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Floating for fibromyalgia: A review of Floatworks

Have you ever floated before? I hadn’t, until last weekend when I made my way to Vauxhall at the ungodly hour of 5:15am to spend an hour in a float tank, courtesy of the new… 1,376 more words


Go Float Myself

Very early on in the project I tried meditating after tiring myself out and, to my complete surprise, it actually worked really well. Normally meditation is just an exercise in hating myself, but for once I got myself into a headspace that I hadn’t been before and that was a really cool experience all around.  1,248 more words

The Project

This Floats My Boat!

The above image may resemble a miniature jacuzzi or a futuristic bathtub, but it is indeed nothing of the sort. It is actually an isolation… 675 more words

People Try Sensory Deprivation Tanks For The First Time

Great short video from Buzzfeed on a few people who try sensory deprivation for the first time at the famous Float Lab, CA. The main bit to get from this is to free yourself from the distractions in life, and not to be afraid of being alone with your thoughts.

Sensory Deprivation

My first floating experience (2014)

I’ve always had an open mind when it comes to finding new ways to boost yourself both mentally and physically. Like many people, when first hearing of sensory deprivation tanks as a form of therapy I immediately thought of pop culture references such as the… 481 more words

Sensory Deprivation

One Blueberry One Puff= Two Blueff

So everyone has a device here, huh?

Oh, that’s right!

This is the inner net.

A collection of souls who have been before.

It ain’t rocket science. 299 more words


Sensory Deprivation Tank: Everything you need to know.

Hi loves!

Recently I decided to try something new, something that I had been hearing about but couldn’t find time to try.

I went for a 60 minute session at my local float spa and needless to say I fell in love. 620 more words

Float Tank