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Yesterday I bumped into my daughter’s mother-in-law on a sun-filled bay side path in San Francisco’s East Bay. She was taking our five month old grandson, Isaac, for a stroll, while I was walking with my dog, Kunie. 331 more words

Tomáš Kořínek: Blink

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Dnešní svět je o tlačítkách a informacích. Informace plynou všude kolem, tlačítka slouží k jejich získávání a filtrování. Mačkána jsou znovu a znovu s cílem získat aktuální obraz o okolním světě. 194 more words

(1) Braincandy

blue bicycle playing cards (or card castle)

i have built my home from this lousy set
of overused blue bicycle playing cards
because they are the only thing that has stayed
while every him has always gone away… 91 more words


Heart fire

Ere now your soft lips,

Lilac with heart of fire, inflame me.

First spring flower


"Celebrity Prowess"

enamoured. innocence. fixation (sweaty palms)

For most people, film and television stars, athletes, pop stars, the royal family, chefs and business tycoons serve as arbiters of taste, morality and public opinion, thus impacting on buying behaviour. 154 more words

Life is Fleeting

On hikes, camping trips, outdoors, you seem to meet alot of people. Whether it be over a campfire, doing a strenuous hike through the AT, or even just a guy whos next door camping, people always seem kinder outdoors. 369 more words