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The problem of Arya

Nikko found Valenzuela relaxing in the chamber, reclined on a chair, having just put Yohn to bed.  He went up to her.  Valenzuela looked up at him. 326 more words


Mask - WIP

You creep … slowly forwards,
Just for a moment
Dallying the flag of temptation
Just for a minute
A glimpse
Small threads of flirtation
Shimmering through hems… 14 more words


Job Description

It’s the boyfriend’s job
To kiss and get scolded by
The girlfriend’s mouth, not
To put words into it, or
Assume to know what she means.



I overheard a woman earlier say, “I’m not wearing a dress to look pretty.” “I’m wearing a dress because it is hot as fuck outside and I don’t want to wear pants!” 36 more words


My Fault

A bit ago I received a text from the wife asking me to bring some stuff home after work. I replied that I would and then asked “How is your sexy little ass this morning?” 224 more words


Sinful Sunday #11 - balls 'n all

A: What should we post for Sinful Sunday?
G: How about a cock shot?
A: You really love to show off your dick don’t you? 32 more words


Fringe Connection

I’m not the type of girl who gets hit on.

That’s not a complaint, by the way– I never minded being the hunter rather than the hunted. 804 more words