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Forever Alone

I got a text from #1 (an ex-fuckfriend) looking for sex, but I said I was busy, which is true. Then the combo change to blah blah chit chat. 171 more words

James Harden Flop Compilation

There’s a new King James, and it’s James Harden. LeBron James might have displayed the art of flopping, but James Harden takes it to another level. 12 more words


A Flop

It’s been a real effort to motivate myself to write about Kodaikanal, firstly because I’ve half suppressed our dreadful journey there and also as it was a massive flop. 911 more words

The boy next door (2015)

This is one of the most unsatisfying films I have seen in a long time. Usually my judgement of what films look watch-able is right, the film that comes close to this is Transcendence which I saw last year, but I didn’t choose to see this, my mother did, probably because Jennifer Lopez was in it, ah the sweet sell of celebrity endorsement. 607 more words


🎀 Revue 🎀 : Correcteur Tenue & Perfection :roll:

Coucou tout le monde :) !

Aujourd’hui on se retrouve pour une revue demandée par une abonnée sur Instagram ! Si vous voulez me rejoindre sur Instagram c’est tout en bas 👇, tous mes réseaux sociaux y sont écris :) 703 more words


Out Of Control

From what I got reading about this whole mess is that this lady hero found Thor’s hammer and the hammer gave her the powers of Thor.  32 more words

And the award goes to...

The Academy Awards took place on Feb. 22, which has absolutely nothing directly to do with soccer. But, I sat down and really thought about it. 374 more words

Samuel Shepherd