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What I've Learned Since Moving into Our House

My husband and I recently bought a house after living most of our adult lives in apartments. We got married in January, bought the house in March and we’re just moving in now. 524 more words

Shoulder balance

  1. Push into the sling to find the centre.
  2. Feel the back of your neck. There’s one big bone where your spine meets your neck.
    Place the centre of the sling on that big bone.
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Nibiru pole shift: Planet X 'will flip poles' when it passes Earth, claims Wormwood expert

The wayward planet Nibiru is believed to pass through our solar system on an incredibly elliptical orbit every 3,600 years or so. When Nibiru arrives in the system, it’s presence unleashes monstrous gravity waves that trigger earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis. 8 more words

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My sister in Texas says...

A buyer was referred to me by her brother-in-law who
worked for a major bank. Her circumstances
at the time we met were that she and her two teen-aged children had had to move… 724 more words


Runnit Sends It With New "Turn Off The Lights" Flip

Written By: Chase Wilson

Baltimore-native and East Coast Bass-machine Runnit just dropped one of the most bass-ridden songs of the year with his flip of… 204 more words


Sorrow Can Make Way for Triumph

Written by Fadzaiishe Rebecca Ziramba:

I used to tell stories through dance. Each leap, twist, and turn held great emotion. I shared secrets through dance. I told of my sorrow and I told of my joy. 508 more words

Faculty Led International Program (FLIP)

Before and After: A New York City Heart Makeover

Written by Fadzaiishe Rebecca Ziramba:

Few dance performers are granted the opportunity to leap through New York, to dance to the melodies of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Steps on Broadway, and the Broadway Dance Center. 559 more words

Faculty Led International Program (FLIP)