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What the Whiff?!!

When people flop down next to me, they have a whiff. The majority of the time, that whiff is not pleasing to my nose so I subconsciously brace myself…especially during the warmer seasons. 122 more words


The Final Sprint

With just under half an hour to go on the 2017 Backpack Challenge for World Vision, things are starting to slow down. The sub-challenges have finished up, and things are pretty dull. 355 more words


Paperwork: Cats Against Computers

Every cat I know has the self-confidence to believe the world revolves around them. And quite frankly, they are correct. This realization comes to the forefront whenever paperwork is begun. 129 more words

Funny Cat Blogs

The Mummy - Bad Yet Good

Released on June 2017, this action-adventure film was supposed to be one of the most successful movies this summer – starring Tom Cruise and with big budget special effects. 305 more words


WATCH: This Excavator High Dive Ended In A Gut Buster

I’m pretty sure this dude handed off his beer before attempting this “backflip with a twist and dive.” Hoping that lifejacket helped out with the gut buster of a bellyflop entry.


Going Blank

Sometime towards the end of grade 11, I started experiencing what I initially called “seizures.” It was the closest explanation I could come up with. My muscles would lock up and start shaking. 530 more words

Time for Change

In the past year or so, we have had to deal with a lot of change. From the Brexit decision to Donald Trump becoming President to snap General Elections, there has been constant adjustments and transitions to get used to. 741 more words

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