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Post-beatdown breakdown: NY/CT prelims

A look back at how my back-to-back gutpunching sessions with a guy in New York and Jose in Connecticut prepared me psychologically for my 2-on-1 session with Jose and Tristan (while giving me sore abs for it as well, lol). 73 more words


Battered in the Berkshires, Part 4 (2-on-1)

After Tristan and Jose had put my already-sore abs through the wringer just about every which way, they toyed with me a little more before the big climax, which will be available soon in the unedited version via this blog (click the folder icon at the top of the page to follow). 38 more words


Battered in the Berkshires, Part 2 (2-on-1)

For Round 2, Tristan and Jose broke out the restraints but didn’t show much restraint themselves, driving hard fists, elbows, knees, and feet into my abs and belly button. 23 more words


Icing my abs between beatings

My abs were sore after intense gut punching sessions two nights in a row, and I had a two-on-one session coming up in half an hour. 75 more words


Northeast corridor beatdowns

A sampling of some of the gutpunching footage I’ve picked up on this trip, with lots more on the way. Next stop: Boston May 5-7… 38 more words


Flexing and taking hard punches in New York

Getting a good solid ab pounding from a guy I hope to meet up with again.

Message me here or on social media for cam shows and/or if you want to connect as I continue my rail/road trip into New England (Hartford May 3, Western Mass. 23 more words


The Chemistry of Trust: 8 Ways to Build More of It

What if you could be the kind of leader whose team had increased energy, was more productive, collaborated better with their colleagues, and stayed with your organization longer? 848 more words

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