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#Flip Thinking about Employees and Customers

In teaching a course on entrepreneurship and creating a business plan, some “flip thinking” happened. In the discussion of ,”Who is your customer?”, the class hijacked the process and turned it on their employee base. 242 more words

People And Productivity

Flip thinking and groups

Leading a number of groups can be rewarding. Yet lately, leading Sunday school,  a college class, and business workshops has increased my general irritation. My irritation stems from the ineffectiveness of my approach in achieving my goal. 308 more words

People And Productivity

The Year For Your Customer

Everyone values their customers in words. How many of us really put those words into action? What if you declared 2012 your Year For Your Customer? 272 more words

Change Management

Is Reading a Textbook a Necessary Skill?

I’ve been following the #flipclass chats, as well as doing quite a bit of research on flipped classrooms lately. I noticed a somewhat uncomfortable shift in the change of thinking and the pedagogy, all of which comes with being “new.” There is a growing concern about students loosing out on the “skill” of using a textbook. 509 more words

Digestion (Core) and Flip Thinking

Digestion – something you only want to go in one direction. But learning about digestion doesn’t have to go one way. As we are trying to reduce the burden of homework and to make any time spent working outside class as effective as possible, we’re going to try… 209 more words


Daniel Pink and "Flip Thinking"

The other day I came across an article by Dan Pink in the Telegraph.co.uk. In this article, Pink talks about various experiments in reversing the “natural” sequence of things.  190 more words


Employing Flip-Thinking in Cooperative Extension Work

Karl Fisch, an algebra teacher at Arapahoe High School near Denver, has gone bass-ackward on his students.  Instead of devoting classroom time to lecturing, which has been the way of doing business for as long as there have been classrooms, Fisch is using this time to offer intensive problem-solving and experimenting with concepts. 546 more words

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