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Plot movie review 

Did you enjoy wall- E?

– I didn’t really enjoy the wall-e because I don’t really see the point of the movie it didn’t really make sense to me and it was a bit childish and its not really my type of movie and was quite boring because there wasn’t much talking in it. 138 more words


Netflix: Still Alice

Last night I decided to put a movie on while doing some stuff around the house. I saw that there was a new movie on Netflix starring Julianne Moore. 185 more words


Reflection questions 

What is the imported thing I learnt?

– The important I learnt was to understand different types of angles and to film the angles.

Did me and Mia work well together? 67 more words


Why I love and hate the cinema

I have one of those Cineworld Unlimited cards (well Premium card) because I’m such a movie geek adn what better way to spend a boring sunday or rainy friday night than in the cinema! 583 more words

"That's M-U-R-D-E-R, which spells S-E-R-I-O-U-S."

Right, this is take two of this review. Alas I accidentally deleted the first version (weeps into pillow). But life goes on and I’m ready to introduce you to another Top Film. 784 more words


Flying animation 3D

Animation for ‘Lets find them together’ a short film by Ritchie li

She more here: http://dha-world.com/