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Dear Prospective Employer...

I am of the age between just-out-of-college and never-worked, and ready-to-retire. Though unconventional, my resume is filled with multiple deadlines, the organization to meet them, and keeping loyal customers. 469 more words

Massage - Proactive or Reactive

There are 2 aspects to massage. The proactive aspect where massage is used when your dog doesn’t have any mobility issues and the reactive aspect where massage is used to address mobility issues resulting from old age, joint problems or accidents. 315 more words

Yoga: Your secret weapon to strength and flexibility

Cycling, golfing, gardening, hiking, walking. All your favourite summer activities are awaiting you and it’s time to get outside.

Flexibility and freedom of movement are a vital piece of having a body that can embrace the physical demands of this outdoor season. 816 more words

Diet & Fitness

River flowing

We all know that yoga is a lifelong practice and a practice for life. Today it’s often repeated even in yoga slogans that what happens off the mat is more important than what happens on the mat. 1,073 more words


4 Tips To Make You More Flexible

We all have to work for a living, but unfortunately, many jobs leave us unable to exercise a lot, and we tend to stiffen up. This causes us to lose our flexibility, and over time, it is just going to get worse and worse, leading to sore, stiff muscles and joints. 566 more words

It's a Hula-Hoop Away!

Hooping, along with the type of dancing called ‘Flow’, is one of my favorite holistic activites. It’s a great expression of dance while incorporating your whole-body movement along with a constant reminder of ‘going with the FLOW’ (literally!) Hooping can be an easy way to unwind from a stressful day, get your body shakin’ before a night out, bring your love of a song/music to a physical-level by moving to the beats, or just an excuse to shake your bottom with some friends! 117 more words

The ROI of Stretching Properly

Isn’t yoga just some woo-woo form of stretching? A kind of warm-up or cool-down for other athletic activities, not far off from what your high school coach made you do “for your own good?” Option to add weird breathing exercises and maybe some chanting and the pretzelification of select people who were just born bendy, et voila: Yoga! 1,021 more words