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What is "student-centered learning"?

Student-centered learning

Student-centered learning puts the student to the center of learning; in other words, the responsibility of learning is given to (or shared with) the student.  68 more words

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What does "flipped-classroom" mean?


As the name says it, the class order is swapped.

For many of us, when we used to go to school, the teacher used to explain in class the theory and give some examples, and then as homework we had to do the exercises. 45 more words

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Teacher Feature: World History for the Win

This week, I have to give a shout out to a teacher that was brave enough to let me work with her and two of her classes on a semester-long project.  647 more words

Käänteinen luokkahuone

Digikahveilla 4.5.2018 tutustuttiin käänteiseen luokkahuoneeseen (flipped classroom). Chiara Lombardini esitteli konseptia sekä siihen liittyviä opetuskokeiluja ja tutkimuksia.

Ydin on kärjistäen seuraava:

  • Perinteisessä, tyypillisessä luento-opetuksessa opittava asia ensin esitellään (“luennoidaan”) ryhmälle kontaktiopetuksessa, jonka päätteeksi annetaan aiheeseen liittyvät kotitehtävät.
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An example of a flipped classroom

We hear a lot about the flipped classroom and how great it is, but then when we find ourselves wanting to try it we’re not exactly sure what to do. 262 more words


Flipped classroom

Flipped classroom euskaraz “gela iraulia” da, baina zer da flipped classroom?

Flipped classroom eredu pedagogiko bat da non gela tradizionalean erabili izan den metodologia aldatzen duen. 211 more words

LILAC18: day 2, part 2

Mary Beth Sancomb-Moran: Flipping information literacy

Sancomb-Moran works at University of Minnesota Rochester. It is a small campus, and the library has few physical books. Almost everything is virtual. 905 more words