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British Airways' Female Flight Attendants Can Now Wear Pants

A long-running fight between British Airways and cabin crew staff has come to an end today with the decision that recently hired female flight attendants are no longer forced to wear skirts on the job. 230 more words

Things Got Ugly When A Brawl Broke Out Between Flight Attendants

When one considers mid-air disasters, a whole host of possibilities come to mind. None of them — mechanical error, weather-related turbulence, or a terrorist bent upon destruction — sound pleasant. 283 more words


I'm Just Making This Up As I Go

This is the weekend that we will meet our future adoptive son for the first time, I can say this will relative certainty as we are currently sitting in Philadelphia and there are no unusual weather patterns which would cause our flight to be canceled. 751 more words


Excuse me, please bring me my nuts!

Flight Attendants, also called Cabin Crew, Hostess, Stewardess or Steward, Trolley Dolly, Cart Tart and even glorified waitresses, are highly under-appreciated by passengers. What they don’t know, is that they are not there to simply serve them and attend to their every whim; t… 914 more words

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7 Airline Insider Tips That Will Make Flying Less Grueling

Don’t drink the coffee, bring your own headphones, and don’t bother locking your suitcase. Those are just a few of the tips being offered by anonymous… 505 more words


This Flight Attendant Picked The Worst Possible Words To Explain A Delayed Flight

Dealing with a delayed flight is enough of a headache in itself, but nothing makes tensions rise like when a delayed flight is actually stuck on the runway for hours at a time, with passengers trapped on the plane. 220 more words