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Review: GLITCH film festival, Glasgow

The GLITCH film festival had its Glasgow debut this year— a festival showcasing films about or by Queer, Trans, and Intersex People of Colour (QTIPoC). GLITCH is an event put on by Digital Desperados, “a Glasgow based group running free filmmaking courses for women”, which strives to be as “financially and physically accessible” as possible. 1,753 more words

The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness

I hesitated to borrow this documentary since I was not in the mood for a documentary. I have never been. Documentary always comes up to me unexpectedly and leaves me with a strange sensation that does not fade for months. 429 more words

Tản Mạn

Next Generation Patlabor Film's Trailer Features Ayaka's Insert Song

The Natalie news website began streaming a trailer on Friday for the upcoming live-action film The 571 more words

Anime Movie

The Definition of "Christian Movies" is Changing

Generally speaking, the notion of a Christian movie has always been met with disdain from people. This is because “Christian” as an adjective for a movie has been connected to “faith and family” movies. 329 more words



whiplash는 재즈에 관한 영화이다.


whiplash는 그냥 재즈다. 그것 말고 어떤 설명이 필요할까?

예술에 대한 접근을 어떻게 해야 하는가에 대한 영화로 해석할 수도 있고,

성공에 대해 어떤 태도를 취해야 하는가에 대한 영화로 볼 수도 있겠지만, 10 more words


My Main Bitch

This short film is inspired by the imagination of children. When we are young we are more capable of shaping reality to our own choices and perceptions, in this case, because a girl believes her trusted companion is alive it comes to life. 34 more words