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Fling - Welcome To The City

The sun is rising on a snowy April morning, as new begins arise to the sound of Fling. 160 more words



I met D&D on Bumble. We texted back and forth. He was nice, good sense of humor, a little geeky, but as we know, I’m a fan. 555 more words


I have feelings Part 2

Since that night we first spent together, it’s been over a year that Paul (not his real name) and I have been seeing each other on and off as he’s been busy with band stuff and I’ve been busy with school. 380 more words



I didn’t sleep around too much in college. The idea of being loose scared the shit out of me. I was on the pill, but was somehow convinced that I was going to get pregnant. 1,318 more words


Craving for that one day!

It was beautiful Sunday morning. I woke up, saw the sunrise and slept again. (There’s no better feeling in this world when you can sleep again.) My roommate woke me up around 1 PM. 585 more words


the fleeting masterpiece

you smiled
and I knew
I would fall
wholly, completely

at first you planted flowers
inside of me
with rays of

since you stopped watering them… 58 more words

DIY Fling Tank

Freshman Ezra Brooks might not have a any Spring Flings under his belt yet, but he can help you figure out which tank you should wear… above the belt? 184 more words