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Floating In Silence

This has been a week of limitations and motivation. I have had the urge to do so much over the last two weeks yet there has been no energy. 997 more words

Why You Need To Check Out Sydney's Newest Health & Wellbeing Centre

In our busy lives it is important to take time to give our body a break and really relax. Koa Recovery is the perfect place to unwind and let your body and mind recover! 233 more words

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How to Float—the Art of Sensory Deprivation ≅ Stimulus Reduction.

Before the ride begins…

The art of sensory deprivation involves floating in a dark, soundless capsule full of warm salty water to reach deep levels of relaxation/mental clarity/calm. 946 more words


Steph Curry on Float Tanks

Many athletes and sports clubs are adapting to new recovery and mastery methods in order to gain an edge over competitors. The Golden State Warriors have been known to use sensory deprivation tanks as part of physical recovery and meditation. 67 more words

Sensory Deprivation

To Float or Not to Float

So I went “floating” for the first time, and it was weird.

Floating is a growing trend in the health and wellness industry. It is viewed as being a sensory exclusive form of meditation, and is supposed to help you achieve the ultimate relaxation (lies I tell you, all lies). 973 more words



I was offered to try out an isolation/deprivation/float tank recently. I’m not going to lie, my inner claustrophobic panicky self instantly created a horrific situation where I felt trapped and out of breath and completely closed in. 559 more words