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The Permanence of the Eternal God

Life seems so short. This week seeing the children I taught now with their own children growing up so fast was a wake – up call as to the fleeting life I now live in contrast to the permanence of God. 353 more words

Caught in a Moment of Time

Wind chimes lost in the distance

Birds flying south for the winter

The last leaf to fall from a tree

Fleeting autumn sighs that blend with the wind… 10 more words


The Gentle Giant and the Lightning Bug.

His large strong, weathered fingers swiped at the flickering light, he wanted to catch it and hold it in the palm of his hand. He wanted to put this dancing light into the most exquisite mason jar and carry it around with him in his pocket…Free to take it out and look at it shine when he wanted, where he wanted…His intentions were pure- he wanted to protect it and remind it every day of how very lovely it was. 310 more words



​I hate the way beauty affects people.
I hate the way it affects me.
I see how it affects those around me.
I see how it affects attraction. 176 more words



Hey, everyone! When you step outside tomorrow, have an extra look at the high, welcoming blue, maybe take in an extra lungful of warm air as a dragonfly zips by. 266 more words

Empty Promises

It was romance I was after
Candlelight and care and love
Intimate moments
When eyes meet eyes
And skin touches skin
But all this world had to offer… 28 more words


Rhyme, reason, sense

I could have also named this post, which I did by accident, “Thyme, season and dense”. Same difference.

Working in research rarely delivers surprises.

I started a blog post with the above one sentence a couple of days ago, only to abandon it as, no doubt, the phone rang or something. 53 more words