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Digital Badging: AECT Webinar

The Association for Educational Communications & Technology (AECT) was today. Lynnette and both attended. While I didn’t take away too much from the webinar, it did prompt a conversation between us about what has been going on in our class. 134 more words

Flipped Classroom

Badges for Motivation

Lynnette was disappointed when she thought she had missed the Digital Badging webinar by AECT. She was thrilled to find out she was looking at the wrong date on the calendar. 148 more words

Flipped Classroom

Excitement then Frustration

Today, I read about something really cool that seems like it would be fun to implement into my classroom….BADGES! Oh my goodness, how my 5th graders would LOVE to tally up a set of digital badges to look fondly at and compare with others as to what they have accomplished. 87 more words

Flipped Classroom

Two Good Tools for Building Online Discussions Around Videos

Watching videos then answering questions about them is the basic premise of a lot of flipped classroom lessons. To take that idea to higher level, invite students to ask questions and or and notations to videos that you have shared with them. 181 more words

Flipped Classroom

Inverted Classroom

As I’m perusing the net for articles to build my knowledge base, I ran across a picture of a classroom that was literally flipped upside down. 299 more words

Flipped Classroom

[2016 Blogging Initiative] Week Four: A Lesson Introducing the Unit Circle

My Relationship with¬†Textbooks: “It’s Complicated”

My first several years of teaching I avoided the math textbook as much as possible[0]. One year I even waited to hand out textbooks to students until the second quarter. 875 more words