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Frontier Airlines Flight Attendants File Discrimination #BreastPumping Charges with EEOC

“Airline Prohibits Breast Pumping on Duty, Despite 10-Hour Shifts”

DENVER — The American Civil Liberties Union, the ACLU of Colorado, and the law firm Holwell Shuster & Goldberg LLP today filed discrimination charges with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on behalf of two female Frontier Airlines flight attendants who claim that the company has discriminated against them and other female flight attendants by failing to provide accommodations related to pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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Flight attendant union to Wall Street: raises were fair, punishment wasn't

The leader of the American Airlines flight attendants union hit back at Wall Street for punishing the airline for giving pay raises to its pilots and flight attendants. 535 more words

From Culture to Customer Service, Inflight Training Builds Foundation for Success

After nearly four weeks of intensive classroom training, performance drills and competency checks, 9 written exams, and nearly nightly homework, 14 new Endeavor Flight Attendants gathered for a special graduation ceremony on May 2. 698 more words

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Airport Coversastions: July 2015

Location: San Francisco Airport

I have been up since 4am. So, far people are functioning listlessly and airport shit is expensive. It has been a while since I have travelled by plane. 214 more words


18 Air Hostesses Reveal The Craziest Things That Happen On A Plane

1. “Crew members will sometimes spit in the bottle or in a passenger’s meal, before serving them to the passenger.” – Fadia, 26

2. “My colleagues have sex in the sleeping bunks. 476 more words

This airlines had Flight attendants in bikini

It’s no secret that most flight attendants have always been easy on the eyes, so why not capitalize on that fact if you’re an airline owner? 148 more words