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Time tears
through flesh and bone
as it moves towards us
through us             past us
while we try to
linger longer
onto that fragile hold… 106 more words


I would apologize.

Do not come any closer.

I won’t see you, not for you.

The nib will pierce through your walls, your skin, your veins and exhale onto the waiting blank, crisp paper, your very existence–writ in your own blood; a novel of a soul.  598 more words

Narcissistic Neanderthal


I want you in my life
I long to wake up in your embrace
But trust me it won’t be long
Till we end up losing this race… 93 more words



We live for and fight for the fleeting.

Everything comes back to that thing that

was fleeting

(the fleeting)

lives far beyond its tiny little meaning… 39 more words



as quickly as it came it went
the stop was sweet
but it’s time was spent
the juggling act
keeps circling on
there isn’t time to hold too long… 17 more words


the masquerade

This is a fascinating article by Frederica Matthews-Green, entitled “Against Eternal Youth.”  In it, she explores the shift in American mindset post-WWII, from adulthood- the growth in making decisions and sacrificially bearing the weight of responsibility for others- toward the mirage of “eternal youthfulness,” which is the coddling of the next generation, the extension of childhood, and the inevitable stunting of maturity. 793 more words