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What women do

What women do

Grüß Gott !

After the Liberation, in 1944, French women chase the American soldiers for enchanted things.

What soldiers do / Sex and the American GI in World War II France / Mary Louise Roberts / Chicago Press / 2013: 919 more words

The Steal

In 2001 I was 25, living in Scotland and still ‘finding my way’.

I was painfully inexperienced, restricted to directionless fumbling, falling in lust with the man who washed hair in my barber’s salon or avoiding hopeless one night stands. 1,400 more words


Pissing Me Off

It’s literally pissing me off! Like literally, pissing me off! And no matter how much I tell myself I don’t care, or how many times I smirk because I think it’s just so funny how you never change, it… 303 more words

Just For Thought

Claire with an 'I'

Friday began awfully, the feelings of pointlessness and my own worthlessness persisted throughout the day. Could I resist the urge to go out that night and drink? 500 more words

Kisses Vs. Ed Edd and Eddy

  • Me: You didn’t really just compare me to the kanker sisters did you?
  • Boyfriend: umm…
  • Me: *laughs* you better choose your words carefully. Just saying…
  • 56 more words


don’t dare open the windows yet
though sun pours into the kitchen sink
and warms the cheek like a lover’s touch

fill the kettle and do not think… 100 more words