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Flip Your Class! (Or not)

There’s been some buzz about a new style of teaching called a flipped or inverted class. The proponents make grand claims about how it will revolutionize education. 588 more words

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#TipTuesday - Curating YouTube Playlists

We’ve already looked at how to embed media into a Google Form in a previous post, but another great way to utilize videos in your class, is by curating your own YouTube playlists for easy access and sharing with students.   143 more words

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#TipTuesday - Getting started with GoogleForms

Google Forms is constantly revising, reiterating, and adding new features and a smoother look.  I recently created the following video to show the beginner around Google Forms, and the features listed below: 36 more words

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Genius Hour in our Flipped Classroom: First impressions

I’ve written before that one of the greatest assets of the Flipped Learning is that it has allowed us more time for creativity. Because of this extra time, we thought we’d try giving it back to the students – so this year we are trialing Genius Hour. 813 more words

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Still Head Over Heels (Part 2)

In this post, I want to describe some of the mechanics of how I run a flipped classroom. My class consists of four parts: the notes, the classwork, the quiz, and the test. 563 more words


Still Head Over Heels (Part 1)

I’m approaching the end of my third year of doing a flipped classroom in Geometry, and I’m still in love with the format. I was reading a post the other day (I’ve been trying to catch up on my Reader feed, so I can’t remember who said it) that was concerned that students’ watching 10-minute videos wouldn’t get the same teaching as a regular lecture or other type of in-class teaching. 350 more words


Assessments and assignments

Last week was our first week back from break and next week we start the CAASPP test (state standardized testing). Next Tuesday our CAASPP test schedule is changing our school from a normal 7 period day where each period is 54 minutes long to a block schedule day where each period is 2 hours long and there are only 2 or 3 periods a day. 540 more words