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Wise Words from a Pole-Dancing Mama.

This weekend’s Spotlight shines on a woman who embodies the kind of determination and will that speaks to the essence of ToughGirl. She is Kris Isaac-Flojo, a multi-talented, outgoing and witty young woman in her early 30s, wife to Niki Flojo, mother to Elon. 1,018 more words


PhD Life: Being Thankful

PhD is quite stressful. According, to Berkeley study on graduate student wellness,  almost half of the PhD students are sort of depressed! I can also testify that I sense darkness and stress when I walk the corridors of PhD offices. 288 more words

My Life

Want To Get Flexible Fast? Read This Before You Start Your Stretching Routine

This morning one of my Pilates clients made a post-holiday remark I often hear: “Oh, I felt so stiff before the class! Now I am much better!” It reminded me that flexibility is one of those things we do not appreciate for its own sake, but we definitely notice its absence, or when we lack it. 1,660 more words


day 18.

today i am grateful for rest. those moments sitting on the couch with your best friend, playing cards. those moments of binge watching netflix because your body is tired but your mind is not. 123 more words


Day 17: Stillness

Delicious. Just, Delicious. The Cherry Pie helped <3 “Are you one to run from discomfort or lean into it and really understand?” I am strong, flexible, agile, graceful, energetic, 81 more words

Our Cynicism

“Be a skeptic, don’t be a cynic”.

Jason Silva