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Class Time Becomes Creation Time

#flipblogs entry: “How has flipped learning improved your use of class time?”

Flipped learning is NOT ABOUT VIDEOS.  Flipped learning IS ABOUT TIME, class time in particular.   955 more words

Flipped Learning

Flipped learning meets cooperative learning: #1 the spider's web

September, the start of the new school year and time for reflection. What worked last year? What didn’t? What can I do to improve learning in my classroom? 1,325 more words

Lesson Ideas

Gamified Flipped Learning: Designing for Motivation

This is a great video explaining what the 3 basic psychological needs as theorized in self-determination theory are. The 3 needs are namely, Autonomy, Competence and Relatedness. 85 more words

In-flip Google Training Gives Students a Common Starting Point

Using the In-flip to build on whole school training in year 2.

Quick review

A new school year has begun and we have entered the second year as a Chromebook 1:1 school. 722 more words

Flipped Learning

The Problem With Flipped Learning

Honest evaluation requires that we look at the cons of flipped learning not just the pros.

In last week’s slack chat that I helped moderate for David Walsh (@collsphysistry) our topic was “What problems did flip learning solve?” We also discussed “What problems did it solve that were never anticipated as problems?” When I shared this with a colleague his first response was “Those are some great questions, but did you ever ask what problems moving to flipped learning caused?” 1,037 more words

Flipped Learning

Quizlet, our 21st Century Platform of multilingual Visible and Updatable Vocabulary Acquisition in Context and in Progress @quizlet #QuizletAmbassador .

As an ESL Teacher and globally connected educator, Quizlet modes and features have made a great impact in my classes and presentations. Vocabulary, grammar, phonetic and spelling acquisition are dimensions of the language that require permanent audio- visual support. 187 more words


FLIPPED Classroom Model with Dr. Peter Esperanza

Last August 4, 2017, yours truly together with madam Evelyn were able to attend a lecture/seminar sponsored by the Mathematics Department of the College of Science at DLSU. 576 more words