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Sexual Drift

Holding love


a stimulating fling… 47 more words

Fling is the Snapchat Alternative?



I started using it a few hours ago and although it uses the same function as Snapchat, it has a more ‘global’ approach as you can see other ‘Fingers.’ It’s easy to use and less buggy. 148 more words


And it goes on...

Charmer called me. He seems quite keen to see me this weekend rather than early in the week. I was meeting my friend lets call him..  715 more words

My First Greninja

Hello to whoever reads this. I started playing this wonderful game last year. Generation 6 being the generation I invested time in. I first played Gen 1 but let’s be honest, whatever I learned in there wasn’t much use into the current generation. 318 more words



Something took me back to over 5 years ago, a very hurtful time of my life.

I don’t wish to re-live that time and go into great detail about it, the basics are simply this: the woman I gave up my career, my life, the woman who I worked so hard to try and make her dreams reality, the woman I had a family with, was having an affair. 719 more words


The Damsel meets a Real Life man... (IRL)

Currently, I’m quietly lusting after a man who is strictly off limits – which is new and unsettling territory for me…

First off, I don’t lust quietly after anyone; if I’ve decided I’m going to seduce a man, I usually do. 453 more words


Ready to fling...

I’m not going to lie. Tonight I can’t wait to be done with this book! I want to “kill the monster and fling him to the public,” as Churchill put it. 119 more words

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