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Moving closer

Excited by the flirtation
Every move a revelation
She steps ever closer
Shedding her composure
Should she take a chance
Her heart before, was lanced… 41 more words


Harmless Flirtation

Sometimes a little flirtation can be a very good thing. It makes the person doing te flirting and person being flirted at feel good about themselves.  165 more words


I'm Me

I just want to show the world I’m different.
I’m more than what I look like, I’m more than my appearance.

I’ll show you, just take my hand. 234 more words

He's American as Apple PI

That memorable Sunday when Seth and I became reacquainted was in early March, a few weeks before my birthday and well before the end of my dating fast. 1,220 more words


A New, Old Language

We shared smiles and stilted conversation in a darkened smoke-filled room. Blues

licks melted around a makeshift stage like butter on hotcakes. The smell of burgers… 171 more words


LOVE : life's sweetest reward

The sign VENUS is in your birth chart describes your LOVE & FLIRT style, as well as what you value.
What sign is YOUR Venus in?…



Episode 4: Love in the Time of Candor

“They would rather be with me than with someone prettier.” 

How is a long-term relationship different from Stockholm Syndrome? How can a broken heart be validating? 137 more words