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3 Great Reasons to Keep a Rooster in Your Flock

I’m absolutely in love with having a few roosters in my flock. If you live in an area where roosters are allowed, I want to persuade you to keep one in your flock too. 301 more words


The Mealworm Meal

Reading these sites, trying to educate myself more, I’ve come across the introduction of live mealworms being offered to parrots. It may be to help their protein levels or you can use this especially for breeding pairs. 259 more words



Praise the Lord Beloved!!!
Happy Monday to you.

Isolation, Loneliness, Solitude. Beloved, these are three of the most common characteristics as pastors and church leaders encounter even though we’re surrounded by many people. 525 more words


Five-Hundred Word Challenge 441: Work Mountain

Why is it so cold?

Actually, that does not matter right now. What matters is getting to the top of the mountain of work, which is known as Work Mountain. 500 more words


Egg-A-Day update June 12th 2018

Here we go!

Ha! I’m up to date again! Wooohoo!  Weather or not I’ve enjoyed the hot sunny times (not) the chickens have, and they don’t let the rain kill their enjoyment of the outdoors and their hunt for yummy tidbits.  787 more words

Chickens & Eggs

Humor me

I’m missing the birds and their antics outside of my window into the woods….so I’m pulling some images out of the archives. I think I had up to nine bluejays feeding on this winter day. Such characters.


How to Deal with Summer Heat and Your Flock

Ahh, summer! The long, warm, sunny days are here. While many of us relish the warmth of the summer sun, your poultry flock may suffer from the its ill effects unless you plan ahead. 492 more words