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Why GMOs Bad For Us?

Photo Credit: PineTreeGardenSeeds.com

GMOs, also known as Genetically Modified Foods, are food which have been genetically modify so that it can be sprayed with 441 more words


5 Types of Passengers Found On An Airplane

During my flying experience I encountered a vast array of different people, on a daily basis. Everyone takes on a certain persona when they step on to the airplane and I wanted to share the rather funny, yet positive ones with you. 622 more words

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Look! It's a Bird, It's a Plane...

From now until January 2nd marks the period with the greatest amount of air travel. I absolutely detest flying but instead of grumbling, I’ve used my time in the sky to categorize the following types of airline passengers.   815 more words


Flight attendants at Air Canada approve 10-year contract

TORONTO – Air Canada and CUPE say the airline’s flight attendants have approved a 10-year agreement reached with the carrier last month.

The union said in a statement that the agreement was accepted by a narrow margin, but did not provide a voting margin. 119 more words


Lufthansa says 100,000 travellers affected by flight attendants' strike

BERLIN – Lufthansa says some 100,000 airline passengers won’t be able to travel Wednesday because of an ongoing strike by flight attendants.

The German carrier said it has cancelled 931 flights even as Lufthansa and the UFO flight attendants union sought mediation in their dispute. 67 more words


Chairs in the upright position

Maybe some of you out there can recite the air safety briefing with your eyes closed.  In fact if you travel a lot you probably do close your eyes when you hear it.   289 more words

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Why a disabled passenger had to crawl off a United flight

D’Arcee Neal was forced to crawl off of his flight last week when United Airlines’ staff failed to provide him with the proper assistance, CNN reports… 350 more words