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Exercises in Emulation: Xbox 360’s FMA Instruction

Years ago I worked in the Xbox 360 group at Microsoft. We were thinking about releasing a new console, and we thought it would be nice if that console could run the games of the previous console. 1,265 more words

Floating Point

Numerical Computing - Cancellation Error. How to compute roots of a quadratic equation?

Cancellation error occurs when two nearly equal numbers are subtracted and most of the significant bits of the numbers are lost in the computation which would result in a loss of numerical precision. 230 more words


Numerical Computing - Errors


#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

// Print and sum the values of the fractions 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, and 1/5
// to look for any roundoff errors. 471 more words


Constants in C language refer to fixed value that cannot change during the execution of a program. C supports several types of constants:

Numeric constants… 665 more words

C Programming

Floating point rounding modes in C++11

The standard C library has 4 floating point rounding modes available through cfenv.h. These are now available in C++11 through the header file cfenv… 173 more words

Floating Point Float Centre

Since the inception of IR last year, there have been several requests for coverage of Pangbourne as there are a number of independent businesses operating there. 1,024 more words


Correcting the record

Unless your imaging facility is in a clean room (and you never touch it), from time to time, we all end up with unsightly splotches on our transmitted light images. 1,053 more words