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STO - Ship Builds Section

We finally have a ship build section – Click Here or just look at the menu at the top of the page.

We currently have three builds up and ready to go -Kelvin Intel Dreadnought, Fleet Intel Warbird and the Eternal Temporal Multi-Mission Science Vessel. 142 more words


Fleet Thursday Update 04

Hi there! Every Thursday, we at Magellan Fleet will hand-pick 3 of our favorite news stories and in-depth articles for you.

Enjoy, and feel free to leave us a comment with your thoughts about these latest developments in the fleet industry. 295 more words

STO - The SHOW Guest - Gear Test Discussion

I was back on The SHOW this week to talk about some gravimetric torpedo tests we ran on Monday – before the big Agents of Yesterday update n Tuesday – that has possible ramifications to how we translate builds from PC over to console – note: the test wasn’t pretty: … 31 more words

Star Trek Online

STO - Agents of Yesterday Video Stream - PS4

Live Stream of the first 4-5 missions of Agents of Yeterday from the new release on console.

Star Trek Online

U.S. Navy Runs Interference on Signals Conflict

By: Sandra Jontz, SIGNAL Magazine

“Advances in a plethora of military communication and situational awareness platforms have created unintended repercussions for the U.S. Navy, from the “forest of antennas” that can consume a ship’s deck to the debilitating effects of radio interference that clog airwaves and impede critical links to vessels, aircraft, drones and even satellites. 106 more words

J&J Show - Episode 2 - AoY & Anniversary Coming to Consoles

In this episode we talk about what is coming to consoles today with Agents of Yesterday as well ad the Anniversary Event. We also discuss the ever increasing difficulty to test and maximize builds – especially with a… 27 more words