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Marry me, fly for free - Is this still a thing?

Saw a t-shirt recently that read: “Marry me, fly for free!” Made me wonder, is this still a thing?!

There was a time in the not-so-distant past that free travel may have been a draw to marry someone in the airline business. 412 more words


Can Labor-Power Finally Destroy the United Arab Emirates? (and Qatar, too)

Labor-power (or Arbeitskraft) is indeed very powerful.  But is it powerful enough to bring down the oil sheikdoms of the Gulf?

That was the question… 244 more words


New Video: Delta celebrates 75 years of flight attendant uniforms

In 1940, flight attendants made their debut as part of the Delta in-flight crew. Watch how their uniforms have evolved over 75 years.

Delta Air Lines

Flight Attendant Interviews

Preparing and practicing for your flight attendant interviews is essential. 

It is easy to make mistakes and say or do the wrong things.  105 more words

Flight Attendants

Hello world!

One of the most exciting jobs out there is a flight attendant. With strong competition, it is good to get a boost and prepare for interviews with an understanding of what airlines are looking for.

Good luck with the interviewing!

Flight Attendants

I saw myself...

Even though I gave up flying 7 years ago, I thought I saw myself working the flight the other night. No, I wasn’t hallucinating. However, the young male flight attendant working the cabin reminded me so much of myself that I had to do a double take. 365 more words