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On My Experience with Flight Sims and Flying

I’ve wanted to fly planes since I was a kid.

I don’t remember how I got it, but when I was barely in my double digits of age, I had a poster of the F-22 Raptor hanging on my door. 1,259 more words

Flight Simulator

Flight Simulator Freeware

Fly Away Simulation

– One of the biggest and most well organized file libraries there is. The library covers aircraft addons and scenery expansions, including mods and downloads for Microsoft FSX, Microsoft FS 2004, X-Plane and many earlier versions. 19 more words

Flight Simulators

Elite Dangerous: An absorbing and immersive experience.

Skeptical Spacer

I love space games. Always have. While I spend a great deal of time with fantasy games, sci-fi captures and devours me in ways fantasy just can’t. 1,581 more words


Oculus Touch Review

Right, so I have had the Rift since last summer, not long after it came out. I reviewed it a while back and I’ve not changed my mind about it at all. 870 more words


Spitfire replica flying control project

We have our first ‘Guest Post’ today from EAF79_Topsy. Topsy runs Spitfire Histories and is passionate about the Supermarine Spitfire please pay his site a visit and show your support for this project. 758 more words


IL2 Battle of Stalingrad/Moscow/Kuban - Update

Hi all,

Ok, so I posted a pretty uncomplementary review of BoX a few months ago. I’m still not prepared to say it is my favourite sim, I think DCS has that crown, but it is starting to grow on me and I play it more and more. 795 more words


So...Team Fusion and Cliffs of Dover

After a dramatic trailer and a big announcement news became sparse and speculation rife…so what is happening with Team Fusion and IL2 Cliffs of Dover? 577 more words

IL2 Cliffs Of Dover