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Regrets? I've Had a Few

When I was about twenty-three, I got a part-time holiday job as a salesclerk at Bloomingdale’s. I chose Bloomie’s because it was located near my daytime job and I hoped that I could convince the credit office to just apply my salary directly to my charge bill, but evidently that wasn’t the way it worked. 978 more words


[21st April 2014]

Waaaaah! I’m such a chicken…

Nothing has happened since Ove’s return, because I got cold feet. He arrived in time for the common dinner with the few of us who were back from/ never left for Easter. 766 more words

Sex Driven

Six pack: Hi
Tight Ass: Hii…
SIX PACK: Can I give you my number? *can I fuck you*
Tight Ass: Sure.. *of course you can fuck me..* 123 more words

Cinematic Expression

Cinematic expression,
a grandiose flirtation,
for that split second,
of their infatuation.


The Protector

From across the field I saw him.

He was tall and broad and confident.

As he got closer I saw his beauty become clearer,

With eyes darker than the black of night, 105 more words


Light me a spark

​Light me a spark

Thats a good start

Show me the essence,

of you

Then I can view,

you true

My heart and mind remain open… 43 more words