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Red Flags & Long Distance

From my easily-forgiving (and easily-forgetting) memory, I’ve been ghosted twice. I was actually dating both of them at the same time, so I can’t say much I guess! 478 more words


Cold November.

I met you in March,
Kissed you in April,
Ran away with you
as May came through.

I loved you more
in June and July. 91 more words


Summer Fling

5 hours of sleep.

After a night of drinking her troubles away,

She regrets most of the words spoken.

She wishes for a rewind,

But instead she drifts off gazing at the dull night sky. 89 more words


"Can a casual fling turn into a serious relationship?

I want to know if it is possible that a casual fling can turn into a serious relationship? I’ve been casually seeing this guy for 3 months now, and the first few weeks he said that he would like to have a girlfriend, but he just doesn’t have time because of work. 10 more words

Advice Needed

7 Surefire Signs You’re Putting Way Too Much Effort Into Your Relationship

1. You’re always texting first.

There’s nothing wrong with being the guy or girl that texts first. In fact, it shows initiative. It shows interest. It shows that you’re in it, which in today’s world of non-committal flings, … 695 more words

To the person I loved who didn't love me back

Dear you,

It’s silly how things ended with us when there was never really a beginning. You didn’t know how I felt about you. While I was busy writing you love letters, you were busy buying her flowers. 282 more words

Like not Love

I like you and Not love you..for reasons unknown and unexplored by me atleast, this seems to be the safest excuse one uses to disown reality(Responsibility)…Specially with all the people of this generation (sorry I need to mention that though I am from this generation,I still am “Old”, atleast old enough to understand this). 153 more words