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Sensory Deprivation.

I soar into the cosmos; I am enveloped in the blissful absoluteness within nothingness.

I verily feel my heart beating like a primitive tribal drum; the… 346 more words

Eye of the Tree Vision

Another one. This time as I was standing up, coming out of the float tank. I try and keep my eyes closed for as long as I can and then look at one object straight ahead. 209 more words

The Sensory Deprivation Float Tank Experience

Cost: $20.00

Remaining budget: $335.86

What a bizarre and foreign experience.

I had a few people recommend sensory deprivation floating these past few months. This was an activity that I had really been looking forward to, but I wanted to go at the right time. 1,033 more words


An important thread

One of my favorite necklaces is missing.

This is a fairly common occurrence in my world. I attempt to focus on where I put things, but it is an imperfect system. 166 more words

Writer Journey

A buried coal smolders

Water and fire are not usual partners.

I enter the float tank, easing into the moist, warm darkness. I feel cozy in my private space. My ears are plugged against external sound, and my eyes see the same blackness, open or closed. 257 more words

Writer Journey

WOO or EW: Float Lab in Venice Beach, CA

I heard that floating naked in a salt-water sensory deprivation tank was supposed to be super peaceful and rejuvenating, so I read the reviews of the… 285 more words

Float Tank

I laid down in a pool of water

like suspended animation

and listened to my breath

felt corporeal sensation

as I unplugged from life

practiced relaxed meditation…

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