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On the cushion or in the tank: Meditation practice and experience

So I wrote a fairly lengthy post last week on my first experience in a float tank, and I felt I got enough out of it to warrant a second visit, and so this past Saturday afternoon I drove into Syracuse for Round 2. 1,329 more words

A different kind of meditation: My float tank experience

So last Friday night after work I made my way from the office to an unremarkable commercial building on a busy divided commercial street, tucked between sports bar and a Red Lobster. 2,594 more words

Mama Time: Get Your Float On

Hello Lovelies!

Recently I was lucky enough to win a competition run by Brisbane Threads for three floats at Beyond Rest Coorparoo. I actually hadn’t heard of ‘floating’ until a few days before the competition started, when my bestie Dianne (@thehairdressermama) tagged me in one of Beyond Rest Coorparoo’s… 1,167 more words


Brainwaves On Still Water


Brain states are altered through the practice of Floatation Therapy. The nerves in your brain are constantly firing communicative signals in an intricate dance of chemical and electrical pulse. 1,748 more words

Float Therapy

Namaste, and All That

I’ve been having some trouble with my legs and feet for the last week or two, mainly tightness and cramping.

I’m sure there could be many causes, but it’s probably just that I’ve been more sedentary, doing a lot more sitting, during the holidays. 369 more words

Self Improvement

[Sober Living] Floating Isn't Psychedelic

Float tanks just host isolated meditative environments. There’s no prerequisite to get stoned, nor are you forced to do anything, other than perhaps relax. Sure, you can keep the tank lid open and some tanks can play music. 489 more words

The Story

Into the Float Tank (The Door to Midnight)

There I was. No, there I am, suspended in liquid darkness; infinite darkness in a finite box. The rushing wind is unimpeded and jungle-humid. Distant drums are beating out an ancient rhythm. 952 more words