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There is thing called “typecast,” which (quoting Wikipedia) is when “an actor is strongly identified with a specific character, role, or trait.” Once that identification is made, said actor plays nothing but the same role, again and again and… 530 more words


Jarrod (Eric Balfour) and his girlfriend Elaine (Scotty Thompson) visit his successful best friend Turk…I mean Terry (Donald Faison). Terry from what I gather is Jarrod’s old mate and is a big successful somebody living luxurious high-rise apartment in LA, an apartment that nearly the entire film is constricted to.  428 more words

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Welcome One And All!

“Hello there”

Welcome to the official Blog for ThatOneKidMarcus :)

Here you will find an array of blogs from me. All these will be movie related. 110 more words


The fuzzy ones

An instant film triptych. Still working on getting the exposure correct on the Polaroid 600. From left to right: Scrappy- the terrier mix, Thomas- some sort of large feline with and attitude, Callie- the Dutch Shepherd mix.

Appreciation: Version Two

Ever since beginning its journey on 5th February 2013, Movies of the Soul was not a blog which I was expecting to be popular. It reached one lakh views just after its two year anniversary, but that was also not something which I expected so early to happen. 619 more words


Man UP Film Review

Man up Is a romantic comedy starring Simon Pegg and Lake bell. The story follows Nancy (Lake Bell) who is 34 and looking for Mr right after a long term relationship ended. 188 more words


FLIM APPRECIATION #1: My Neighbour Totoro


Before I begin, I just want to state that I may be a lit student hence is able to analyse stuff, but I’m no way a film critic, this is solemnly based on my humble and amateur af opinion. 248 more words