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Creating a quick Video Tutorial to support Home Learning

I though that I would share this experience from last term as I thought it was a pretty good example of problem solving and a great way to show my students to power of the digital tools they all have at their disposal. 206 more words


A Flipped Perspective - A Teacher's Fledgling Experiences with Online Learning as the Learner

I should say from the outset, that this isn’t about Flipped Learning™ as understood by most educators, but I couldn’t resist the reference to it as a catchy title! 1,295 more words


"I guess you guys aren't ready for that yet. But your kids are gonna love it!"

As you are perhaps aware, 2015 is most famous for being ‘The Future’ in the Back to the Future movies, well it’s February and not much has happened yet….but the scene above is from the first movie, where Marty McFly, in 1955, returns to his parents’ school for the ‘Enchantment Under the Sea’ dance and plays Johnny B Goode (not to be released until 1958!) 467 more words

Flipped Learning

Frontload your Students!

By Cate Brett

One technique that I have found to be very helpful is that of ‘Frontloading’. Essentially, it involves preparing an A3 sheet with a variety of boxes, titles, questions and glossary terms which students investigate and complete using resources we have directed them to AHEAD of the time we will study the material in class. 103 more words


Ambientes Flexibles

El pilar inicial del Flipped Learning es el establecimiento de un ambiente flexible dentro del proceso de aprendizaje del alumno, pero,  ¿Realmente lo aplicamos desde épocas recientes? 403 more words

Flipped Learning

 أثر برنامج قائم على الفصول الافتراضية في تنمية مهارات القراءة باللغة الإنجليزية لطالبات كلية اللغات والترجمة

رسالة مقدمة استكمالاً لمتطلبات الحصول على ماجستير الآداب في وسائل وتكنولوجيا التعليم

Flipped Learning

Movenote - Presenting ed documents with Video

Movenote is a one-of-a-kind video presentation tool online and on your portable devices. Movenote is incredibly versatile and is being used in education for blended and flipped learning… 100 more words

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