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35 hours without meat

I’d cut out meat entirely for a month after a festive/feast(ive) slip at Christmas, only to succumb to the devilish prowess of a… 393 more words


Popcorn bars

As per usual, this recipe is weird. Set all visions of crunchy, salty, buttery popcorn out of your mind. Popcorn in this bar replaces puffed millet or puffed rice that bar-making companies gravitate towards. 546 more words


Dinner Ideas: Couscous and Parsley

There was a sale on parsley at the store….so I was like, sure I’ll buy a couple bunches and figure out something to do with it. 77 more words



Just as we’re getting to grips with flexitarianism, there’s a new way of eating. It may sound like scavenging in the mud for your dinner but sirtfoods are the new wonder group to sweep our shores. 279 more words


Veggies for Breakfast

I’m going to have a busy day, so I decided to get a good breakfast in my belly. Using up the last of my spinach I made a quick spinach and sharp cheddar cheese omelet. 14 more words


Black Bean Soup

While my daughter was in preschool, we had a weekly trip to a local cafe every Wednesday for lunch.  We both always ordered the black bean soup and it was delicious.   266 more words

Weird Super Healthy Foods

Everybody learned to make the transition from poultry and ranch meat to veggies and seafoods as you became a health and weight-conscious adult. The foods listed here may sound — and look — sort of odd, but I have faith that you can learn to love these even stranger, but super healthy foods if for no other reason that they will do your body real good! 433 more words