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The 5 lessons I learned on my break from Ashtanga yoga.

I recently had to take a break of nearly six months off my daily Ashtanga yoga practice due to a mild yet recurring hamstring issue. Having been a strict and devout Ashtangi for a year (meaning 6-mornings-a-week practicing the same sequence by myself, day in, day out) this official break felt wrong and weird, like I was a yoga-failure. 1,201 more words



Hello My Beautiful People! Today’s pose, Fish, is uncomfortable in so many ways at first (like your literally on top of your head), but you can get through it. 379 more words

Yoga Challenge

Today, not so lazy

I had literally one of the most intense and difficult workouts today that I can truly recall.

Day 7 of classes at The Ashram (ok there were 1100 others but they were 2 years ago).   402 more words


The Invisibility Cloak of Habit

“No, you’re not wrong; I’m wrong!”

How often have you heard, or uttered these words? Seldom is my guess. In fact, you may have even misread these words. 2,689 more words

Will doing 15 mins of yoga each morning make you a better ultra runner?

  • If you’re like me, you’re probably a slacker when it comes to stretching
  • Failure to stretch will make your muscle range shorter.  Shorter muscles will mess up your gait. 
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The pool

Its crazy.  I feel crazy.
My sister used to tell me that I was not normal because I never dated, I just dove full strength into a relationship without getting to know the person first. 512 more words



Hello My Beautiful People! Today’s pose, turtle pose, is another one of my favorites. Turtle pose teaches us that nothing is impossible. Seeing isn’t believing, doing it is. 419 more words

Yoga Challenge