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#932: Sensory deprivation

So much of life involves managing expectations.

I know it’s not supposed to be healthy to always expect the worst, but I have to think I wouldn’t have been as disappointed if I had expected these things about my sensory deprivation experience: 368 more words


A Review: My Experience in a Sensory Deprivation Float Tank

Have you heard of floating? Yeah, it’s a thing.  You get into a pod with about a foot of water and 900 pounds of Epsom salt.  765 more words

Sensory Deprivation Tank // My Experience

Sensory Deprivation Tank // My Experience

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relaxation experiment: sensory deprivation tank

I’ve been reading a lot lately about sensory deprivation tanks, also known as isolation tanks or float tanks, and their association with deep relaxation.

So yesterday I visited The Float Space which recently opened at West End for my first float as part of my relaxation experiment. 282 more words


Floating in Ecstasy

Have you ever had one of those invigorating experiences where you just feel like you’re mind and body are on separate planets? My experience at Float Life was just that. 699 more words


Leisure Reading and the Inquisitive Itch


There was a pretty extended period of my life, not too long ago, during which the joy of reading was completely forgotten. 630 more words

Gravity Float

For the longest time I was watching my friends (particularly in America and Australia) post about their gravity float or sensory deprivation sessions.  I knew a little about it from listening to a Joe Rogan podcast but had resigned to the fact that probably would not have access to, living in Thailand. 1,099 more words