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3 benefits that millennials value most - and how you can take advantage

Perhaps the most challenging thing about recruiting is that you’re constantly trying to appeal to a wide range of possible employees all at once. You can’t recruit everyone in the same way – it won’t work. 518 more words

Recruitment & Talent Management

Why flexible working from home is awesome and why more employers should offer it

More and more, technology is allowing many of us to do our jobs from home – or at the very least, telecommute on occasion. I am fortunate enough to be one of those lucky few that can work from home once in awhile as much of the software that I use is web based, and due to the wonderful fact that I can log in to my work computer remotely. 854 more words

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5 real ways to show appreciation for your employees

By Karen Huss, VP of Corporate Relations, Ceridian.

Mother Teresa once said, “There is more hunger in the world for love and appreciation than for bread.” Visit almost any workplace and you’ll find this rings true. 668 more words

Employee Engagement

5 tips for celebrating National Flex Day at your place of business

By Sara Hill, Chief Human Resources Officer at Ceridian.

HCM these days has been overtaken by a new, positive trend – a widespread strong desire for flexibility among employees everywhere. 493 more words

Employee Engagement

Turns out there's a downside for companies that allow working from home, too

There’s plenty of research out there on the benefits of remote and flexible work. It’s been shown to lead to increased productivity, and has an undeniable benefit for work-life balance.  520 more words

5 tips for finding your most productive work time

By Kelly Allder, VP of HR Programs, Ceridian

As an HR leader, your assignment from day to day and from month to month is to maximize employee engagement, while increasing… 515 more words

Human Resources

Telecommuting for Work in US - From 9% to 37% in 20 years Gallup finds

Thirty-seven percent of U.S. workers say they have telecommuted, up slightly from 30% last decade but four times greater than the 9% found in 1995. 318 more words

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