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A friend and I stood in a small muskeg on Douglas, checking out some deer tracks, when little twitterings announced the arrival of chickadees. Two of them scoured the twisted trunk of a dead pine right next to us, but we soon saw that there were two more—no, four more—no, maybe six or eight more—thronging the foliage of nearby hemlocks. 950 more words

110. Spots and Stripes (Juxtaposition 10)

Some of us pool our tears, some of us let them streak our faces. Either way, we cannot sit forever in our letting go. Next to each other, circles and lines call out one another’s foolishness, and at the same time speak of every form there is, if they work together. 33 more words

Fresh Mercies Daily

Life In The Crowd

In the crowd,

to stand out, shriek loud

Flying with the flock,

each to interlock

Who am I? 23 more words


So When Will YOUR Chicken Lay?

By far, one of the most asked questions in the “chicken world” is “When will my chicken lay eggs?” You have done everything right, you have raised your fluffy chicks to be adorable spunky young chickens, you have invested in the cost of the coop, the food, the time, and the love, (just to name a few things!) and you can’t WAIT for that first egg!  629 more words


Flocking Together- the parallels of birds & the Women's March

Last Saturday, I joined a flock of 5000 strong in Bend, Oregon. We gathered first in snowy Drake Park below great ponderosa pines harboring chickadees and nuthatches,  and beside the nearby pond, where ducks and geese found shelter in open waters. 935 more words


Scuttle and Swirl

Residue of Autumn’s fallen leaves
scuttle like rats along the road
at the behest of the gusting wind,
or swirl up in the air
like flocks of small birds
taking flight.