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Check out “eFarnet” on Flipboard

I went messing around on the Flipboard app and came across the ability to make your own ‘Magazine’. So, guess what?! Yes. You know it. Official eFarnet Flipboard Mag is here. 74 more words


The Media and Journalism are Not the Same Thing

The quicker we know the difference between “media” and “journalism,” the better off we’d be as a republic.

Most Sunday mornings I lie in bed and flip through the news feeds I subscribe to on Feedly and Flipboard, catching up on the world which continues to revolve while I sleep. 380 more words


3 Apps To Start Your Reading Habit At Work

We graduate from college, feeling that we know a lot of things. It’s enough to get us through the first year of our career, but we need to keep learning to grow further. 817 more words

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The 8 Apps {You Didn't Know} You Need

We live on our phones and if there is something we need or want, one of the first thing we grab for is our phones. The main reason we grab for our phones is all the fantastic apps that are out there, but there are millions of apps to choose from, how are we supposed to know what to download, especially when phone space can become an issue. 719 more words

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A quick note to all my wrestling peeps

If you’ve been reading smile’s Wrestling Magazine at Flipboard, thanks for checking it out! I started the magazine because there’s already a lot of coverage of wrestling online but I wanted to focus on some of the things that mainstream media doesn’t: the indie wrestlers touring all over doing house shows, the many women who are overlooked or marginalized and the actual lives of wrestlers as people instead of the larger than life cartoons the general public seems to perceive them as. 125 more words

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