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In Your Room

[23rd April 2014]

I managed to get a grip on myself today, so when Ove comes around at the usual time to ask if I want to play Tekken for a while, I am game. 613 more words

For The Admiral's Eyes Only {#01}

Admiral Ankiline glared pointedly at the blinking light on his N.A.V.I.A, feeling a headache beginning to form between his brows. He tapped at the screen, receiving the message, forked tongue flicking out irritably as he spat out his first question. 563 more words


Regrets? I've Had a Few

When I was about twenty-three, I got a part-time holiday job as a salesclerk at Bloomingdale’s. I chose Bloomie’s because it was located near my daytime job and I hoped that I could convince the credit office to just apply my salary directly to my charge bill, but evidently that wasn’t the way it worked. 978 more words


[21st April 2014]

Waaaaah! I’m such a chicken…

Nothing has happened since Ove’s return, because I got cold feet. He arrived in time for the common dinner with the few of us who were back from/ never left for Easter. 766 more words

Sex Driven

Six pack: Hi
Tight Ass: Hii…
SIX PACK: Can I give you my number? *can I fuck you*
Tight Ass: Sure.. *of course you can fuck me..* 123 more words

Cinematic Expression

Cinematic expression,
a grandiose flirtation,
for that split second,
of their infatuation.