Tags » Flirtation

Learning to Tango

Languid summer days
She governed the promenade
Immune to the heat

All the fellows watched
The sway of hips hypnotic
Sweet intoxicant

Heady liaisons
Held inside striped cabanas
Learning to tango


Vodka Tonic

Ice cubes in a glass
Tito’s poured slowly
tonic two fingers from the top
slice of lime
juice rubbed around the rim
walk outside feel the ocean breeze… 209 more words


Escape from reality

Daydreams, night schemes,

Escape from reality, a little ego and vanity,

Imagining a life together,

always smiling whatever the weather,

Rosey glow , when really I know, 108 more words



Sharing our intimate fantasies

We need trust,to stop tragedies

Unlocking our ideas exciting immense

Exploring wildness feelings intense

So many situations we could try out… 50 more words



I got carried away by our interaction,

Thought it was a source of mutual attraction,

I got carried away by your seeming caring,

Those whispered words and the texts endearing, 76 more words