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Stay at home parent and Identity crisis

Ever since I quit my job four years back, I’d been asked a zillion times ‘Are you working’? And the questions doesn’t cease there as the answer was always a “No”… 8 more words

How to Juggle Work & Life: Four People Share Their Experiences

When Cassandra Thorburn opened up about her decision to stay at home with her children while her husband, Karl Stefanovic, pursued his glittering career, vociferous public debate ensued. 1,416 more words

Flexible Work

Things to make life run more smoothly

‘I don’t know how you do it,’ said an ex-Olympic Athlete to me once. She meant how I managed to work full-time, go to a running club, bring up three kids, be mostly nice to my husband, organise the house, the washing, the homework, the meals, the cleaning and all that essential but unlisted stuff you have to do as soon as you’ve given birth. 316 more words

Flexible Work

Flexible work isn’t just a woman’s issue

This article appears originally in Financy

Greater job flexibility is sweeping the nation but still it remains largely a “woman’s issue,” suggesting that society, politicians and business have a lot more work to do. 498 more words

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18 High-paying Jobs That Allow Work Flexibility

Spoiler Alert: Earn an Engineering Degree. Yep, that’s right, Engineers always top every list of the highest-paying jobs. A Bachelor’s Degree in most fields won’t put you into the tax bracket that Engineering ones do. 292 more words


Why read the small print?

I was at a women in business brunch today. One solicitor asked for referrals or recommendations of local independent estate agents. The trouble is, she told us, since going back to work after a four year break things have changed. 338 more words

Keeping employees motivated through the height of winter

By Deb LaMere, VP of Employee Experience, Ceridian

We’re now halfway through winter. And though spring is in less than 60 days away, the dreary weather of winter is just starting to hit its peak. 800 more words

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