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As swift as fleeting day

turns to night

my heart no longer flutters

at the sight

of you.

Image: by Nick Duel


Millimetres Apart

Strangers don’t speak to each other on the street.

They don’t smile and greet each other as they pass by, ask how the other is doing or make small talk about the rain. 478 more words



and yet once again,

you never fail to turn me off.

you havent changed a bit.

you are still all talk and no do.

thank you for reminding me.


A Dwarf Fell for the Sun

Yesterday, I closed the space

between the sun and I.

Matter and planets apart, the light

too faint to feel, to taste–

to trust as light at all. 385 more words


2017, March 22 - 2415 - time 6

another day gone (5)
and there are so many more, (7)
but they quickly pass (5)



Meaning: Having a very short span of life or something lasting for a very short time.

Synonyms: Transient, fleeting, passing, short-lived, momentary, brief, short.

In Hindi: अल्पकालिक, क्षणिक 22 more words

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