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Stretching, Balance and Strength Training and Flexibility Exercises… 29 more words


Better defined biceps Exercise Guide

Better Biceps Workout Tips

Biceps, as you would guess from their name, are a two-headed muscle. The outer head is also known as the long head and the one that fills up the expanse of your outer arm when flexing. 673 more words

Flexibility Exercises

Bike commuting tips

Bike Commuting’s The Way To Go!

Seems like everywhere you look these days in major cities as well as those second stringers we have fresh paint hitting the pavement and carving out those glorious… 742 more words

Flexibility Exercises

Stretching after workout good or bad.

Do I Really Need To Stretch?

What used to be a question that was so obvious that people would have laughed at you for asking it has now become a more complicated topic and requires some further discussion to decide if stretching before a workout or physical activity is helpful and whether or not it could possibly even be detrimental. 612 more words

Flexibility Exercises

Get rid of from Neck Pain & Cricks

Within the first five minutes, I felt better and was then able to lay off of the aspirin and over time build back up the flexibility and strength in my neck and shoulder muscles.Here are the neck exercises that worked for me, and I hope they bring you some relief as well. 326 more words

Flexibility Exercises

Simple Ways to Save Your Neck In 5 Minutes

The complete guide to Save Your Neck In 5 Minutes

We are spending more and more time each year on our computers, tablets and cranking away behind our desks, sweating over deadlines and responding to emails. 301 more words

Flexibility Exercises

The Best Low-Impact Cardio Workout Tips

Low-Impact Cardio Workout Tips

When it comes to saving those joints, protecting those tendons and trying to reduce the overall wear and tear on your body, going low impact in your exercise routine can make a lot of good sense. 620 more words

Flexibility Exercises