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Return to the Womb

What does relaxation mean to you? How do you, personally relax? What does it mean to relax? If you asked me these questions a few months ago, I would have said getting a message or reflexology helps me to relax. 1,106 more words


Floating to a New Day

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the effects of magnesium on recuperation and relaxation in my other blog.

I’m going to revisit that a bit. 1,034 more words

Float Tank

Sensory Deprivation.

I soar into the cosmos; I am enveloped in the blissful absoluteness within nothingness.

I verily feel my heart beating like a primitive tribal drum; the… 346 more words

Eye of the Tree Vision

Another one. This time as I was standing up, coming out of the float tank. I try and keep my eyes closed for as long as I can and then look at one object straight ahead. 209 more words

The Sensory Deprivation Float Tank Experience

Cost: $20.00

Remaining budget: $335.86

What a bizarre and foreign experience.

I had a few people recommend sensory deprivation floating these past few months. This was an activity that I had really been looking forward to, but I wanted to go at the right time. 1,033 more words


An important thread

One of my favorite necklaces is missing.

This is a fairly common occurrence in my world. I attempt to focus on where I put things, but it is an imperfect system. 166 more words

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