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Sabbath Monday: Memorial

Well, vacation is sadly over. As I reflect back on my vacation, unpacking the things I bought or flipping through pictures, I can honestly say it was a good trip. 919 more words


With my own body I would stop him

As I hear more and more reports on the terror attack in Orlando I can’t help but think that there is something terribly wrong in America. 1,772 more words


Red Flag in San Antonio 2016-41

                                     Red Flag in San Antonio 2016-41


                                 Somber Mood and Thoughts in Penna

I have a poem below, I wrote in the past that speaks for itself in its content, but it brought to mind something that JUST happened recently. 632 more words


National Park Service Determines Major Factors In Flight 93 Memorial Fire

SHANKSVILLE, Pa. (KDKA) — The National Park Service says while they were not able to determine an exact cause of the fire at the Flight 93 National Memorial headquarters in 2014, they were able to determine the major factors. 275 more words


No flight or fight

Flight ninety-three in our mind,
Whenever we fear an attack,
But flight ninety-three we can’t find,
Our flight and our fight there hijacked.

Flight 93

Every generation has had its own war – my grandparents had WWI, my folks had WWII. For me, the Vietnam War was the one my friends and schoolmates were called to fight. 653 more words


Flight 93 Memorial: What Took Me So Long?

There are 40 marble pillars in a row, each with the name of one of 40 brave souls that gave their lives to keep their hijacked plane from becoming the “bomb” that, in another 20 minutes, would have exploded in the bowels of the U. 414 more words

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