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Flexibily Challange

Hey Y’all!

As the summer begins, I have decided to start a challenge. All semester I’ve promised myself that I would stretch every day toward greater flexibility and blah blah blah. 468 more words

Physiolates.Pilates for lunch

  • physiolatesPilates for lunch – great idea! Our Thursday 1pm classes in Manchester city centre with physiotherapist Kate McNally. Book your free taster today!


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LAS in the D LEAD Team

To maintain the Leadership Advancement Scholarship (LAS) at Central Michigan University, every individual must serve on a LEAD team sponsored by the Leadership Institute each year during their undergraduate education. 371 more words



Everyone is accountable to someone at sometime, whether that person is someone else or just themselves. Improving your health, loosing weight, reducing stress and many other things leave you accountable. 603 more words


Build Wrist Flexibility With These 3 Exercises

Original post by Logan Christopher.

If you’re going to do handstands or any other gymnastic moves, then your hands and wrists can take a beating.  1,048 more words

Research Based Posts.

Analytical Logistics. Part 2.

Up until around 4 weeks ago there was nothing special about Tuesdays. Just a day. Nothing planned or up. Just home-school for my daughter and chores for me – I often made bread on that day too. 1,088 more words

Can Pilates really help improve cycling/running?

In one word….YES!

Whether you want to compete or just want to improve for leisure Pilates has been proven to help sports performance.  By focusing on specific movements related to your chosen sport, breaking these movements down into simpler bio-mechanical events (building blocks) and working on how these are used and combined, Pilates can be instrumental in improving your stability, flexibility and strength in these areas. 64 more words