beach. We take MUNI to work then run back home. We eat carnitas at Tacolicious. 97 more words

Fleet Feet

EQT 10-mile training - Week 2 8/30/15

It begins with a low, elongated growl. It quickly builds in volume and intensity. It’s followed by a mad sprint to the front door. By this point, Ringo, our loyal and overprotective Australian Kelpie, is in full intruder-bark mode. 990 more words


EQT 10-mile training - Week 1 recap 8/23/15

“You have to remember, you’re starting at zero base.”

Julie Amsdell, director of marketing for Fleet Fleet Sports Pittsburgh, said that to me during a fitting Thursday at the store. 377 more words


EQT 10-miler training with Fleet Feet - 8/21/15

Ever do something for 15, 20 years only to realize far too late there’s not only better ways of doing it, but the methods previously employed were – for a lack of a better term – dumb. 648 more words


Two Meatballs: Aller-GEEEEEZ!!!!

Sara here!!! (Don’t worry, it’s both of us later on in the post!!!)  About 5 years ago I went and had an allergy test.  The kind where they prick your skin and then you look like a sheet of those candy dots all day!?!   1,367 more words

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