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Fantasy and reality

Fantasy and reality side by side grow

boundaries blur where is the plateau?

starkness of words translated into pictures

holes in the substance, filled in, no glitches… 175 more words


Cheating...It’s Not Just for Men

How Narrowing the Gender Gap Has Made Infidelity Fair Game

By: Lisa Viviani Goris

Cheating is a dirty word.  

“Cheating” won me seething stares of contempt when I said it aloud at the agency where I currently intern as a budding social worker in the MSW program. 749 more words

Sex And Relationships

Geraldo Rivera Can't Comprehend the Difference Between Flirtation and Assault

Ever since the New York Times and the New Yorker unearthed Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein’s decades-long history of sexual assault and harassment, the deluge of accusations against other prominent men continues to dominate the 24-hour news cycle. 888 more words



Playing, positive, pleasure,

Words, wistful, wonder,

Games, graceful, gratification,

Modish, match, mastermind,

Male, mission,mesmerise,

Beware, bewitch, brazen,

Flirt, forsee, future,

Danger, dalliance,dependence,

Raise, rules, rocking, 14 more words


Flirtation and architecture

The progression from flirtation to seduction may be comparable to the progression between the stages of embellishment in architecture. The parallel may be drawn from an article by the Associated Press on how the French are reacting to the sexual harassment crisis here. 431 more words



As a little child,
I looked on, judging, judging…
And then becoming.


Dragons and Peonies

The skin I am in

Longs to become acquainted

With the skin you are in

Our eyes meet

Across the room

And I forget that… 248 more words