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Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc, a peasant girl living in medieval France, believed that God had chosen her to lead France to victory in its long-running war with England. 544 more words

Why #BowTieFriday?

I have to wear a tie in the office. It’s the professional academic administrator thing to do, especially in the south.  But our office also likes to do casual Fridays, especially in the summer.   219 more words

Bow Ties

My first tattoo: Planning

**Always think before you ink! **

Keeping in line with recent themes of change and self-improvement, I’ve been playing around with my appearance quite a bit: Dying my hair, wearing different styles of makeup and clothing out with my comfort zone and generally trying to be more proactive about my social life. 338 more words

princess complex

It’s time to come out of the closet with my princess complex. Ever since I was a child I thought I was a princess, and my dad was some sort of king. 297 more words

Life Stories

Pink Glass Cake Stand

Pink Glass Cake Stand.

8 inch round.

Pink, red, orange ombre fade with roses and fleur de lis.

Check it out here:


Buy it now or make an offer. :)

Spies, Sneaks and Snoops

I just found a coat Mum has been going on an on about for months that I’d packed away before Winter last year because it’s too thin and not waterproof enough for Winter and if she wore it in anything more than a light drizzle/shower the already loose/crumbling lining would come off all in one go and potentially ruin the clothes worn underneath. 1,568 more words

Time And Culture

Arms of Madrigueras, Spain

In use since at least 1991*

Blazon: Per bend gules an ancient balance* argent and of the last a bunch of grapes slipped and leaved proper, in chief an ear of wheat slipped and leaved vert; all within a bordure gules, charged with a castle triple-towered or windowed azure in the dexter chief and sinister, a lion rampant in the sinister chief and dexter, and a fleur-de-lis in base of the fourth… 98 more words