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It seemed strange to me that I should feel such a longing for human connection while locked into a pressurized tube 30,000 feet above the sea hurtling at speeds unreachable a century ago. 355 more words



So I’m gearing up to leave LA, currently sitting down to a much needed rock’n’roll bottle of water. Making my army backpack look light and swinging it onto your back as though it’s as light as a feather isn’t so easy when it weighs around 20kg! 1,128 more words

Journey Of A Lifetime

Photo of the Week: Flight

On my way back from the Psychology building this morning, I was being so blown about. I passed the external side of the lake, only for my bags’ rustling to draw toward me a pair of swans. 87 more words

Photograph Of The Week

Passengers wait almost 24 hours for flight out of Norfolk

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Passengers on a flight leaving Norfolk had to wait almost 24 hours before takeoff.

An American Airlines spokeswoman confirmed flight 294 from Norfolk to Dallas/Fort Worth was delayed Sunday evening until Monday afternoon. 40 more words

Local News

Alumni Voices: Phil Tiemeyer, Assistant Professor, Philadelphia University

In 2013, Phil Tiemeyer, UT AMS alum and current Assistant Professor of History at Philadelphia University, released Plane Queer, a history of men working as flight attendants. 748 more words


One Four Challenge - March Mélange

Digging back into the swallows in flight series got me thinking about different ways to process these photos.
There are a few different considerations, but first off, I think I’m happy working with the square shape for now, so the questions are all about colour or black and white, hazy clouds or sharp detail, trippy colour effects or staid classical photography. 195 more words