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Life and Living Past 100 Years of Age : Guangxi China

In Bama County, Guangxi, China, living past the age of a hundred isn’t just commonplace, it’s become a tourist attraction. People from big cities flock to villages like Longhong to meet the centenarians and try to learn the secret of their longevity. 47 more words


China Palace Restaurant in Bergen

Now that I have been treated for my ulcer and am back to eating normal food, I can go to restaurants again. I really enjoy meeting my family and having dinner with them. 166 more words



It turned out I’m a FLEXITARIAN. Yes, it is an existing expression. No it’s not a disease Flexitarian = semi vegetarian:  plant-based diet with the occasional inclusion of meat products. 1,232 more words

What I Eat

There is clearly an obsession with what people eat because all over social media people are sharing what they eat. I even did a “What I Ate Wednesday” on Instagram while I was working toward eating to relieve my digestive issues. 811 more words

 Flexitarian Family Meal Planning 

Sunday is meal planning day, being a busy working Mum it is the best way to ensure we have tasty, healthy meals which don’t cost the health. 198 more words

Dealing with Vegan Stigma

Having been a vegan for about a year, I’ve found that the diet itself is simple. There is a huge abundance of vegan products on the market nowadays. 988 more words


What I ate for dinner

Tonight I cooked up a speedy dinner for my family after long hot days at work and school plus hours of cycling for my brother and dad. 79 more words