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Basic film tenchiniques for students

Camera angle is different positions of the camera from the subject. Different camera angles can either give power or take it away from the subject. Camera angles helps to illustrate the mood and the emotion of the scene. 753 more words


Teasing Threads - Sundry Film and Literary Criticism: Sophie Barthes' 'Madame Bovary'

Chris Palazzolo is puzzled by Madame Bovary, directed by Sophie Barthes, 2015

There is something hard at the heart of Sophie Barthes’ Madame Bovary, like a dense, knotted compacted mass in a mound of earth that jams up chainsaws and dents bulldozer blades; it stops you from getting deeper into it. 673 more words

Issue 18

Earthling: Reaction to the Documentary

Two days ago, I sat down to watch the “Earthling” documentary, which basically explores the relationship between animals and humans. It was the most eye opening and disturbing video I have ever watched, and while I learned a lot, I was also kinda let down by it. 473 more words


4 by arainyueng

Photograph with Canon AE-1 with Fuji c200

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