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Beach Yoga + Float Tank = One Sea + Just Be

Yoga + Float Tank = Amazing

I thought the winning combination for floating was:

Float Tank + Massage

However, after today’s float I learned that I don’t always know the whole picture, so why make a judgement? 1,621 more words


'Float On'

My brother Cody had been talking about it for a while, but when we tentatively planned to go a few weeks ago, something came up and it never happened.   584 more words


Recharging my battery

The biggest difference between introverts and extroverts is that extroverts gain energy from social interaction, whereas we gain energy from alone time. I like to compare myself to a cell phone. 735 more words


My Float Pod Experience

I can’t really put my finger on the reason as to why I booked into the Sydney Float Centre for a 1-hour float session, but it has something to do with wanting to be open to new experiences, and a refusal make an uninformed judgement about something just from appearances, or from my natural aversion to alternative therapies and all that “hippy” stuff. 1,292 more words


Float Your Troubles Away (my experience inside a float tank)

Ever since I began watching “Stranger Things,” I became fascinated with the idea of sensory deprivation. I wasn’t expecting it to connect me to another world as it did L. 422 more words

Float Tank

Float, Float On

Suspended in a warm pool of water, I float in the pitch black. There is no sound, just a loud, overpowering silence. I am falling, slowly, but steadily. 1,167 more words

Random Thoughts

Starting your day off with nothing!

Hey guys! I hope Monday is treating all of you well. I started my day off with a float at 7AM again. There is something about being on the road as the sun is coming up. 210 more words