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The Best Laid Plans

… of ducks and women often go awry.

This spring, we decided NOT to add anything to the menagerie.  Then our ducks went ahead and veto that decision.   942 more words

Current Conditions

Flocking to Kraków

In less than five days, the fourth annual Flock conference will take place in Kraków, Poland. This is Fedora’s premier contributor event each year, alternately taking place in North America and Europe. 452 more words


«Ραγιάς», ο υποταγμένος και υπόδουλος - Ακόμη και με ρότσες!


Με τη λέξη «ραγιάς», περιγράφεται υποτιμητικά ο υποταγμένος και υπόδουλος. Όχι ο σκλάβος, γιατί ο σκλάβος έχει την ελπίδα να λευτερωθεί, αλλά ο δούλος που αποδέχθηκε τη μοίρα του δεν αντιστέκεται και προσκυνάει τον αφέντη. Τη λέξη αυτή χρησιμοποιούσαν οι Τούρκοι επί Οθωμανικής Αυτοκρατορίας για να περιγράψουν τους μη μουσουλμάνους κατοίκους της αυτοκρατορίας.


When is a bird not a bird?

When its a nuisance. I just returned from the board of health in my new “town” where they have a heavy handed broad based nuisance law written under the auspice of the board of health. 237 more words


I heard that you’ve built a city around a river, called Life.
I’d hope that when those days arrive, I can get a bite.
I know that until then you’ve told me to look vigilantly into this night, 36 more words


Birds of a feather

A flock together.

Busy in their business.

Apparently oblivious of an onlooker.


Follow the Shepherd, Not the Flock

Have you ever wondered why our God and our Bible compare us to sheep? I mean it really is an obscure connection at first glance; perhaps even an insult. 1,904 more words