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Flip Your Class, Part Two

Earlier, I described a new approach to teaching that is very old:  the flipped or inverted classroom.  Here I’ll start describing some of the nitty-gritty details, and some of the pitfalls. 356 more words

School Math

Flip Your Class

Over the years, I’ve done quite a few educational videos for math courses, from Math for Elementary Education, through Calculus and Linear Algebra, and… 429 more words


Apprendimento ed emozioni

Il film d’animazione “Inside out”, del 2015, è una straordinaria e precisa   descrizione delle principali cinque emozioni che usiamo per far fronte alle nostre esperienze: gioia, rabbia, paura, disgusto e tristezza. 488 more words


Creating Videos for Learning

I’m up to Thing 19 of 23 now! This week I’m blogging about how I use videos in my flipped classroom. As I’ve previously described… 477 more words


Benefits of the Flipped Classroom: Creativity

Why would I want to flip my classes? What are the benefits of the flipped classroom?

These are two questions that I get asked quite a lot and to be honest, I understand why. 302 more words


FlipCon Adelaide 2016 - Pre-drinks

My first visit to Adelaide and so far it has been phenomenal. The weather has really been amazing and the City of Churches is beautiful – although it’s a struggle to get a feed after 9:30 at night. 168 more words


The Problem of "Drive-Thru" History

As an American History teacher I have a lot of issues with the state of our “public discussions”. It seems like every time there is a national tragedy or there is a surprising event in the news people flock to social media and post memes or links supporting their position. 476 more words