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Flirtation and Hesitation

Flirtation and Hesitation

Step to me with your bright-eyed bushy tailed prince charming smile
Come sit with me, flirt with me and lets just talk for a while… 143 more words


Prompt for May 13: Two Haiku about Interview Questions

Now for the next one,
I want you to be honest,
Why do you want us?

I believe that I’m
A great fit for this comp’ny. 11 more words


The Rejected Compliment: I Can't Believe You're Still Single

I’ve read the opinions of women on the line, “I can’t believe you’re still single” or something to that effect.  Women, especially feminists, often take exception to this.   265 more words


Is It Just Sex Or A Path To Something More?

Photo Credit: Lifehacker

You are not in  an “active” relationship, you consider yourself single.

There is this big hole in your chest (some say it’s the heart but I think it has to contain something to be considered a heart when it comes to feelings) at this point we are a bundle of confusion or over confidence, it’s hardly ever in between but I tried to imagine what happens in our heads when we have a hole to fill. 554 more words


Innocent Flirtation or Cupid’s Missed Arrows

It always makes me smile when a young man
unwittingly flirts with an older woman.
There’s a blush of pink that comes over his
cheeks when he realizes what he’s just… 94 more words


Man Crush Monday

He asked me out. Or, at least I think that’s what happened.

Instead of lunch on a Sunday, which I offered to make for him, he called and invited me to go to dinner with him on Saturday. 373 more words


When Flirtation Becomes Harassment

I have a good friend who is a great coach. I’ve known him for almost 20 years, but with going to college, moving out of state, getting married, etc, our relationship kind of ebbed and flowed. 1,203 more words