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Day 26 of 30 days of backbends

Today I added advanced locust scorpion and putting my feet on the floor. If anyone would like me to discuss working up to this, leave me a comment 😃.

Days 24 and 25 of 30 Days of Backbends

I’ve had a busy Friday and Saturday, so please forgive my tardiness in posting an update. I’m a high school teacher so my Friday was teaching, yoga, yoga homework, cleaning the studio (which I do for free yoga). 127 more words

Gloomystairs (Salmonella+Banetoriko)

Gloomystairs is a unit formed by Salmonella and Banetoriko.

New very limited flexi disc single is coming out on 5/4/2015 from Obakekoubu label.

Please listen this beautiful piece!




Noise / ノイズ

Lilla Rose: New designs and 3-DAY SALE

Hi all! As most of you know, I’m an Independent Consultant for Lilla Rose, a hair jewelry company. I wanted to let you know about a 3 day sale that’s on right now, from today (April 23) till Saturday (April 25) at midnight. 129 more words

Day 20 of 30 days of backbends

Here are three versions of full locust. Remember, where your eyes go your body will follow-so look up!!!

Day 18 of 30 days of backbends

For day 18, I decided to do a full camel. Here are pictures of me in each step (my tip is to not try this till you see the floor in regular camel and to stretch up first): 9 more words

Day 16 of 30 days of backbends

Today I added dancer pose. This is NOT one to rush. People bruise their ribs forcing this one all the time and it takes months to heal. 80 more words