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My First Float Tank Experience

My Experience

Float tanks or sensory deprivation tanks are not very new, having been around since the early 50’s but have seen a resurgence in the last five years or so in the United States. 785 more words

Float Tank Therapy- Profound Experience! (Glimpsing Satori)

I have done the float tank therapy (also called sensory deprivation tank or isolation tank) about 3 or 4 times now. If you don’t know what that is, basically they are enclosed tanks filled with about 10 inches or so of water that is set to body temperature and filled with massive amounts of epsom salt. 760 more words

My First Float Tank Experience!

Hey everyone!!!

Today I want to talk with you all about my very first experience using a float tank! I’ve always wanted to try one considering I have heard so many good things about them, and my wonderful hubby made me an appointment for my birthday! 534 more words



Floating is incredible.

After working for some awful business owners, I’ve gained employment at a float centre in Vancouver called Float House. Over the coming months I’ll be floating as much as I can and reflecting on the experiences of floating and other key experiences and practices in my development. 588 more words


Floating into bliss...

Remembering that from which we came.

I had another virgin experience today; my third in two weeks. Starting last week with my marathon swim, followed by indoor bouldering, I was gifted a floatation session (also known as ‘sensory deprivation therapy) today at the… 720 more words

Floating In Silence

This has been a week of limitations and motivation. I have had the urge to do so much over the last two weeks yet there has been no energy. 997 more words

Why You Need To Check Out Sydney's Newest Health & Wellbeing Centre

In our busy lives it is important to take time to give our body a break and really relax. Koa Recovery is the perfect place to unwind and let your body and mind recover! 233 more words

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