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15th Century In New York

I stood on the corner of 7th Avenue and 58th Street and gawked at dragons. Were they really dragons spewing fire? They were a little too awkward for that (featured photo). 495 more words


Distinguished Fleur De Lis

Let the understated elegance of the Distinguished Fleur De Lis tile mural bring your kitchen wall, back-splash or bath to life. Customize to any size or tile. 18 more words

Tile Murals

In Memoriam

In Memoriam

Freedom’s hist’ry writ

’Pon Passchendaele’s shell scarred plain.   

War’s darkest horrors lit.

Five hundred thousand slain.  

Amidst the battles shrieking maelstrom    

Drowned in blood stained mud the fusiliers fell.     118 more words


Caviar, Anyone?

The tiny spoon sparked a series of events.

When it arrived in the mail it took a backseat to the other fabulous items in the box Lynn had sent. 1,021 more words


Quebec, Canada

The flag of Quebec, the Fleurdelisé, consists of a blue field charged with a symmetric white cross, further centered in each quadrant a white fleur-de-lis. The flag is designed in the 2:3 ratio, however, a variant of the flag in a 1:2 ratio exists for the purpose of flying alongside the Canadian flag and other provincial flags. 423 more words


Nola III

Europe is a place I haven’t been, I take that back, I have been there but it was back when I was not yet a toddler so as far as memory goes, I don’t think that counts. 1,282 more words

Camp Fires

Being involved with the Scouts, I love a good campfire! On a recent trip where we were undertaking some branding of wood the opportunity to get a shot of the fleur-de-lis branding iron on the fire presented itself. 17 more words