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Vegan 'fakeaway' curry

Lovers of curry, takeaways, simple recipes and veganism, this one’s for you. You’re welcome.

For those tracking macros, this recipe is 198kcal/portion with % energy split: 48C/25F/20P (rice, naan etc not included). 278 more words


My definitive list of vegan-friendly milk alternatives

….scored by the attributes most important to me: price, nutrients, taste in tea, taste in porridge. Simple.

Please note: I always opt for unsweetened variants where possible (excluding my weakness for chocolate variants) – always check the label for pesky added sugar! 363 more words


The Future of Meat

It is now widely understood that modern industrialised farming, and by extension a carnivorous diet, is bad for the environment and often one’s health. In recent years people have become aware of not just the ethical and emotional arguments for reducing meat intake, but also the stress it puts on the planet, specifically in its unsustainable use of water and implications for ecosystem and soil degradation. 798 more words



The Super Simple Series aims to be super simple. That’s that.


I’ve been wanting to share some snacks and recipes that I make on a daily basis to sustain and fuel my busy schedule, don’t break the bank and can be prepared so quickly that I can make them in the office. 283 more words


Opals + Sushi

Howdy! It’s a cold-ass, snowy day out! My mood seems stable again, so I’m thrilled about that – I’ve started a daily mood log in order to track my ups and downs; I hope to see some patterns and be able to adjust accordingly to them. 460 more words

Good Eats

CHOCOLATE FUDGE BROWNIE THINS: “OMG, I can eat this?” series

OMG, I can eat this? aims to reconstruct your favorite No Go meals and turn them into delights you can chow down on without feeling terribly afterward. 486 more words



Howdy there! Long time, no post! I’ve been a little scattered mentally lately, so I’m hoping to get back into the blogging groove today!

Breakfast… 337 more words

Good Eats