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[The Story] Some Vacationing Spots

With summer waning, let’s cover some year-round vacationing spots that John (left) and Trishna may visit after they meet, and go to college, in this week’s brainstorming update to “ 484 more words

The Story

[Rowing Machine] 250

I’ve had trouble for years with consistent exercise. My record was exercising daily for 48 days, then 16, before something would block my progress and I’d revert to my sedentary lifestyle for months. 894 more words

Rowing Machine

[Float Tank] Practicing Free Throws/Thoughts

If you want to get better at anything, you’ve got to practice. In basketball, if you want to practice free throws, it works best on an empty court. 486 more words

The Story

[Grime/Glitter] Nature Unites Us

Nature unites us, even in the digital age. Natural events like 2017’s solar eclipse may occasionally remind us that there are more important events out there than the technological trivialities that we’ve accidentally become addicted to as technojunkie zombies. 474 more words


Float Tank

Months and months have transpired from the first time I heard about a “float tank.” Of course it was from my loving fiancé who was thinking a good time consisted sitting in Epsom salt in total darkness for over an hour. 552 more words


Yesterday we went to a float tank.

It was quite an interesting experience. I’m not sure if I’ll go back or not, although it might be worth another try. 209 more words

Today I took a $75 nap. 

No clickbait here, the title is true. I just took a $75 nap. What the fuck is wrong with me, you might ask. Well, sit back, relax, and let me explain to you why that is (kind of) perfectly okay with me. 734 more words

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