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Star Fox Zero (Wii U) Review

An Experience That’s Out of This World

The Star Fox series began on the Super Nintendo as a polygonal on-rails space shooter.  Although primitive by comparison to today’s standards, its graphics and fast-paced behind-the-ship gameplay was revolutionary for its time.  2,280 more words


To be a Beginner in Elite: Dangerous (or how I learned to stop worrying and love space)

“You can go wherever you want!”;

“Complete freedom to do whatever you want!”;

“Be whatever you want!”.

When embarking on the staggering task of learning to play Elite: Dangerous, the freedom of the galaxy was the carrot on the stick for me. 1,067 more words


The best games I didn't blog about in 2015, part 1

So many games played, so little time to write about them. It’s just laziness on my part. And perhaps a bit of us getting carried away posting about… 1,001 more words

Random Tidbits

Awesome Star Wars Games

Star Wars star wars star wars.   You’ve seen Star Wars merchandising on everything from coffee creamer to tampons.  But how about something useful? I’ve written a list about a few of my favorite Star Wars games. 1,295 more words

Video Games

Retro Game Friday: Crimson Skies

This week for Retro Game Friday is a game I loved back in the day. It’s Crimson Skies!

Plot Synopsis: The Crimson Skies universe is set in an alternate history of the year 1937. 233 more words


Oases Plays With Your Heart and Sense of Alternate Reality

Recently, devs Armel Gibson and Dziff (of the greater Klondike collective of game-friends/developers based in northern France) crafted the short but limitlessly imaginative Oases, which the duo have dubbed a “kaleidoscopic ‘elegiac” flyscape'”. 303 more words

Indie Games

5 Simple things I wish X-plane 10 would improve on

I am a big fan of the X-plane 10 flight simulator.  However, there are many simple and complex features both visually and technically (such as ATC) that could be added to enhance X-plane 10.  368 more words