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ICC Marburg 2015 - Inverted Classroom & Beyond

Mit ein wenig Abstand zur Inverted Classroom Conference in Marburg diese Jahr kann man vielleicht doch noch eine Rekapitulation schreiben. Auch wenn in der E-Learning-Blogosphäre das meiste ganz schnell laufen muss, allerdings vielleicht immer noch etwas langsamer als in anderen Sphären. 674 more words


Blended Learning Explained

I think this infographic represents possibly the simplest explanation I’ve ever seen for blended learning approaches.

This seems to be very much a structuralist definition of blended learning. 119 more words


A long time coming

Given my teaching load and research demands, I haven’t had much time in the last, oh six months or so, to update this little website.  Every week, I’ve had grand intentions of posting, but it always gets sent to the bottom of my to-do list. 551 more words

Unleashing the power of video

It is no secret. When I put something on a screen I get (and keep) the children’s attention way better than I do “live”. And honestly, I prefer to use my “live” time with the children to answer questions, guide thinking, and otherwise be more of a “coach”.   251 more words

Comprehension Connections

Did you say inquiry in PHE?

A PHE teacher once told me that a struggle in implementing a balanced PHE programme was the attitude that PHE is just “a gym class.” 849 more words


What is the Difference Between a Semicolon and a Comma?

This is a great scene from the movie, Wit. Though the scene stands on its own and inspires a re-reading of Donne’s Death Be Not Proud… 101 more words