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Back in the Office!

Since completing my private in October, I haven’t been able to fly because of some changes happening with my college; while I’ve been able to continue with the degree program and work toward my instrument ground, only this past Thursday did I finally get back into a plane to begin my instrument flight portion.   800 more words


Flight Training.. on hold #avgeek

So my last flight lesson was almost a year ago. I flew on the Hawaii’s Big Island for a scenic tour. I figured, I’d take a trip back to my first lesson that I was able to video record using one of my many hand held camera’s. 140 more words


Learning to Fly: Turning

Turning in an airplane is interesting. On the ground, when you are taxiing, you steer with the pedals, not with the wheel the way you would in a car. 476 more words


Instrument Flying: Round Dial Coordination

So you’re learning to fly instrument?  Let me welcome you to your new home!  If you’re flying steam gauges, and I honestly believe instrument should be taught on steam before glass, this is what your life is going to consist of for quite some time.   1,335 more words



Did you get the David Bowie reference? Sad news this week with his passing, he’s always been one of my favorites (I actually quoted him in my high school graduation speech!) 438 more words


Time Management For Student Pilots

A few years ago, I went to a panel at my local con called “Time management for writers.” I expected a lecture on writing every day – maybe even pontificating on how you’re not serious about writing if you don’t write every day. 945 more words


Twitter Abre Flight School para Especialistas en Marketing

En el 2014, Twitter lanzó Flight School, un programa online gratis para uso exclusivo de las agencias de publicidad y redes sociales. El propósito del programa era cubrir todo lo que los especialistas y agencias debían saber sobre la ejecución de campañas en Twitter para sus clientes. 355 more words

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