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Highly Praised ‘Blair Witch’ Completely Flops; On Pace to be Lowest Earning Film in the Franchise

When word came in that Blair Witch had drawn some respectable crowds to the early Thursday evening showings, it seemed as though the genre was on the cusp of seeing another fiscally dominant genre piece. 567 more words



OVERCONFIDENCE not only flops but also KILLS you WITHIN


Cinnamon Pie Crust Leaves

I consider myself a pretty good pie baker.
But we all have “those days” – eh?

This past Sunday, I decided to bake a cherry pie.   390 more words


WWFD?  The parenting mantra that few can live up to. 

WWFD? What would Flop do?

Flop. The most patient of parents. He’s my gentle parenting guru.

When faced with a toddler who is “exploring the world and learning about boundaries” (read “destroying the house and ignoring all threats and instructions”) I often find my gentle parenting hat slipping. 389 more words


Ben Hur Review

I am a benevolent critic and as such will choose to believe that the choice to remake a four hour long film that won a sometimes equaled but never bettered 11 Oscars but seems to have been forgotten by everyone I know apart from one Uncle was due to a particularly interesting batch of ‘Hollywood Marching Powder’ and by the time they realized what evil they had wrought, too many wheels were turning for the project to be stopped. 520 more words


Totally dropped the ball

Watching flip or flop, I love house flipping shows!!

Ok, yes I dropped the ball… The ball was sooooo far away…

I was originally planning on writing at once a day … Or two. 45 more words

Winner or Quitter...

Winning is  what everyone love,This post is to enhance what you love…

A  flop performance  deserves a booooooo,

A  act with no sense is flop too… 142 more words

My Poetry