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vSphere Compatibility Predictor - fling test

VMware has just released a new fling called vSphere Compatibility Predictor. It is basically an upgrade checking tool. Validates if your currently running vSphere 5.5 / 6.0 infrastructure components will work with 6.5 or not. 266 more words

Smalle is back

He looks at me
like I haven’t
seen you in forever
you look good
I want to bang you
you want to bang me?

I just keep walking… 100 more words


lady gaga, break, smash, bottle, joanne, john wayne, fling, flinging Gif For Fun

lady gaga, break, smash, bottle, joanne, john wayne, fling, flinging Gif for Fun at your Time


vmss2core – Fling from VMware

Whilst working on a call with Microsoft this week they needed a full memory dump from a server.
The windows server wasn’t being particularly cooperative with running a program to make it blue screen and produce a complete memory dump so the support guy advised me of a rather cool way to get my memory dump. 287 more words


Each Night, A Poesy

Let bathe in fury, the soul of twilight
To brace for the blitzkrieg, verses spell
Beyond world’s deeds, in black and white
Lies the vivid realm of, thoughts’ carousal! 98 more words


Younger Men or Older Men?

​ Lately I have seen debate into whether men are better to kiss, have a fling, or have sex with when older or younger. I have researched into this debate to conclude with some answers; just if anyone is really bothered. 312 more words

The Four Drifters

Froggy Fling /ˈfrɒɡi/ /flɪŋ/ n. Frolicking fun free from fuss. To drift.

Welcome to the wonderful relaxing world of the Froggy Flingers.