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Are you a future whore?

Well are you?

You know what I’m talking about don’t you? You know the ones who are always living in the future and completely ignoring the present moment. 220 more words

Inside Job

'Fleeting' at the West Pier

For the finale of the Brighton Fringe Festival there was a celebration of the old West Pier and the mesmerising starling murmurations that can be seen flying between the two piers. 27 more words




as today, fleeting

moments pass by

stay close, stay.



Photographs Are Infinite

I won’t go into the gory details of my lackluster life of romance, but due to a certain annoyingly persistent and unbelievably gutsy guy, I had the sudden urge to write. 1,181 more words



We found each other but you could not stay,

Your soul leads your heart astray,

I hoped that I would find a way,

To never have to reach that day, 12 more words

Robert Trevino

Once A Moment Moved On

Once a Moment Moved On

At times we have fleeting experiences where we meet someone who is truly interesting and captivating.  But it is only for a moment, and the moment leaves as swiftly as it began.   102 more words