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Creative for Longer

But back to the matter at hand:
we must find a way to figure out
the internal mechanism
that allows us to be creative
for longer than four seconds at a time! 18 more words


PostSecret: Forgetting

11:50 p.m.

Feelings, emotions, memories,
All fleeting and transient.
(I know they both mean the same, but who really gives a damn.)
That’s why people forget each other. 48 more words


Temporary Feelings: Joy, Loneliness, Self-love, Hope

Disillusionment, oh you are so artfully, seductively delicious. You sway your way in like a sensual belly dancer, moving her arms in waves that appear to drip sweetness from the edge of her fingertips as they deeply interpret and point up and down in sync with music that’s luscious with delicate fantasy. 543 more words

Raw And Open

With the Deep, an Alchemy

There’s an alchemy

between what you relieve

and the unknown that receives.

Seek to see (sea) what would symbolize,

pools from wet feet

mythologize the deep… 141 more words


GONE ( 2015 )

A ray of sun breaks through the cloud

My heart cries out and sings aloud

One stolen thought now rears its head

All will be gone when I am dead.


Prayers of an emotionally abused woman by Cheryl Williams

I am not sure where I found this poem but it’s not mine. Cheryl, wherever you are, thank you for sharing your heart. May God comfort you.  197 more words

Domestic Abuse