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Koto dur ar koto dur

Back again, having waited far too long with this next image (and what remains in the to-post queue), with another stunningly serene image from my friend… 132 more words

Flickr Post Reviews

Nature's "A" Frame

Continuing with the work of one of the newest-featured photographers on this site, whose work is constantly of high compositional quality, we have another of… 179 more words

Flickr Post Reviews


Time to catch up with posting again, so here is a stunning piece of work from my Flickr friend Ethan, whose Burmese travels have produced a plethora of beautiful compositions. 206 more words

Flickr Post Reviews

Bow Glacier Falls

It has been a few months since I last featured any of Keith Rajala‘s work, but that does not mean there has been any let-up in his quality. 162 more words

Flickr Post Reviews


Returning after a short break (at least from being featured here), we have more from compositional star Jenny Downing.

While the concept of a still life comprising a pair of empty wine glasses is nothing new, this has to be one of the best results I have seen in the area. 147 more words

Flickr Post Reviews


Adding a new name to those featured here, a recently added Flickr contact, Ali Azimian gets his first outing…

While this may at first appear to simply be a gorgeous portrait shot, it is far more than that. 104 more words

Flickr Post Reviews

Modern Wedding

We return now to the urban wilds of Canada, with a touch of modern romance from Sandy Phimester.

Besides the obvious appeal of a perfectly toned photograph of a beautiful woman, this image grabs attention through a combination of strong directional composition and smart use of light. 167 more words

Flickr Post Reviews