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Abs like lunch | Flexing and hitting stomach vacuums while intermittent fasting

How I keep my mind off food in the mornings during intermittent fasting – by flexing my muscles, pounding my abs and hitting stomach vacuums. 7 more words

Muscle Worship

Muscle worshiper's point of view

Flexing and punching my abs for my muscle worshiper as he wears a headset with the camera attached. The full 25-minute uncensored video, which lets you see everything he sees and touches, is available here.

Muscle Worship

Testing my abs with punches, a hammer, and a crutch

The most intense ab workouts aren’t at the gym. Flexing my muscles as I work my abs with gut punching and other methods.

The uncensored 22-minute clip is available here.

Muscle Worship

So much muscle worship, so little time

It all goes by so fast! ;) There’s one new solo flexing video here and the first reunion muscle worship/gut punching video with the twink… 17 more words

Muscle Worship

Flexing and gut punching memories from 2017

Out with the old muscle worship and GP sessions; in with the new. Happy 2018 and thanks for the memories during our first year.

I also rounded up the best art museum shows I saw in 2017:

Muscle Worship

4wd Flex Day

So as I sit at work getting through the mountain of pile of work on my desk, I receive a text message from Josh. I opened it and see 5 pictures of him out flexing Betsy. 81 more words