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Part Two Rabbit Trail

It’s hard to let go. Does that sentence sound familiar? I’m going to try this again and see if I can stay on track. And speaking of rabbit trails, isn’t that a cute little guy, hanging out in the dunes by the sea? 519 more words


Designing Communication, Communicating Design

We work in a communications industry.

We create and maintain systems to move information around in order to get things done. That information moves between people and systems in combinations and configurations too numerous to count. 940 more words

Architectural Practice

Get Lost

Where did you think you were going anyway? Even if you did manage to live your A-List life with no divorce, no cancer, lots of money; you’re still gonna have some bad days. 916 more words

Ego, Consciousness, Thought

Words and the World

Writing is weird.

Writing makes no sense.

But it must, because so many of us can’t live without it.

I’ve written stories in a few days where every little detail clicked, where there was no need for serious revisions. 377 more words


3 Instances When Less Is More in The Yoga Practice

When I watch advanced yogis perform the most difficult asanas with ease, I fall into a state of awe and I wish I could do the same some day. 720 more words



It is difficult to know where to start when so much happens in a day like today. Towards the end of my holiday I was getting a bit experienced out in that not much was happening and so not much was popping into my head to write about. 1,519 more words