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Meat Free Monday: Quinoa and Turmeric Fritter

Isn’t this dish so colourful?!

This is VERY similar to the sweet potato cakes I blogged about way back in May. They’re both from Deliciously Ella, but this one is from the book and the other was from the blog. 70 more words


TooLoud Flexitarian Toddler TShirt Dark

Don’t expect your toddler to be ready to follow an inventory of rules. Rules would like to be kept short and simple. Forever remember safety 1st, help your child to follow the foundations by not leaving something out that would be tempting for your little one to mess with or get into. 267 more words

TooLoud Flexitarian Toddler TShirt Systems

Try not to yell or raise your voice to your toddler, all that will is get your toddler upset and it can get you distressed. When you would like your… 371 more words

Confessions of a Flexitarian

I admire vegetarians. It takes careful menu planning and strength of character to be one.

I’m nearly a vegetarian myself, but I still eat meat sometimes. 396 more words


Meat Free Monday: Thug Kitchen Burritos

So today I wanted to try out what most American’s see as a standard meal, but what I see as quite adventurous – burritos! We don’t really have them in the UK… The odd restaurant might offer one generic meat and dairy filled one, but nothing like this. 135 more words


Is Cruelty Ever Necessary?

The dictionary defines cruel as: Wilfully causing pain or suffering to others, or feeling no concern about it. The example is: “People who are cruel to animals”. 1,003 more words