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Inktober 2017 - #43 Fleur Delacour

With yesterday’s prompt, I have now drawn all of the contestants in the Triwizard Tournament.  This is my illustration of Fleur Delacour, a student from Beuxbatons Academy.  45 more words

Scent Sample Sunday: Gabrielle

Today I tried my sample of the new fragrance from Chanel, Gabrielle.  It is meant to evoke a youthful Chanel, the woman whose given name was Gabrielle before she became known as Coco Chanel and then, as befits a legend, just Chanel. 538 more words

Serenity Now

Harry Potter và đứa trẻ bị nguyền rủa. Phân đoạn 2. Cảnh 7- 8

Phân đoạn 2, Cảnh 7: Bìa Rừng cấm, Giải đấu Tam pháp thuật, 1994

Bỗng nhiên mọi thứ chìm trong âm thanh huyên náo hỗn loạn khi một đám đông xuất hiện và gần như nuốt chửng Albus và Scorpius. 3,648 more words

T5W: Favourite Minor Characters

Wednesday is here again, and with it time for another Top 5! Top Five Wednesday was created by Gingerreadslainey on Youtube, and you can find the group with topics and participants… 528 more words