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10 Signs Your Romance Is Just A Summer Fling [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Thinking your romance is getting serious? Be careful! Listen to this list by Jasmine Sanders to make sure it’s not just a summer fling. Click on the audio player to hear now on  103 more words



Dear love,

I slept with another man last night, drunk and happy, and today I woke up just fine. Without a hangover. Or a pimple. When he kissed my lips, I was scared I would see you in him, but instead, I looked into his eyes and didn’t even realize when I closed them back. 101 more words


All Good Things Are Wild and Free(lance)

When I left my job, as I saw it I had two options: commit to a quarter life crisis or call some recruiters. So I poured a G&T and got on the phone – because as my CV will attest, I’m a fantastic multi-tasker… 317 more words


Fling! by @lilyionamac #bookreview #literaryfiction #Mexico

Title: Fling!

Author: Lily Iona Mackenzie

Genre: Literary Fiction

Book Blurb:

Feather, an aging hippie, returns to her Calgary home to help her mother, Bubbles, celebrate her 90th birthday. 909 more words


Guy Problems

And if these flings don’t last I’m at least thankful for the fun nights and the boost in confidence. And the reminder that yes, I can still connect with guys, talk to them, socialize with their friends, and kiss amazingly. 330 more words

Wednesday Tidbit: Create custom ESXi ISO with ESX-tools-for-ESXi

My test cluster in the lab recently needed to be rebuilt.  As this cluster is nested and I wanted the latest version of ESXi to be deployed, I thought it would be good to use Image Builder to combine the two. 174 more words


Do I have to tell my mum?

Since I’ve been treating this as a short term relationship with unemployment, a fling at most, I haven’t got round to telling my mum.

Introducing a new relationship to your parents legitimises it, it turns it into a real thing and I’m not sure I want to make that much of a commitment to unemployment. 190 more words