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South Beach: Focus - SpareParts @ Tram Sunday (Charlotte)

On the 17th July, the fabulous photographers of the South Beach: Focus group were invited to take photos of SpareParts Festival, the arts festival which is part of Tram Sunday. 150 more words


Here Come The Girls

Even in the scarecrow world, there is still a long way to go before we get anywhere near sexual equality, so I thought I’d let the girls have the last word. 14 more words

Every Day Life

Going to the Wyre

Out with a railway friend – travelling to the Fylde on a Northern Rail day rover. Our objective is to cross the Wyre from Fleetwood to Knott End – our reward, a pint at the Bourne Arms – and some wonderful extensive views across the shimmering (despite it not being particularly warm) sands. 46 more words


Who's that guy?

The last of the big pretenders. Phew. Aren’t you phewing too? But there will be many more milling around Fleetwood on Tram Sunday 17th July. This is just the tip of the iceberg. 219 more words

Every Day Life

Lion Man

I’ve been travelling up to Fleetwood this week. I’ve gone crazy searching for scarecrows, like a paparazzi looking for celebs, for no good reason, other than, I feel I need to, and it’s fun and it’s community and it’s therapeutic somehow, right at this moment. 59 more words

Every Day Life

Another Fleetwood Fellow

I can’t remember what was written on him. I hope it wasn’t too important.

This is actually a great little museum. One of their very friendly and knowledgeable volunteers took us round the whole place one afternoon, giving us detailed information and narrative on all exhibits and showed us what was in the hangar in the back garden. 32 more words

Every Day Life