Tags » Fleeting

Another day

Squinting eyes upon you

As you quieten under the curtail so heavy and dark

Aspiration of first rays to greet me

Knock at my closed doors… 143 more words


very temporary

the fireflies

in my mood ring eyes

m   a   t   e   r   i   a   l   i   z   e

they undulate and flicker

like molten clouds… 63 more words

1.10.18 - Self IX

I think I have goals but I can’t or won’t set them

I roll them around but I never accept them

I either over or under-vet them… 1,009 more words


I once constantly feared
At about my future
I then realized
Life is fleeting
I might as well live it


This Too Shall Pass

Sometimes it’s better,
Sometimes it’s worse.
Sometimes I’m blessed;
Others, just cursed.

Sometimes I say
Things I don’t mean;
Others, I don’t
Say anything.

Sometimes I laugh… 12 more words


December 28: "The Vacation"

Once there was a man who filmed his vacation.
He went flying down the river in his boat
with his video camera to his eye, making… 104 more words


Thankful Infatuation

Fleeting teases
that spark my skin alive
or maybe it is my heart
starting to beat again
and a smile
can be so consuming
and I learn how to breathe again… 52 more words