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'Fearless' goat-herding dog Odin refuses to leave flock amid California wildfires

SANTA ROSA, Calif. — A goat-herding dog is receiving attention after it stayed by a flock of goats amid the California wildfires last week.

The dog’s owner Roland Tembo Hendel detailed his courageous dog’s act in a lengthy Facebook post. 288 more words


"Hi" nominated for Best of the Net 2017

Thank you thank you to Flock and its editors (Grant Kittrell, April Gray Wilder, and Elise Burke) for believing in me and my poetry and supporting it and me; they’ve nominated my poem, “Hi,” which appeared online and in Flock print issue 18! 26 more words


Birds, and Birds, and Birds

Blackbirds flock for the long flight south. They make much noise as they perch high in the trees, but soon the branches will be without leaves, and silent. 41 more words


Peafowl Protect Farm Chickens and Ducks from Predators

Peafowl aren’t just another pretty face. While they’re best known for the males’ extravagant plumage, peafowl are also a practical addition to our farm.

When we initially acquired our peafowl, we had four: two hens and two cocks. 582 more words


Chicken Nipples

Ok, not exactly chicken nipples, rather they are water feed nipples.

Michael got all creative and made the girls a self watering feed.

They’re a bit wary of it yet, but they’ll figure it all out. 82 more words


Coming, Going, and Out in Droves

What is a drove, and why do people come out in them? If you didn’t know any better, the way the word is used might lead you to think it’s a kind of conveyance (“ 1,045 more words