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The Slingshot Show: How To Build A Empire w/ Flobo Boyce

Hey, that’s me!

As I’ve continually said, my podcast 26Stone is more or less the “spiritual spin off” to The Slingshot Show. So it’s always a pleasure when I get a chance to be a guest on the program. 21 more words


Watch The Throne

I think deep down, everybody wants to rule the world. Even the modest.

Now, I don’t necessarily mean people want to be sitting upon a golden (Iron?) throne with a crown on their heads. 481 more words


Have You Heard #Season4 of 26Stone?

The Internet has waaaay too many podcasts, don’t you think? Seems like everyone has one, everyone is on one, and nobody is listening to any of them. 73 more words


Feel The #Anticipation

Hey there!

Super proud to announce that an anthology that compiled the dark, twisted and macabre is now available! “Anticipation” was inspired by bi-city writers group that worked to make each story better than the last. 38 more words