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Inside a Sensory Deprivation Tank

So a few months back I finally got to try out these crazy looking capsules known as float tanks. I was inspired to try this experience after I stumbled upon one of Joe Rogan’s videos on YouTube where he shares his perspective on what it feels like to be cut-off from all external stimuli. 309 more words

I took a deep breath...

The sun is shining, I’m enjoying my coffee, sitting on a patio set, listening to the sounds of the world go by.  I’ve been doing this routine for the majority of the last couple of weeks – saving money on cab fare to get to work.   933 more words


sink or float: my experience with float tanks

I’ve got to admit prior to my first floating session I was quite excited for the experience. I went in with the intention that I was going to have one of my best meditation sessions to date. 641 more words


I'm having the feels at a job where I would not normally have the feels

I work at a float center; people come in, float, chat, and leave. There’s rarely been a situation in which my heart strings have been pulled. 539 more words


When the Edges of All Things are Lost

I’ll try just about anything once; raw oysters, ziplining, jalapeno margaritas…even sensory deprivation. If it sounds fun, interesting, a challenge, I can be talked into it… pretty easily.  586 more words


Up in smoke.

If you ever need a reminder of how fleeting life is, how ephemeral our individual existences are, pay attention to how fast trends go from en vogue to passe. 1,844 more words


Naked and Alone: My First Time Drifting in an Isolation Tank

The outside world is noisy. I have waited years for this silence.

I have been anxiously waiting for access to an isolation tank (float tank) but the only one I could find was across town through always horrendous traffic – either around the DC Beltway or through the city.  1,471 more words

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