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The problem that exists for flight schools right now

Antoine de Saint Exupery once said, “I fly because it releases my mind from the tyranny of petty things.” However, petty things are inevitable when running a flight school and handling the up and coming student pilots. 241 more words


Week 1

I’ve been here for a week. Man, it feels so good. People are so welcoming, they’re friendly. I made some friends. Had some long ass meaningful conversations. 267 more words

OTC hopes new aviation program takes flight by fall 2017

By G’raavi Junkere

OTC intends to offer students a new aviation program which will provide jobs for expected pilot and grounds crew shortages in the future and, if approved by Missouri’s Board of Education, is expected to start in the next year. 395 more words


I Remember When...

I remember my first airplane ride.  It was exciting, and mind boggling.  Here I was a mere 19 year old, living the carefree life of a single woman on her own, living with two other single women. 535 more words

Center of Gravity and Cruise Performance

Working with some of the Student Pilots at CAU, and some of the Commercial ASEL candidates, I’ve noticed a few weak spots in our understanding.  Obviously some of it can be chocked up to instruction, which CAU is constantly working to improve, but some things are just a little bit more difficult to grasp than others.   939 more words



Have you decided that you’d like to learn to fly as a career? Congratulations and welcome to an exciting new chapter in your life! You’ll have some tough decisions to make, including whether you’d like to become a… 422 more words

Monmouth Executive Airport