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Birthday Cake

Of all the milestones in recovery, this is the one I’ve been longing for the most. I’ve never felt as proud as eating cake on my birthday!! Recovery tastes delicious.

Eating Disorder

I'm in TIME Magazine!

A crazy thing happened last week! I received a call from a writer at TIME magazine who said she was doing an article on floating and wanted to interview me! 16 more words


Dark and Quiet in a Salty Isolation Tank

Spending time in an isolation tank and depriving my senses of stimulation peaked my curiosity. Float centres have been opening all over the lower mainland, so there must be a reason for their popularity, but I’m not willing to spend $50 – $75 to try it.   1,009 more words

I Recovered....Fuh Real!

Hello bloggies!

I’ve been away from my former ED recovery blog, No Matter What My Size, for about three years, but I’m back with some really exciting news…. 463 more words


Broken Hands, Knee Surgery and Double Flotation Sessions

This past Friday I went in for my knee surgery.

As an athlete and person that really loves to be active and an impulsive explorer, I feel that surgeries and certain injuries may affect us more than the norm. 1,021 more words


"Allow myself to introduce... myself"

Welcome to “Keep Calm & Float On”, in which the blog name is subject to change. My name is Jeremy. I’m 36 years old (at the time of this writing), and am a float enthusiast. 170 more words


Think Tank Article for CincyChic last week 6/2015

Think Tank

by Brittany Lee – Jun 15, 2015

A local entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast with an innovative new product that makes mental and physical stress just float away. 88 more words