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Where Do Characters Come From?

Where do characters come from? I’ve been asking myself that question for as long as I’ve been writing, but the complete answer still evades me. The process is as mysterious as the origins of life itself, maybe even more so. 426 more words


A Thursday Quote For Thought, #24, 2016

“I know I am but summer to your heart, and not the full four seasons of the year.”

― Edna St. Vincent Millay

This doesn’t need translating.   44 more words


Book Marketing 101: Part Four

Though I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, I recently did readings while spending a week at Sea Ranch, a coastal community in Mendocino about three hours from my home. 456 more words



West Kameng district | Arunachal Pradesh

The Sun's Kisses

Inspiration stems from the strangest places. The following isn’t another love story or a fling, but the reality of feelings. Feelings that come and go out of the blue, taking over your whole being. 272 more words

Love affair or a fling?

How is this for irony? After my heartfelt (and a tad dramatic) last post where I wrote about my first break up, life has become more… eventful? 696 more words


How to Deal with Straight Girl Crush Syndrome

Ambiguity seems to be the overall theme of our generation. By no means, it’s a bad thing at all. (Okay, only the side effects if there are any). 752 more words