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Flipped Learning Product Design and Implementation Presentation video

Leading on from my previous blog on flipped learning, here’s a video of a presentation I put together for my department on a flipped learning design and implementation scenario.

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Flipped learning

My principal motive for reading around the subject of what education is and should be is that I am interested in the idea of introducing flipped learning in the classroom to my school. 214 more words

Flipped Learning

In this blog, I’ll explain how I have become so interested in and enthusiastic about the potential of flipped learning. This is a moderately adapted report I wrote for my current corporate training centre (the PTC) within the British Council in Bangkok. 1,404 more words

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Flipped Wot? WSQ02

Flipped Learning, they were the first words of Ken once we met in the classroom. I felt like the meme Wot when he said flipped learning, but actually the idea of the student learning the “theory” at home and the work at school, because I remember when I was kid the only way to solve your homework was asking you parents and if they didn’t have a clue about the topic you were in deep problems; Fortunately for my mom was a nerdy at school and my dad is a engineer, so basically everything solved. 93 more words

My takeaways from Leading a Digital School conference in Melbourne

In the past week I had the pleasure of attending the Leading a Digital School conference in Melbourne, Australia. Not only was it my first international conference, it was also my first taste of Melbourne! 657 more words

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