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Free fallin'

I didn’t know that you called me American Girl until much later. It was a surprise that you called me anything at all; those first few weeks after I crash landed in England you seemed unable to speak to me. 966 more words



Why, oh why, did she have to sing that song?

Turns out you can hold a surprising amount of contrasting emotions inside at one time, and I sometimes forget this, buttoned up little wallpaper me, until I find myself somehow, simultaneously: glad to see some friends I haven’t seen in a while; happy for and proud of one of them continuing to move on and do great things, even if I’m spectacting on it from further and further away; startled to hear a certain familiar song, and usually one with more positive connotations, but which now only brings to mind all the things you finally sort of believed you had are all gone; so overwhelmed by the sadness it brought with it this time, which you were not prepared for, even if you had been braced for the song selection, which you decidedly were not… 243 more words


Songs of the Week Vol. 5

This month has been overwhelming busy. The band has at least two gigs a week, which has been incredibly fun but obviously time consuming. Packing the sound system, cords, music stand and instruments in the car, unpacking them, setting them up, and doing it all over again four times a week is stressful. 290 more words


1979 Fleetwood Mac Tusk WB Music Promo Ad

1979 Fleetwood Mac Tusk Album Warner Brothers Music Promo Advertisement from Cashbox Magazine dated September 15th, 1979. 7 more words

Music Promos

VARIOUS ARTISTS - " Sunny Side Of Heaven, Fleetwood Mac Revisited "

Some bands make music, some make magic, and some others do both, and there was Fleetwood Mac….
I would love to dedicated this project to the wonderful people of… 69 more words


Track-by-Track: "Whatever Forever"

After the relative heaviness of “Tell Me a Story,” I wanted to end on a more upbeat, quasi-comical note. The basic idea of the song is that a couple has stopped communicating effectively and their solution to the problem (spoiler alert!) is to stage a massive argument in a public place. 270 more words