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Book Review: Fletch and the Widow Bradley

Fletch and the Widow Bradley by Gregory Mcdonald(amazon.com)

This didn’t have as much of the biting humor as others in the Fletch canon or as much interesting character development or motivation. 332 more words


Book Review: Fletch Won

Fletch Won by Gregory Mcdonald(amazon.com)

I don’t remember the original Fletch (book) having the awesome biting, wry humor I found in this which is more reminiscent of the adapted… 220 more words


What you never knew about IoT - and were afraid to ask

Every year the IT industry has to come up with a new acronym for some new technology that technology writers expound upon. Clearly, the undisputed winner for 2016, has to be nothing other than, “ 1,294 more words

Government Public Safety

Does 911 Work in Government Buildings?

On February 22nd, 2012, President Obama signed H.R. 3630, also known as the Middle-Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012  into  law. In this Act, under Section 6504 -REQUIREMENTS FOR MULTILINE TELEPHONE SYSTEMS- it  states explicitly that “[T]he Administrator of General Services, in conjunction with the Office, shall issue a report to Congress identifying the 911 capabilities of the multiline telephone system in use by… 1,518 more words

Public Safety E911

Why cellular 911 has location problems

For those of you who read my regular Blog here, I am happy (and proud) to announce that Network World has graciously given me a… 181 more words

Public Safety E911

[BASP] Fletch (1985, Michael Ritchie) / Fletch Lives (1989, Michael Ritchie)


The Best of An Alan Smithee Podcast: Episode Twenty-one

Fletch (1985, Michael Ritchie) / Fletch Lives (1989, Michael Ritchie)

Originally posted: December 7, 2012

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Snowpiercer, Fletch


This critically acclaimed 2013 film from South Korea makes you wonder what it takes to make a film “critically acclaimed.” Apparently, it isn’t an interesting story, good action sequences, or wonderful acting, because… 381 more words