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Creating Videos for Learning

I’m up to Thing 19 of 23 now! This week I’m blogging about how I use videos in my flipped classroom. As I’ve previously described… 477 more words


Benefits of the Flipped Classroom: Creativity

Why would I want to flip my classes? What are the benefits of the flipped classroom?

These are two questions that I get asked quite a lot and to be honest, I understand why. 301 more words


FlipCon Adelaide 2016 - Pre-drinks

My first visit to Adelaide and so far it has been phenomenal. The weather has really been amazing and the City of Churches is beautiful – although it’s a struggle to get a feed after 9:30 at night. 168 more words


The Problem of "Drive-Thru" History

As an American History teacher I have a lot of issues with the state of our “public discussions”. It seems like every time there is a national tragedy or there is a surprising event in the news people flock to social media and post memes or links supporting their position. 476 more words

Game Inspired Design

Gamification 1st Edition: How we gamified our classroom


When we started we didn’t have much of a roadmap and we relied a lot on journal articles, blog posts and our experiences as gamers,we eventually started to really need some more guidance. 1,992 more words

Flipped Classroom

Producing and Creating

Thing 14 has asked me to look at using Web 2.0 tools and apps in a transformational way. I think this fits in quite nicely with what I’ve been trying this year, both in using iPads as tools to enhance learning (rather than substitutes for pen and paper) and in the aims of my flipped classroom. 511 more words


Small Group Instruction in the Flipped Classroom

I started flipping my math class 4 years ago and haven’t looked back since. One of the main things that has evolved for me is how my students use class time. 719 more words

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