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Week 32 - Actually Getting To Geometry This Year

Man, this is the latest I’ve done a weekly blog reflection.  It’s Tuesday of the following week.  I remember about mid-week last week I thought ‘I should really include this in my blog’ but I forgot what I was referring to.   667 more words

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Adopting a flipped classroom

The flipped classroom is a buzz term floating around at the moment, but what does it actually mean? Here is a good explanation of it: 667 more words

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Website Series: Creating Teaching Videos

Back in January I attended an AWESOME workshop on Creating a Flipped Classroom in the music classroom. If you aren’t familiar with the concept, a flipped classroom is one in which at least part of the learning happens at home. 649 more words

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Flipping History with EdPuzzle

In the Google Summit I attended last year, I came across a perfect learning website that allowed me to create interactive videos with questions embedded in them. 229 more words

Flipped Classroom

The Flipped Classroom

The idea of the flipped classroom appeals to me, particularly as my primary degree was taught in a highly didactic manner. Thinking back to that time, and especially in light of all that I have learnt since beginning to teach, no VLE and limited email resulted in lectures being solely about delivery of information. 90 more words


The ‘Flipped Induction’ – bridging the gap between enrolment and induction #uogapt

YEY! Just heard that this paper has been accepted at this year’s APT conference at Greenwich University.

 The ‘Flipped Induction’ – bridging the gap between enrolment and induction. 456 more words

Flipped Classroom

L@S - flipped presentations!

The last sessions of Learning@Scale were flipped conference presentations, an experimental conference model where we had different approaches from each presenter. This extends the experimentation at this conference in flipping materials. 486 more words

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