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Well. I Did the Thing. Mostly.

I made it to the end of this process friends!!

I have to say that I feel different than I thought I would.

I’m happy that I’m done, but not because I’m excited to eat animal products again actually. 429 more words

Things Fall Apart

Okay so I should admit that the title of this post is a bit dramatic, but the point is that I failed again, but this time was also an accident, so it was a less disappointing failure I think. 600 more words

De-Meating Your Life

The arguments that have made flexitarianism something of a quiet trend, have been well versed. So accept in summary I shan’t endlessly wax poetic about them here. 604 more words


I'll Have Flexi to Start...

The extolment of the virtues of flexitarianism has to do with net benefits. If we held a debate tomorrow – Flexitarian versus Abolitionist Vegan – in front of 100 carnivores, and assuming that both had the same levels of intellectual chutzpah and pizazz, I would guess that the flexitarian would have an easier job of convincing the largest population of the audience to reduce their animal product consumption. 727 more words


Book Club Tuesday: The Short Stack Cookbook

There is literally one pasta dish that’s acceptable to my husband and daughter. One. There is no recipe — cherry tomatoes are oven roasted with a little EVOO, summer savoury and garlic and then served on spaghetti. 1,382 more words

I Think I Might Like This a Little Bit?

So something weird happened today – good – but weird.

I was out with my boyfriend and we were getting coffee and I was complaining about how I wanted a latte so bad and having vegan coffee sucked because alternative milks don’t do it for me the way that real milk does. 486 more words

Love your meat? See your meat!

Meat eaters!

Have you ever asked yourself this question: What is the quality of the meat you’re eating, and how well was the animal raised..? If not, then you can “pass Go and collect $200 along the way”. 729 more words

Yogibanker Values