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Float Lab Journal: 25 November 2017

This was my fourth time floating, and honestly it wasn’t enough…I wanted to stay in longer and get closer to the center of the universe. I wanted to keep searching for my lovers in hopes that I could see them and continue on their story. 358 more words

What I Learned From Floating In a Sensory Deprivation Tank

What do John Lennon, Anthony Bourdain and Lisa Simpson have in common?

Aside from world fame and trips to Japan, they all, at some point, found themselves inside the curious device known as a sensory deprivation tank. 619 more words

Mind Body Connection

[Float Tank] Insurance to Jump

We’re taught to only go for the sure shots, play it safe, and at all costs do not step outside your comfort zone! I got into… 486 more words

Float Tank

[Rowing Machine] Two Five Three [2]

I’ve been steadily getting heavier after I stopped rowing heavier 5 minute rowing sets. Starting in late March, I weighed 267. Using only the fortnightly titles, here’s how my weight progressed: … 943 more words

Rowing Machine

[Float Tank] Curing Bad Backs

After 2 days of warehouse work, moving boxes and shrink-wrapping pallets or heavy abuse to my body, I needed a float session. It’s been over 2 months. 489 more words

Float Tank

Float On

“Float On” – Drew Scheuer (October 2017)

Deadlines, notifications, and texts, continually flood our phones and thoughts.
If time is currency, personal moments, and rest, are impoverished in today’s hyper stimulated world. 461 more words


[The Story] Some Vacationing Spots

With summer waning, let’s cover some year-round vacationing spots that John (left) and Trishna may visit after they meet, and go to college, in this week’s brainstorming update to “ 484 more words

The Story