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Which Fleet Management Service is Right for Me?

ALD Automotive offers a handful of effective fleet management services.  You can determine which type of service is right for you by familiarising yourself with the three main areas of fleet management. 255 more words

Fleet Management

Business Intelligence Portal – Big Data

Business Intelligence Portals sееms tо bе at the center of businesses today trying to reduce down time and increase reliability. Іt sееms thаt the clearview portal offering is а “fully configured turnkey stand-alone product”. 230 more words

Big Data

4 Benefits of Enrolling in a Driving Course

There are numerous advantages to be had by enrolling on a driving course. Let’s identify them one by one.

  1. More Efficient and Practical Driving

A driving course can teach you different driving mechanics, vehicle information and also economical tips on reducing fuel costs. 306 more words

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Advantages of Salary Sacrifice

A salary sacrifice is one way to reward your employees for their hard work. It works by effectively managing and reducing their gross income, in exchange for signing a car contract. 585 more words

Fleet Management

So many options

You need a fuel and fleet management system, but there are so many options

Your organization needs a new fuel and fleet management system. But there are so many options out there that it is very hard for your team to select a system or a vendor. 712 more words


Role of Telematics in Transport Management

The progressive development of any country can be confidently inferred through how well the transportation services are available in the country ensuing the latest technological development that gives operational efficiency and business productivity with shared resources for transportation of goods and public services. 90 more words

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