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Student Pilot Finances/How To Plunge Yourself Into Massive Debt/I Regret Nothing

*cue hysterical laughter*

Okay, so one of the first questions people ask when they want to know more about flight training is “Is it really as expensive as people say?” 1,511 more words


The Start of an Adventure

This is the story of how I survived selection and became a CTC Cadet!

As mentioned in my last post, I’ve always been fascinated by aviation, and have spent the last few years working on earning my Private Pilot’s License (PPL). 1,047 more words


Black Girl Pilot- Flight School Costs For Semester 1

I know a lot of people want to learn to fly and become discouraged when they see its costs.

So, I’m going to list the costs per semester for my school. 135 more words

Recent Solos

Congratulations to some recent, initial solos! Keep up the hard work guys!

Rick S

Arnold J

Private Pilot

Changing my mindset, how I improved my landings

I am a huge believer in fate, luck, karma, destiny, and of course I’m superstitious. This detail has not helped me out in the course of my life and it doesn’t help that I tend to overthink almost everything I do. 1,623 more words


Imma Duck-bird Now

I went for my first lesson on floats today.

The first time I ever left the ground was in a float plane. My dad had a family friend who ran a fishing resort, and had a float plane – I don’t actually know what kind, but he took my brother and I flying when I was maybe six or seven. 1,186 more words


A Kid Actually Asked Michael Jordan 'What Are Those?' [Video]

Man! They even got the great Michael Jordan with the viral “what are those?!” line!

Michael Jordan’s Flight School is in session right now at UC Santa Barbara, and during a Q&A with Jordan a camper asked, “what are those???!!!” The entire camp busted out in laughter! 8 more words