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What to do with container fractions

So you know how to containerize a recipe now. And, maybe you’re pretty comfortable tweaking a recipe to fit in your meal plan. But let’s say your recipe doesn’t take well to changes in ingredient proportions, or you’re not confident enough as a chef to take such creative liberties yet. 614 more words

Year 23, Day 5

In my About page, I note that I’m flexitarian. This is a person who eats a predominately plant-based diet, but bends every now and then. 788 more words

Clean Fifteen

You're a Doofus: On Being a Flexitarian

As I sat in the sun, nomming on a delicious bit of smoked meat, I realized that I will almost certainly never be a vegetarian. 272 more words


Looking for inspiration: lovely vegan event in Shoreditch. Still a flexitarian though...

I am slowly trying to convert to veganism and have made a lot of changes already.

There is however no doubt that I am still a flexitarian (love this word! 111 more words

Feel In Charge

Inspire people to choose vegan or shaming people to become vegan?

If a Youtuber publish an online statement saying they quit veganism, they are attacked from every corner of the vegan community, it is seen as a the bigger betrayal ever. 463 more words


Eat for your Life! (aka: Our Flexitarian Family)

When I was a kid, food was all about three square meals per day. One food from each of the four crucial food groups: meat and eggs, bread & cereal, fruits & veggies, and, of course, milk, to do a body good. 730 more words


Things I learnt when I went 'Flexitarian'

I’ll admit, until a couple of years ago I was a reasonably dedicated carnivore. I had nothing against vegetarianism, but my deep love of bacon was a huge barrier to me considering a meat-free life with any degree of seriousness. 853 more words

Going Green