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A new dawn for Fleet Management

Designing Fleet vehicles’ interior to tailor to any and every business need is a reality soon upon us. The e-Palette from Toyota for instance will allow to cater your interior : it can be fitted out with purpose-built interiors to suit parcel delivery, ride sharing, or even as a pizza van. 43 more words

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French authorities said the National armed forces may participate in Coalition operation in Syria. But how? 304 more words



WHO: Three little pigs who once lived in the tropical land of the Northern Territory. They get together (away from their homes so no one is required to clean and clean and entertain) to feast, swim, adventure and bubble. 863 more words


Hate Being Assassinated In EVE Online? Try The Newest Ship

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Every fleet in EVE Online is only as good as the players leading it. But unlike real-life generals, the Fleet Commanders in EVE can’t sit safely on the sidelines giving orders; they’ve got to sit right in the middle of battle like everyone else. 1,021 more words


UPS is building its own fleet of electric delivery trucks

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UPS announced today that it would be building its own electric delivery trucks from scratch. It will partner with truck maker Workhorse Group Inc to build the first 50 vans that could eventually replace the delivery giant’s fleet of fossil fuel-burning vehicles. 207 more words


UPS is working on a fleet of 50 custom-built electric delivery trucks

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UPS will work with partner Workhorse, a battery-electric transportation technology company, to develop and deploy a fleet of 50 custom-built plug-in electric delivery trucks with zero emissions. 155 more words


Black Fleet: The Review

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There are too many board games about pirates. But Black Fleet is one you should fight through the fatigue for.

It’s similar in scope to other buccaneering board games, since it involves merchants carrying goods across the Caribbean and pirates raiding (or trying to raid) them. 514 more words