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anything for a good time

the crucifix dangling in that crevice / guarding the gateway / at the rendezvous of his collarbones / when pressed just right / revealed a shiny little switchblade / protruding from the feet of Christ / and when he dared me / to trace my tongue along its length / I thought heaven help me /  but anything for a good time

a.duncan, 2017

Hazel was a spicy lady

Our friend Hazel was a 6 feet tall Amazon, with a wit and intelligence just as high. Nothing matched her infectious teasing humor, and she always said what was on her mind. 401 more words


The Flirtation by Tara Sue Me


Who’s ready for a little BDSM fun? I know I am. I’m not into BDSM in my personal sex life but I love reading about other people doing it. 732 more words


Second hand

What is real and what is dream

Hard to tell with you it seems
What is real when all you know

Is second hand, a major blow… 158 more words


Five Finger Sextet

One finger wet, teasing

Tracing lips, drawing desire

Hungry dripping want

Two fingers, trailing

Down, opening folds, moving

Deep into velvet

Three fingers, sounding

Fathoms, calling forth tremors… 50 more words


Evening Triplet

Gently stroking thigh

Circling finger on your knee

Losing your place in thought

Distracted, teasing

Kissing that spot on your neck

Would undo completely

What were you saying? 12 more words