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This blog was started on 2011.11.26.  Instead of writing for this personal blog, I started to work on our online shop.  And six years have gone by meanwhile.

Time fleeting …


2017, July 22 - 2725 - sunshine 4

I saw my shadow
freely in the clear sunshine
from the gathering grey clouds
pulling me great lengths
of my tall stature
and small posture… 9 more words


August 1st

to be embodied. together. in the water. in the sun. in the shade. on a blanket. their skin. his chestnut eyes. his ocean blues. my babies grown. 75 more words

Milestone Moments

This fleeting world

Thus you shall think of all this fleeting world: a flash of lightning in a summer cloud, a flickering lamp, a phantom, and a dream.

~The Diamond Sutra 


1. a very brief period of time

➸ I can still remember…

The memories are engraved within the depths of my mind, but… fleeting.

The Pause

Rain water tastes like the sky and clouds. People might disagree with me. The more diplomatic ones would call me charmingly idealistic instead of an idiot; which is what they’re really thinking. 623 more words


How things can change so suddenly
It happens in the blink of an eye
The fickleness of human emotion
As transitory as the blues of the sky… 61 more words