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i watched that movie where josh peck was mean: mean creek (2004)

have y’all seen any of those videos that pop up from time to time that’s captioned, “i don’t remember this episode of drake & josh,” and it’s josh peck yelling the c-word & both of the f-bombs? 889 more words


reviewing what i missed: obvious child (2014)

it’s the new year, and so i made an arbitrary new year’s resolution: watch more movies that folks are talking about so you can be in the loop. 898 more words


The Stanford Prison Experiment

Imagine being a broke college student willing to be placed in, what seems to be, a harmless experiment for 2 weeks. What would you do? Well most anyone that I know would jump at a chance to make some quick and easy money. 376 more words


What is Color Correction?

As part of post-production process, Color Correction is often overlooked. Referring to
when the color of a film or video is altered, enhanced, or repaired, color correction can change the presumed production value of a film. 199 more words


TiG Review : SULTAN

Fear not, Bhaisexuals — all is well with the Salman Khan Image Makeover Machine.

His latest, Ali Abbas Zafar’s Sultan, is as much evidence as is needed. 1,006 more words


Annual pow chasing SLC 12/9-12/12/16

I’ve been snowboarding for about 5 seasons now and last year we started chasing pow because we were tired of the lack of snow we have in the DMV and because we love snowboarding. 42 more words