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Flipped Classroom - Flipping On-Level Algebra 2

They said it couldn’t be done. In fact I was told by some of my closest (non-flipping) colleagues, “Flipped classroom doesn’t work with on-level students.” Period. 697 more words

Flipped Classroom

Flip the Class?

I’ve heard pro’s and con’s of “flipping” a classroom (basic idea: having students watch videos of lectures at home and doing “homework” or practice problems at school instead). 1,120 more words


Gamifying My Flipped Classroom

I have been doing reading on gamification and its impact in the classroom for a while. I have seen posts on Twitter and blogs from a variety of teachers who are making it work, but it just never seemed like it was a good fit for my classroom. 729 more words

Smartphone Dependency Survey

Since the start of the school year, I have been a part of a conversation about the role of technology in schools. While we all agree it is important to expose students to technology in schools, we then have to ask ourselves when students should begin using technology and what kind of technology students should use.  124 more words

Teaching on its head

Recently in the School of Pharmacy we’ve been collaborating with China Medical University in Shenyang to set up a new China Queens College, with the first year students just having started in September, taking our BSc degree.  739 more words

Flipped Classroom

Discovering amazing places

If you want to engage your students in discovering amazing places and people that are real survivors, try this activity: Everest expeditions.

National Geographic is a great source website and you can find more videos and pictures than you thought of before. 21 more words


What does a typical #flipclass lesson look like?

“What does a typical flipped lesson look like?”

This is one of the most common questions I get asked when I talk to educators about the Flipped Classroom. 652 more words

Flipped Classroom