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Book of the Week: Let My People Go Surfing

This is another origin story book about Patagonia, a privately held clothing company that specializes in climbing equipment. The previous origin story books focused a lot of the founders, but this one focuses more on the company rather then the founder, Yvon Chouinard. 316 more words


Band Spotlight - BNLX

BNLX is the newest band to be featured in jillypopmusic’s in-depth Band Spotlight series.

I’m excited to introduce you to BNLX, an experimental/noisepop/post-punk group based in Minneapolis. 795 more words


How those spoiled millennia's will make the workplace better for everyone

Have you heard the one about the kid who got his mom to call his boss and ask for a raise? Or about the college student who quit her summer internship because it forbade Facebook in the office? 698 more words

December 2014

Flexible Work Arrangements Fever

How would you describe flexible scheduling? Does a standard definition come to mind? In a new SHRM survey on FWAs (flexible work arrangements), which surveyed 525 HR professionals from a randomly selected sample of SHRM’s membership, “FWAs,” “flextime,” “workplace flexibility,” “flexible scheduling,” etc. 635 more words

China Gorman

No flextime in your office? Don't blame HR, fault your boss

If your employer offers flexible work schedules—the option to telecommute, for instance, or to come in to the office at hours other than the usual—how did you hear about the policy? 485 more words


Mentally Ill People Need More Help to Stay in Work

People with mental illness should have more help to stay in work, including prompt NHS treatment and support from employers, such as flexible working hours, England’s chief medical officer has said. 215 more words

Health & Well-being

The Importance of Employee Engagement

Are You doing enough to motivate your workforce?

Arguably, the biggest single threat to staff retention and productivity within the workplace is the issue of employee engagement. 670 more words

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