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Responses to Stress: Fight, Flight, or Freeze

Hello everyone! Happy Memorial Day!

“It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.” – Lou Holtz

Everyone reaches a moment in their life where they face a situation (physical, financial, emotional, relational, etc.) which feels too overwhelming to handle. 271 more words

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Rare Lockheed 10th Anniversary Glass Dish Commemorating Flight & Science

Rare Lockheed 10th Anniversary Glass Dish Commemorating Flight & Science
Rare Lockheed 10th Anniversary Glass Dish1951 – 1961Commemorating Flight And Science Lilienthal’s Glider, Polaris B 47, 4 Winds, Saturn, Nuclear Energy, Halley’s Comet, Early Aircraft, Kaiserer Balloon, Jetstar, B 29, Orion Attractive Smokey Glass With Gilt And Red Images Of Space, Aviation, And Science, Commemorating The 10 Year Anniversary Of Lockheed Georgia Division. 91 more words


Aboard Dreamliner's Inaugural Paris-Cairo Flight

I climb aboard the inaugural flight of Air France’s new Boeing 787 from Paris to Cairo to take a journey that makes me rethink flying. 883 more words


a flight to freedom

There is so much to motivate me, so so much, but I’m still nowhere near the stage I should be in. I want to achieve all those things I said I will. 346 more words

A Page From My Book

You know it's a lie

Steve Kline Ages of Rock

May 27, 1957

Buddy Holly and the Crickets release their first song, That’ll Be the Day. It becomes a U.K. 68 more words

What Counts

Pictures worth a thousand words 

I don’t know why but I like going to Vegas. It’s even better to go when you’re not broke. I’ve found that I really like slot machines but I also enjoy the lights and good food. 130 more words

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Digital Aeronautical Flight Information File Download

Digital aeronautical flight information file download

ARINC; Industry: Airports, aviation, defense, government, healthcare, networks, security, and transportation: Fate: Acquired: Founded: 1929 as Aeronautical Radio Flightwise FlightPlanner & Chart Explorer is an aviation application designed for pilots. 468 more words