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Take United 93 Down!

By LtCol Mike Christy-TWS Dispatches

U.S. Air Force Lt. Heather “Lucky” Penney was a rookie in the fall of 2001, the first female F-16 pilot ever at the 121st Fighter Squadron of the District of Columbia Air National Guard 113th Wing located at Joint Base Andrews, Camp Springs, Maryland. 1,130 more words

Airlines complicit in Flight 93 tragedy of Sept 11 2001.

This is a re-posting from my original blog, from 2005

I had actually gone looking for this article I wrote back in 2005. I’d really like to know WHY the friggin’ pilots opened their cockpit door after receiving the message from flight control. 1,298 more words


100 Films @ 10: Films I Shouldn't Have Wasted My Precious Time On This Earth By Watching

A pause from celebrating great things today to look at the flipside of movie watching: the crap.

However hard we may try, we’re always going to watch stuff we don’t like (and some of us don’t try that hard, let’s be honest — I swear the world is full of people who flock to all the new blockbusters even though they probably couldn’t remember the last time they actually enjoyed one). 844 more words


On Fashion and 9/11

Another day, another couple hours spent researching someone in the White House who’s willing to burn down the whole country in hopes that one day we’ll resemble the America that he (because of course it’s a he) wants us to be. 759 more words


Decisions, Decisions IB Unit 3

Students, you will be working in centers to learn about the difficult decision the passengers of Flight 93 made on Sept. 11, 2001. You must log in to your portal, click on Apps, Services, and Sites, then click on Discovery Education app,  and then click on the link below: 65 more words


When Good Men Do Nothing

That title, “When Good Men Do Nothing” is misleading. I fear in this story I wasn’t one of the good men. I was a scared little boy, more interested in winning the praise of someone I admired then sticking up for someone I should have defended. 899 more words

Personal Development

When will we prevail?

I imagine there are millions of people across the world asking the same question (in an around about way.)

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