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Day 4

I’m not even sure I want to go into detail on today. Suffice it to say that there was very little exercise, and my food choices tailed off just after lunchtime. 226 more words


Movie 43 = Movie Discourtesy

Movie 43

Internet Movie Data Base

Movie 43 Trailer Official – Hugh Jackman, Emma Stone

Is it getting a little cold in here or is it just me? 504 more words


Rachel Maddow’s career committed suicide live on national TV tonight

From Legal Insurrection, by William A. Jacobson

Big Trump tax returns “Scoop” flopped, bigly.

Rachel Maddow has a history of claiming big scoops which then flop. 656 more words

Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies

The cute Bunny Rabbit babies.

My bunny rabbit, LuLu had an adorable litter of baby bunnies. They grow so fast. I decided I needed to take some pictures and videos before its time for them to go. 118 more words


Matto Talks Games - The MGS2 Effect

I like talking about video games, but I also like talking about hilarious and/or stupid bullshit that you sometimes don’t think is important, but actually is. 1,620 more words


Sacha Baron Cohen

The comedian and producer that played Borat and Ali-G does not like Trump. In his latest movie “The Brothers Grimsy” (2016) the (then) presidential candidate contracts HIV in a mishap. 28 more words

No Certainty

In a world

where people crave

to be attended upon

Where do I fit in?

How do I find peace?

Will I ever feel love? 64 more words