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let’s be together, shall we?
so you can shove all of you
into what’s left of me
bet you’d want that
fuck me up
and hold me captive…

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Drizzled with wit

drenched in charm

draped in silk finery

she’s a lethal firearm


Woo you with her words

unabashed and bold

her tantalizing touch… 84 more words

White Cloud Fling Wide And Wide Mini Review Travel Light

Traveling with electronic cigarettes actually worries a lot of vapers. While you can travel with your ecig devices in your carry on there is the additional concern of how much e-juice to take or if… 13 more words

Game of Signs

Have you ever seen the film He’s Just Not That Into You?

Well consider me in the role of Gigi. I am in the dating game, meeting all sorts of men but I am yet to find my Alex –  the ultimate dating adviser… 601 more words

Romantic Comedy

Rock Bottom

So it’s over. BANG, just like that, he believes he can’t give me the commitment that I want. Amongst the upset and heartbreak, what gets me more than anything, is the commitment that I wanted was just to chat more during the day and be given more time than just an evening or two together each week. 289 more words


prepositions is it?

What kind is this one?
The charming man with a lack of the prepositions
he’s on to you but he’s just looking at you
the kind that would make you bite your lips and follow him through a thick crowd of deep blue and silken shoulders… 97 more words


I’m busted open,

My seams have been split,

not because I miss you

but because I miss myself.

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