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You Are Responsible for Global Warming

Did you know that you are partly responsible for global warming? What with that permanent smile on your face…


Jane In Space - Flirting In Space, For Beginners



Miss Polly Connor

Chapter 16 – Flirting In Space, For Beginners

“Not here, subaltern,” he said briefly.  It was surely sufficiently stern, to cow even Junior Officer Starr. 245 more words

Jane Austen


Shy petals and rain –

Flirtatious kiss between parched

Earth and her heaven



Now that we have that
whole V.D (Valentines Day) thing safely behind us for another year —

some folks might be wonderin’
just what all the hub-bub was… 227 more words

Dare to Ask -- FREE READ for your Valentine Treat

The minute they rolled into the fueling bay, Emily knew she never should have brought Sheryn along. But the gas tank hovered near empty, and the two of them were on their way to a showing at the new Springloft apartment complex, and Sheryn needed the training. 736 more words



For the last 3 weeks, I have been going into “town” for blood work at the local hospital. It’s a short 25-mile commute that’s only enhanced by its inconvenience. 935 more words