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Flexible working hours can help you sleep more—or at least feel like you did

It is estimated that around 30% of adults do not get enough sleep on a regular basis. To put it another way, their sleep need… 934 more words

#YOLO – You only live once OR floss one tooth at a time

Two interesting things happened over this long weekend.

  1. I didn’t have any commitments – no functions, places to be or “things in the diary”
  2. I got the urge to just get “stuff” sorted that had been bugging me for ages.
  3. 752 more words

Helping your employees grow, and 5 other ways to be a great boss

It goes without saying: If you can do a better job managing people, you’ll be more likely to keep your staff members engaged and focused on their work. 455 more words

Employee Engagement

Why you will fail to have a successful career- unless...

Career – quite the buzzword these days, especially amongst recent graduates such as myself.

What is your career plan?

How does family fit in to said career plan? 344 more words

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4 tips for improving employee engagement through greater flexibility

Every company has a clear vested interest in improving employee retention and productivity, and they’re slowly discovering new and innovative strategies for how to do it. 468 more words

Employee Engagement

Retain Top Performers in 4 Easy Steps

By Claire Harrison

Holding the interest of top performers has never been so essential to the successful outcomes of your business – as various industries move forward, it’s becoming increasingly apparent good people drive great companies from the ground up. 455 more words

Employee Development

The perks of being a "work at home" mom

Society’s been quick to label the “stay at home mom” and the “working mother,” but the “work at home mom” is rarely ever mentioned.

I’ve been a work at home mom—in some capacity—since my first son was born in 2010. 577 more words