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An Easy-to-Remember Tyre Pressure Guide for Your ALD Leased Car

As a reputable vehicle leasing company, ALD Automotive guarantees that every customer will be handed the keys to a thoroughly checked vehicle; but it stills pays dividends for the client to double check it themselves – including the… 216 more words

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Distraction-Free Driving for a Safer Journey

As we now live in a fast paced environment where multi-tasking has become the norm, distraction free driving can be a definite challenge! Whether you are out on a quick errand or going for a long drive, it is imperative that you keep your eyes and focus on the road. 273 more words

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Industry Memberships You Should Look For in a Vehicle Leasing Company

Choosing a trustworthy vehicle leasing company in the UK can be a bit challenging. To help you weigh up all your options, you should consider checking their accredited industry memberships – these affiliations endorse a businesses’ compliance with the industry standards set by well-known organisations. 630 more words

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The Benefits of ALD ProFleet2 Telematics

ALD Automotive Profleet2 is an in-vehicle telematics system for businesses, fleet managers and drivers. Designed to help fleets cut operating costs and to reduce their carbon footprint, it was launched in 2004 and installed in over 20,000 vehicles. 389 more words

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Effective Fuel Management for Your Company Lease Car

Correct fuel management will surely help you save more money. Follow these simple but effective tips to enjoy a cost effective company leased car experience: 238 more words

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The ‘black cloud syndrome’

One of the fundamental skills of anyone responsible for fleet safety management is the ability to connect and engage with drivers in order to promote driver safety and wellbeing. 916 more words

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