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Movies & Shows That Could Make Kick-Ass Video Games

Recreating the memorable worlds of popular shows and films is a difficult thing to accomplish. When players are given the chance to walk in the shoes of a favored main character and be part of a familiar story, new levels of immersion can be achieved. 1,150 more words

Video Games

Cranbrook Camera Angles

As the project came along, we developed our ideas to create a ceremony of the sculpture at Cranbrook Estate and to commemorate the work of ‘Lubetkin’ who designed the estate and the sculpture we will be performing on. 130 more words


Cranbrook Estate Model

This is a 1:25 scale, interactive model of Cranbrook Estate in Bethnal Green. It is made to demonstrate the perspective and feelings of walking down the main path which leads to nowhere. 86 more words


Logan: The Nerding Grounds Review

I went to see Logan last night with conflicting expectations for how the film would play out. Over the years, the Wolverine films haven’t done much to set the bar very high, so a large part of me has always been very critical each time a new entry emerges. 1,231 more words


What is Art?

Art is the greatest aspect of human life, art is indeed the greatest thing about being a human. People had always argued to prove what is art and alway failed with logical fallacies. 945 more words


Robot & Frank-Film Review

I always think you can tell a really good film by the feeling you get once it’s ended. After watching Robot & Frank I felt exactly the same as I do when finishing a good book, a feeling quite hard to describe but somewhere between learning something important and uplifted spirits.  276 more words

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Spirited Away: A Masterpiece?

From my childhood, I enjoyed many fairy tails, I still enjoy them to this day. There is a unique charm to these stories that make them so good to lisention. 553 more words