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A Voyage to October

The moment your life ends up being a sundance short film mixed with a Jill Scott song.

Why are you FIONE?  Yes, spelled like. When you held my hand, I felt a spark. 551 more words

//Did you get my Message?//

The Previous Day

Saam. That guy had an imposing smile and knew what brands to wear.

“He likes you, you know?” Nichole whispered.

I was shocked. 579 more words


The One That Got Away

Meeting you was the best and worst thing to ever happen to me. It was the wrong place and wrong time. It could have worked, I know it could. 543 more words


VMware Labs Fling - Instant Clone via PowerCLI Extensions


With the launch of vSphere 6.0, the Instant Clone feature was released that allows you to do rapid in-memory cloning of running VMs. If you’re not aware of the feature, it has been known as VM Fork or Project Fargo (prior to the release of vSphere 6)….. 61 more words


Davie Jones - Summer Fling

Here’s a new single from Davie Jones that captures the vibe of the most favored season to go out , enjoy the weather, finesse with the crew, and find that worthy candidate who’s down to ride with only minor strings attached. 120 more words


Every girl at one point in there life asks themselves ‘does he really like me?’ It’s almost as if it’s a right of passage into woman hood, your first crush, your first kiss, your first boyfriend, we can’t help but wonder.

346 more words

Two-Boy Weekend

Jessica Wakefield made a huge mistake. So huge that it risked her twin sister’s life and ruined her relationship with her boyfriend, A.J. Morgan. She dated a psycho over the weekend when her boyfriend was away… 838 more words