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Mean Bean (Thai) Green Curry

When I grew up home cooked food could be pretty much divided up into four categories. There was the standard British fare, the Mediterranean which was basically Italian with a bit of French mixed in, Chinese and Indian. 846 more words


On Being a Flexitarian

I am a food blogger, an ethical eater, and a health-conscious person. I am also a flexitarian. And I hate that word.

Perhaps because it has yet to earn a place in either the public consciousness or vernacular, or perhaps because I ascribe to it a collection of perceived negative connotations – whatever the reason, it feels decidedly unflattering. 739 more words


Foolish Rhubarb and Ginger Pots

Rhubarb is a funny one. It is a vegetable but it really does think it is a fruit. Although there are more and more savoury recipes out there nowadays more fitting to its veggie status, a quick search of rhubarb recipes will mostly yield a vast array of crumbles, fools and jam recipes. 836 more words


Meatless Resullts

As of January 18th¸I decided to go meatless for 30 days. Little did I now, 30 days turned into 3 months and 1 week. As a result, a total of 14 pounds was lost!! 165 more words


Mushroom Duxelles Two Ways: Pork Wellington and Quail's Eggs Parcels

Recently we’ve started growing our own mushrooms. It’s not as complicated as it sounds; we took the lazy route and bought the kits and grew them on old coffee grounds. 1,045 more words


Ginger and Garlic Chilli Prawns with Asparagus and Samphire Noodles

Samphire (also known as sea asparagus and sea beans), or to call it by its proper name Salicornia, grows along the coastlines of Europe and Northern America and is riding high right now on its cool and trendy status. 796 more words


Veganism for Klingons

I had a little thrill yesterday, to discover that one of my favourite Star Trek people, Michael Dorn (@akaWorf) is a vegan, and we exchanged a couple of tweets last night. 636 more words

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