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The Strangest Things

It’s not often you get to see an evil clown, a bear’s head the size of a washing machine, skeletons, and Patrick Swayze all at once – and live to tell the tale! 779 more words


Float therapy #5

I fell asleep in the sensory deprivation tank today, it was amazing. Usually I just enjoy the time, but I was exhausted, and as soon as I got comfortable and turned the light out, I was out as well. 115 more words

FLOAT Away from Domestic Abuse: San Antonio's Sensory Deprivation Specialist throw event to bring awareness to Domestic Abuse on International Women's Day

We’ve heard about it in stories, movies, religion, and philosophies. Love. This state of being that can bring us freedom, but what is not often talked about is how we can become a slave to it. 688 more words

Floating in the LymeLight

March 30, 2017…Treatment protocol for Lyme Disease varies from person to person. It is trial and error to see what will work for your body to help combat this illness and keep it at bay. 83 more words

Lyme Disease

Floaty Savasana

You know the scenes in Stranger Things where Eleven gets in the big tank of salt water, blindfolded and finds Russian spies? Well, last weekend Drew and I tried a Float Tank for the first time, luckily there were no demogorgon’s that we came across! 580 more words


Mindful Cocoon

2-28-18~Mindful Cocoon

In a few hours we will be living a goal we have imagined for a long time.  An unexpected adventure of healing with no expectations or agendas. 160 more words

On the cushion or in the tank: Meditation practice and experience

So I wrote a fairly lengthy post last week on my first experience in a float tank, and I felt I got enough out of it to warrant a second visit, and so this past Saturday afternoon I drove into Syracuse for Round 2. 1,329 more words