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Understanding the IL-2: Dover Series and IL-2: Great Battles Series

Paying close attention to the details of today’s IL-2: Cliffs of Dover Blitz edition announcement today you’ll notice that 1C Game Studios and Team Fusion have come up with a fairly clever way to denote the two series and what is compatible with what. 547 more words

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IL-2: Cliffs of Dover re-releases in new Blitz edition

In March of this year it was announced that Team Fusion, an unofficial mod group working with IL-2: Cliffs of Dover would be officially partnering with 1C Game Studios on an updated version of IL-2: Cliffs of Dover. 596 more words

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IL-2: Battle of Kuban final release delayed

IL-2’s Lead Producer announced today that IL-2: Battle of Kuban’s final release has been delayed. The delay is small but it did warrant a significant update today on the status of the project and, interestingly, gave us our first glance at what Career Mode looks like. 695 more words

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Review: SkyDrift

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Unless you’re a real sim grognard like my father, mentions of racing games are inevitably going to lead back to Mario Kart. 801 more words

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Final pass of Northland and Auckland

I’m taking a final pass through Northland and Auckland. You can see below some of the areas where different images have left sharp edges, in a similar way to my last post. 78 more words

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SE 11 Ep 32 Never Trust An Addict

In this episode I talk about my flight sim addiction and where I stand in the application process for The Chico Peace Endeavor



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FSX Flight Simulator, Steam, and FltPlan.com

I’ve been a fan of flight simulation for MANY years.

Seriously – even before I had a computer with Microsoft Flight Simulator installed, I used to sit around and pretend to fly. 164 more words